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“I don't need any mercy!"
"My path goes beyond love and hate!
'Enfer Château d'If'!”


Enfer Château d'If (Hell Château d'If): Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright (虎よ、煌々と燃え盛れアンフェル・シャトー・ディフ, Tora yo, Kōkō to MoesakareAnferu Shatō Difu?) is the mental power of steel of Edmond Dantès, cultivated while imprisoned within the Château d'If, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm. Not even mentioning his body, Avenger is able to escape from even "abstract prisons such as time and space." Through performing super high-speed thinking, he is able to forcibly reflect that on his body and "subjectively realizes a super high-speed action that makes seems like a "time halt" is being employed." The speed of such high-speed movement makes the attacks take the form of a "simultaneous multi-attack" from many different "offshoots" of Avenger.[1]


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