Nasuverse character
Doris Lusendra
Japanese name: ドリス・ルセンドラ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Human, Magus, Master
Gender: Female

Doris Lusendra (ドリス・ルセンドラ, Dorisu Rusendora?) is a character who appears in Fate/strange fake. She is the Master of True Rider.



Doris is the youngest daughter of the Lusendra family, a clan from the far north who use reinforcement magecraft and are said to have discarded even the concept of humanity.[1][2]



She has given her Servant the nickname Polyte.[3]


Fate/strange fakeEdit

Doris apparently entered the United States of America illegally prior to the beginning of the Holy Grail War in Snowfield.[1] After summoning True Rider, she refused to cooperate with or even contact the group behind the war.[4]

On Day 1 of the war, Doris ordered True Rider to return after she got involved in a battle between False Archer and True Archer.[4]



Creation and ConceptEdit


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