Eighth Implement

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Noble Phantasm
Eighth Implement
Japanese name: 八ツ道具
Owner: Lancer

Eighth Implement (八ツ道具, Yattsu Dōgu?) is an ability utilized by Musashibou Benkei, allowing him to temporarily claim an opponent's Noble Phantasm as the eighth weapon of his Seven Implements. The Noble Phantasm can be manipulated with some proficiency even should its usage be unfamiliar to Benkai. It will be returned to the owner after a certain number of turns, but it can also be launched as a projectile to deal damage upon its return. Rather than an implicit inability to permanently maintain an eighth implement, he chooses to relinquish it upon satisfaction of his curiosity in its use.[1] It is listed as a Noble Phantasm in Fate/complete material IV, but it is unknown if it retains that status as of Fate/Grand Order.


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