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Noble Phantasm
Japanese name: デュランダル
Title: The Peerless Sword
Japanese title: 絶世の名剣
Transliteration: Zessei no Meiken
Owner: Roland
Gilgamesh (Gate of Babylon)
EMIYA (Projection)[1]
Type: unknown
Rank: unknown
Range: unknown
Maximum number of targets: unknown

Durandal: The Peerless Sword (絶世の名剣デュランダル, Zessei no MeikenDyurandaru?) is the holy sword favored by Roland and one of the many Noble Phantasms stored in Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon.[2][3] Originally the sword of Hector, he converted it into the spear Durindana, and after it later lost its features as a spear, it became Durandal.[4] It was then later said to have been granted to King Charlemagne of the Frankish Empire by an angel and awarded to Roland.[2] It is noted as the symbol of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass told of in the Song of Roland.[3] Although Roland attempted to break the sword when he was on the verge of death to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy, it proved to be impossible, but it was later prominently featured in Charlemagne's legends, acting as a symbol of Roland's bravery.[3]

The sword is a splendidly forged "symbol of power" much like King Arthur's Caliburn, and it is said to hold three miracles within it.[2] It will not lose its sharpness even should its user's magical energy be depleted, proving indestructible even when Roland tried to destroy it.[2][3]


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