Eye of the Euryale

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Noble Phantasm
Eye of the Euryale
Japanese name: アイ・オブ・ザ・エウリュアレ
Title: Goddess's Gaze
Japanese title: 女神の視線
Transliteration: Megami no Shisen
Owner: Archer
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B
B- (F/GO rank-down)
Range: 1~99
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Eye of the Euryale: Goddess's Gaze (女神の視線アイ・オブ・ザ・エウリュアレ, Megami no ShisenAi obu za Euryuare?) is the Noble Phantasm of Euryale. It is the charm of the goddess, that captivated braves with a single attack, made form as a Noble Phantasm. The bow, her bewitching charm; the arrowheads, her sweet, sweet whispers. An arrow that will pierce the heart of any male, be they a human or a god. The external appearance is extremely sublime, and also cute. It is a golden bow patterned with multiple heart shapes.

"Isn't that Cupid's..." is what her little sister started to say before meeting a terrible fate.


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