Nasuverse character
Elsa Saijou
Elsa Saijou
Japanese name: エルザ・西条
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver
Character type: Human, Master
Gender: Female
Master rank: 5th - Virtues
Circuit Quality: C
Circuit Quantity: B

Elsa Saijou (エルザ・西条, Eruza Saijō?) is the Master of Archer in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver.



Elsa is half-German, half-Japanese from her German father and Japanese mother. She had a son who died at some point. Her official job is that of a camerawoman. She is someone who has seen much bloodshed and much death during her travels to war torn countries as part of her occupation; which has given her a distaste for war and violence.

Her son, Luca passed away less than a year before the 1st Holy Grail War.


Elsa has red shoulder length hair with a lace band in it. Her usual outfit consists of a green dress with a white jumper underneath it. She also wears thigh-highs and white boots.


Elsa is a kind individual who cares deeply for others. She bears a hatred for violence and bloodshed as a result of her job and her wish is "for all mothers and children to be saved." Having lost her child less than a year ago she is also in a state of mourning, but she covers up her sadness by putting on a happy face.


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and SilverEdit

At one point in the war, she attacks Tatsumi Kitano in Akihabara. When she met him, she heard that his wish was to "Save this city (Tokyo) and people who live in it." Even though he knew Elsa was a Magus, Tatsumi bequeathed his wish to her; shocking her.

At some point during Archer's battle with Saber, Elsa comes across Manaka Sajyou who curses her into becoming her personal servant.

Before Archer fought against Rider, Archer asks her what it was that she truly desired. Elsa states that she wants to fulfill Tatsumi's wish. Understanding her real intentions, Archer goes to fight against Rider in order to save Tokyo and its people.

Forced by Manaka Sajyou, she uses up all of her Command Spells to amplify Archer's Magical Energy, enabling him to use Stella at full power in order to defeat Rider. After Rider's demise, Elsa cries as Archer fades out of existence. Elsa is not seen after this point, however, Caster speculates that she must still be crying for Arash even now.

After the Holy Grail's destruction or sealment, Elsa is seen looking up at the morning sky on the rooftop of the Hilltop Hotel where she is staying. She has sensed the subsequent earthquake that followed the Grail's destruction and understood that it meant the end of the Holy Grail War. She also somehow found out the truth about the Holy Grail War either from Manaka or Sancraid.

After she thinks about Archer again, Elsa starts to cry and calls out his name repeatedly. Having accepted his death, Elsa says goodbye to Archer and forces herself to perk up after crying a bit more. She then declares to herself that she will cheer herself up, pack her bags and go to the nearest church to see Sancraid. She will then put on her best pitiful woman performance and try to tolerate Sancraid's gloats. She then also declares to herself that after finishing her reports at the Church, she will go back to her hometown and visit Luca's grave. She will then tell Luca all about Arash.


Elsa utilizes Elemental Conversion Magic.