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Fate/Grand Order (フェイト/グランドオーダー, Feito/Gurando Ōdā?) is an online RPG for iOS and Android. Referred to as the "Fate Online Project Reboot", it is a reboot of the original Fate/Apocrypha project that eventually became a novel series.


Part 1Edit

The main story consists of seven chapters and seven stages of humanity's history. It is part of a branching world resulting from a timeline split from before Clock Tower 2015 due to the actions of Lev Reinol Flauros. If he should end his life like in Clock Tower 2015, the world continues on normally, but Fate/Grand Order results from him not committing suicide.[1]

The story chronicles the efforts of the Chaldea Security Organization to restore the Common Sense of Man (人理, Jinri?, lit. "Human Order") by way of excising the Holy Grails sustaining the chronological Singularities (特異点, Tokui-ten?) that disrupt the continuity of human history and contribute to the Incineration of the Human Order (人理焼却, Jinri Shoukyaku?). This is referred to as the Grand Order (グランドオーダー, ?) -- "the greatest of the Holy Grail Wars."

The Singularities visited are situated at:

  • A.D. 2004 - The Contaminated City in Flames (炎上汚染都市, ?) -- Fuyuki" - Singularity F (特異点F, ?)
  • First Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_C+
    • The First Grail: A.D. 1431 - The Hundred Years' War of the Wicked Wyrm (邪竜百年戦争, ?) -- Orleans - The Holy Maiden Savior (救国の聖処女, lit. Holy Virgin That Saves the Country?)
  • Second Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_B+
    • The Second Grail: A.D. 0060 - The Eternal Empire of Madness (永続狂気帝国, ?) - Septem -- The Emperor of Roses (薔薇の皇帝, ?)
  • Third Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A
    • The Third Grail: A.D. 1573 - The Four Sealed Seas of the End (封鎖終局四海, ?) - Okeanos -- The Navigator of the Storm (嵐の航海者, ?)
  • Fourth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A-
    • The Fourth Grail: A.D. 1888 - The Death-Barrier of the City of Demonic Fog (死界魔霧都市, ?) - London -- The Knight of Londinium (ロンディニウムの騎士, ?)
  • Fifth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A+
    • The Fifth Grail: A.D. 1783 -- The Great North American War of the Myths (北米神話大戦, ?) - E Pluribus Unum -- The White Cloth of Steel (鋼鉄の白衣, ?)
  • Sixth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_EX
    • The Sixth Grail: A.D. 1273 -- The Holy Domain of the Round Table (神聖円卓領域, ?) - Camelot -- The Shining Airgetlám (輝けるアガートラム, ?)
  • Seventh Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A++
    • The Seventh Grail: B.C. 2655 -- The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts (絶対魔獣戦線, ?) - Babylonia -- The Chain of Heaven (天の鎖, ?)
  • A.D. 2016 - The Temple of Time at the Station of the Crown (冠位時間神殿, ?) - Solomon -- Final Singularity (終局特異点, ?)

Epic of Remnant (1.5)Edit

FGO1 5 artimg

Fate Grand Order: Epic of Remnant (FGO Project 1.5) is an upcoming storyline be released in four episodes before the start of Part 2.

The character that narrates the Trailer PV of Epic of Remnant gives that the story is to take place following the failure of Retrogression Canal・Genesis Light-Year (逆行運河・創世光年, Gyakkou-Unga・Sousei-Kounen?) (also the name of the Arc Drive used by Aozaki Aoko in Melty Blood) -- "a bit of detective-work" that serves as a prelude to the 2nd Project. The coming conflict will be premised upon a critical oversight of Chaldea in their efforts to preserve the Common Sense of Man -- "the beloved legacy of the King of Magecraft" (魔術王が残した愛すべき"残り物", Majutsu-Ou ga Nokoshita Aisubeki "Nokori-Mono"?).

The planned episodes are as follows:

