Dromeus Komētēs (Runner Comet): Comet Form (彗星走法ドロメウス・コメーテース, Suisei SōhōDoromeusu Komētēsu?) is an ability of Achilles that is normally triggered by stepping out of his chariot, the embodiment of the legend that he is the fastest among all the heroes of all eras. Although his physical prowess is high, it is not an impossible standard for a Servant, but his speed greatly stands out, equated to instantaneous movement. It allows him to run through a giant battlefield in a single breath, and obstacles on the field will not slow him even as he charges through a dense forest. Its usage requires that his weak-point, the Achilles Heel, be exposed, but not many Heroic Spirits can keep up with his speed.[1] However, should that heel be injured, this Noble Phantasm would lose 70% of its speed.[2]


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