Dojoji Bell Method 108: Fire Dragon Mower

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“"Dojoji Bell Method 108: Fire Dragon Mower"!”


Dojoji Bell Method 108: Fire Dragon Mower (道成寺鐘百八式火竜薙どうじょうじかね、ひゃくはちしきかりゅうなぎ, Dōjō-ji Kane Hyakuhachi-shiki Karyū-nagi?) is a technique used by Kiyohime. Locking up the opponent in a bell, piercing him with a naginata and blowing him away by a hair's breadth. Despite being on the height of summer, it is top-class in regards to being sultry. Because of that, it has an extremely bad reputation among Servants who travel together with her.[1]


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