  • Episode I: Shinjuku Phantom Incident (新宿幻霊事件, Shinjuku Genrei Jiken?)
Keywords include: Free-Transforming Street Ruffian (変化自在の無頼漢, Henka-Jizai no Buraikan?), Magic Bullet (魔弾, Madan?), Empress of Puppets (人形の女帝, Ningyou no Jotei?), Ally of JusticePerpetrator of Evil (正義の味方邪悪なる者, Seigi no MikataJyaaku-naru Mono?), Phantom (幻霊, Genrei?, lit. Phantasmal Spirit), Gentleman Criminal (犯罪紳士, Hanzai Shinshi?), The Phantasmal League of Fiends (幻影魔人同盟, Genei Majin Doumei?), Fallen Star (落ちる星, Ochiru-Boshi?), TraitorDouble Cross (裏切り者ダブルクロス, UragirimonoDaburu Kurosu?), Lament Beneath the Moon (月下の慟哭, Gekka no Doukoku?)
  • Episode II: The Woman of Agartha (アガルタの女, Agaruta no Onna?)
Keywords include: The Hollow Earth (地底大空洞, Chikyuu Dai-Kuudou?, lit. Great Underground Cavern), Hero of Brutal Insanity (暴虐と狂乱の英雄, Bougyaku to Kyouran no Eiyuu?), The Brilliant Fortress (煌々たる城塞, Koukou-taru Shousai?), Jungle of Gold (黄金の密林, Ougon no Mitsurin?), The Fragrance of Peaches (桃の芳香, Tou no Houkou?),The War-Cry of the Women Warriors (女戦士たちの雄叫び, Onna-Senshi-tachi no Otakebi?), Phantasmal Metropolis (幻影都市, Genei Toshi?), The Skies of Void (無空の天, Mukuu no Sora?), The Distortion of an Undistorted Wish (歪みなき願いの歪み, Yugami-naki Negai no Yugami?)
  • Episode III: The Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroes (英霊剣豪七番勝負, Eirei Kengou Shichiban Shoubu?)
Keywords include: Pentacle (五芒星, Goubousei?), The Beautiful Beast Smiles (美しき獣は嗤う, Utsukushiki Kemono wa Warau?), Empyrio (エンピレオ, Enpirio?), Purgatorio (プルガトリオ, Purugatorio?), Inferno (インフェルノ, Inferuno?), Zen and the Sword Are One (剣禅一如, Kenzen Ichinyo?), In-Laiden Karma (埋め込まれた宿業, Umekomareta Shukugou?), The Seven Blade-Master Heroes (英霊剣豪七騎, Eirei Kengou Shichiki?), The Blade-Maiden of the Empyrean Eye (天眼の剣士, Tengan no Kenshi?, lit. The Swordsmaster of the Eye of the Sky), Void and Infinity (無と、無限, Mu to, Mugen?), The Annihilation of All (一切鏖殺, Isai Ousatsu?), Rage Overflowing (狂瀾怒濤, Kyouran Dotou?)
  • Episode IV: Salem of the Heresy (異端なるセイラム, Itan-naru Seiramu?)
Keywords include: Witch Hunt (魔女狩り, Majo Gari?), Witch Trials (魔女裁判, Majo Saiban?), The Most Heretical of the Witches (最も異端なる魔女, Mottomo Itan-naru Majo?), The Great Calamity (大いなる厄災, Oinaru Yakusai?), Anno Domini 1692 (西暦1692年, Seireki 1692 Nen?), Seven at the Gallows (七つの絞首, Nanatsu no Koushu?, lit. Seven Hangings), Inescapable Accusation (逃れられぬ告発, Nogararenu Gokuhatsu?), "Salem," Massachusetts (マサチューセッツ "セイレム", Masachu-settsu "Seiremu"?)

Part 2Edit

Fate Grand Order 2nd Project will be launched at an unspecified point in 2017. Prior to launch, an interlude storyline known as Epic of Remnant will be released.



Various Servants

Chaldea Security OrganizationEdit

Main Article: Chaldea Security Organization
Mashu (Shielder)
Olga Marie Animusphere
Dr. Roman
Professor Lev
Merlin assists Chaldea from his prison unbeknownst to others and actively updates the Magi*Mari webpage that Roman visits.
Leonardo da Vinci (Caster)
Leonardo, a female, acts as the shopkeeper and assists Roman.


Cú Chulainn
Saber Alter
EMIYA (Shadow Servant)
Musashibou Benkei (Shadow Servant)
Medusa (Shadow Servant)
Hassan of the Cursed Arm (Shadow Servant)
Heracles (Shadow Servant)
First Order anime

Several characters are changed in the anime adaptation. Benkei is removed, Medusa is placed into the Lancer class, and a new Rider-class Servant is introduced. Rather than becoming Shadow Servants, all Servants defeated by Saber Alter are blackened.

