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Excalibur (エクスカリバー, Ekusukaribā?), differentiated from the Excalibur of Fate/stay night as Excalibur Proto: Sword of Promised Victory (約束された勝利の剣エクスカリバー・プロト, Yakusokusareta Shōri no KenEkusukaribā Puroto?) in Hanafuda, is a Divine Construct and the golden holy sword of King Arthur. Differing from that of Saber's Excalibur, it is a double-sealed weapon locked by two seals, Invisible Air and the Restraints of the Round Table (円卓拘束, Entaku Kōsoku?). The Restraints, the Thirteen Constraints of Camelot (, ?), are conditions set by the Knights of the Round Table that must be met before it can be utilized, including:

  • Bedivere: The enemy must be more powerful than oneself
  • Palamedes: The battle must be one-on-one
  • Lancelot: The enemy must not be a spirit
  • Mordred: The battle must be one against evil
  • Galahad: The battle must not involve personal gain
  • Arthur Pendragon: The battle must save the world.
  • Unknown: The battle must be an honorable one[1]

If seven or more seals are released, the sword's true power as a Divine Construct to save the world is released, but otherwise, it still acts as a powerful Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm.[2] The seals remain locked until he activates it, causing a series of clanking sounds as the Restraints are lifted one by one. Activated to counter Enki, it releases as an expanding pillar of light that cleaves both the "star of destruction" and Archer with a single strike. Expanding larger than the city, it can even be witnessed from space.

With six restraints released, Excalibur was powerful enough to defeat the rampaging Beast after the death of Manaka Sajyou.


RAITA designed the Excalibur sword in Fate/Prototype.


  1. Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver Vol. 5 - Whether it is a battle to use the Holy Sword of the planet, the Divine Construct to save the world...Holy Sword, 6 restraints released! Unfortunately, a majority was unable to be reached. A perfect releasing of the True Name is unable to be realized. Even so, light emits. An Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm with domineering strength...

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