Saber Alter
EMIYA (Blackened)
Medusa (Blackened)
Unknown (Blackened)
Hassan of the Cursed Arm (Blackened)
Heracles (Blackened)


Joan of Arc
Marie Antoinette
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Saint George
Elizabeth Bathory
Joan Alter
Gilles de Rais
Vlad III
The Phantom of the Opera
Le Chevalier d'Eon
Saint Martha
Charles-Henri Sanson
Pierre Cauchon


Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Jing Ke
Gaius Julius Caesar
Darius III
Zhuge Liang
Demon God Flauros


Francis Drake
Orion and Artemis
Eric Bloodaxe
Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Edward Teach
Medea Lily
Demon God Forneus


Hans Christian Andersen
William Shakespeare
Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
Jack the Ripper
Nursery Rhyme
Charles Babbage
Nikola Tesla
Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter)
Zouken Matou
Demon God Barbatos


Billy the Kid
Robin Hood
Florence Nightingale
Elizabeth Bathory
Nero Claudius Bride
Helena Blavatsky
Thomas Edison
Fergus mac Roich
Fionn mac Cumhaill
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Cú Chulainn (Alter)
Li Shuwen
Demon God Halphas
Clan Calatin (Demon God)
Benjamin Rush


Hassan of the Cursed Arm
Hassan of Serenity
King Hassan
[Lion King
Lancelot (Saber)
Great God Amun-Ra
Bors (Camelot/Zero)
Gaheris (Camelot/Zero)
Gareth (Camelot/Zero)
Hassan of Intoxicated Smoke
Kay (Camelot/Zero)
King Pellinore (Camelot/Zero)
Palamedes (Camelot/Zero)


Musashibou Benkei
Leonidas I
Jaguar Man
Medusa (Gorgon)


Joan of Arc
All other summoned Servants
Demon God Aamon
Demon God Andromalius
Demon God Sabnock

Epic of RemnantEdit

Miyamoto Musashi
Unnamed man
Unnamed woman
Unnamed girl
Sherlock Holmes


Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?
Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~
Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween)
Tamamo Cat
Fate/GUDAGUDA Honnoji
Okita Souji
Demon Archer
Around a Week with Santa Alter
Artoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)
Saber Wars ~Lily's Cosmic Warrior Training~
Saber Lily
Mysterious Heroine X

Magical Girl Diaries ~Prisma Corps~Edit

Illyasviel von Einzbern
Chloe von Einzbern
Magical Ruby
First Lady
Illya Testament
Demon God Glasya-Labolas
Miyu Edelfelt
Magical Sapphire

Fate/Accel Zero OrderEdit

Artoria Pendragon
EMIYA (Kiritsugu)
Hassan of a Hundred Faces
Gilles de Rais
Zouken Matou
Black Iri
Water Iri
Earth Iri
Wind Iri
Fire Iri
Irisviel von Einzbern
Waver Velvet
Kariya Matou
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald


Captain Kidd
Demon God Haagenti
Georg Faust
Maximilien Robespierre
Victor Frankenstein



Three enemy types

Non-Servant enemies have Servant classifications.

  • Saber
    • Soldier (兵士, Heishi?)
    • French Soldier (フランス兵, Furansu Hei?)
    • Roman Coalition Soldier (連合ローマ兵, Rengō Rōma Hei?)
    • Dragon Tooth Warrior
    • Skeleton (スケルトン, Sukeruton?)
    • Arm of Dawn (黎明の腕, Reimei no Ude?)
    • Werewolf
    • Bandit (山賊, Sanzoku?)
    • Zombie (ゾンビ, Zonbi?)
    • Goblin (ゴブリン, Goburin?)
    • Amazones (アマゾネス, Amazonesu?)
    • Amazones Queen (アマゾネスクィーン, Amazonesu Kuīn?)
    • Helter Skelter (ヘルタースケルター, Herutā Sukerutā?)
  • Archer
    • Soldier (兵士, Heishi?)
    • French Soldier (フランス兵, Furansu Hei?)
    • Roman Coalition Soldier (連合ローマ兵, Rengō Rōma Hei?)
    • Skeleton (スケルトン, Sukeruton?)
    • Hand of Dawn (黎明の手, Reimei no Te?)
    • Dragon Tooth Warrior
    • Bandit (山賊, Sanzoku?)
    • Zombie (ゾンビ, Zonbi?)
    • Amazones Leader (アマゾネスリーダー, Amazonesu Rīdā?)
  • Lancer
    • Soldier (兵士, Heishi?)
    • French Soldier (フランス兵, Furansu Hei?)
    • Roman Coalition Soldier (連合ローマ兵, Rengō Rōma Hei?)
    • Skeleton (スケルトン, Sukeruton?)
    • Hand of Dawn (黎明の手, Reimei no Te?)
    • Arm of Dawn (黎明の腕, Reimei no Ude?)
    • Strong Arm of Dawn (黎明の剛腕, Reimei no Gōwan?)
    • Werewolf
    • Bandit (山賊, Sanzoku?)
    • Zombie (ゾンビ, Zonbi?)
    • Goblin (ゴブリン, Goburin?)
    • Imitation Servant (模擬サーヴァント, Mogi Sāvanto?)
    • Bicorn (バイコーン, Baikōn?)
  • Rider
  • Berserker
    • Chimera
    • Golem (ゴーレム, Gōremu?)
    • Stone Golem (ストーンゴーレム, Sutōn Gōremu?)
    • Iron Golem (アイアンゴーレム, Aian Gōremu?)
    • Imitation Servant (模擬サーヴァント, Mogi Sāvanto?)
    • Soul Eater (ソウルイーター, Souruītā?)
  • Caster
    • Door of the Undead (亡者の扉, Mōja no Tobira?)
    • Door of the Brave (勇者の扉, Yūsha no Tobira?)
    • Door of the Holy (聖者の扉, Seija no Tobira?)
    • Door of the Champion (覇者の扉, Hasha no Tobira?)
    • Lamia (ラミア, Ramia?)
    • Demon (デーモン, Dēmon?)
    • Imitation Servant (模擬サーヴァント, Mogi Sāvanto?)
    • Spellook (スぺルブック, Superubukku?)
    • Grimoire (グリモア, Gurimoa?)
  • Assassin
    • Dragon Tooth Warrior
    • Hand of Dawn (黎明の手, Reimei no Te?)
    • Arm of Dawn (黎明の腕, Reimei no Ude?)
    • Werewolf
    • Werejaguar
    • Wraith (ゴースト, Gōsuto?)
    • Ancient Wraith (エンシェントゴースト, Enshento Gōsuto?)
    • Terror Wraith (テラーゴースト, Terā Gōsuto?)
    • Robespierre Wraith (ロベスピエール・ゴースト, Robesupiēru Gōsuto?) (D'eon Interlude)
    • Druid Wraith (ドルイド・ゴースト, Doruido Gōsuto?) (Caster Cú Chulainn Interlude)
    • Imperium Wraith (インペリウム・ゴースト, Inperiumu Gōsuto?) (Romulus Interlude)
    • Homunculus (ホムンクルス, Homunkurusu?)
    • Proto Homunculus (プロトホムンクルス, Puroto Homunkurusu?)
    • Automata (オートマタ, Ōtomata?)
    • Killing Doll (キリングドール, Kiringu Dōru?)
    • Old Gear (オールドギア, Ōrudo Gia?)
  • Unknown

Servant ListEdit

ID Number Rarity Identity Class Original Work
01★★★Mashu KyrieliteShielderFate/Grand Order
02★★★★★Artoria PendragonSaberFate/stay night
03★★★★Artoria Pendragon (Alter)SaberFate/stay night
04★★★★Artoria Pendragon (Lily)SaberFate/unlimited codes
05★★★★Nero Claudius CaesarSaberFate/Extra
07★★★Gaius Julius CaesarSaberFate/Grand Order
08★★★★★Attila the HunSaberFate/Grand Order
09★★★Gilles de RaisSaberFate/Grand Order
10★★★★Le Chevalier d'EonSaberFate/Grand Order
11★★★★EMIYAArcherFate/stay night
12★★★★★GilgameshArcherFate/stay night, Zero, strange fake
13★★★Robin HoodArcherFate/Extra
15★★★EuryaleArcherFate/hollow ataraxia
16ArashArcherFate/Prototype: Fragments
17★★★Cú ChulainnLancerFate/stay night / Fate/Extra
18★★★★Elizabeth BathoryLancerFate/Extra CCC
19★★Musashibou BenkeiLancerFate/Grand Order
20★★★Cú Chulainn (Prototype)LancerFate/Prototype
21★★LeonidasLancerFate/Grand Order
22★★★RomulusLancerFate/Grand Order
23★★★MedusaRiderFate/stay night
24★★Saint GeorgeRiderFate/Grand Order
25★★Edward TeachRiderFate/Grand Order
26★★★BoudicaRiderFate/Grand Order
27★★★UshiwakamaruRiderFate/Grand Order
28★★★AlexanderRiderFate/Grand Order
29★★★★Marie AntoinetteRiderFate/Grand Order
30★★★★Saint MarthaRiderFate/Grand Order
31★★★MedeaCasterFate/stay night
32★★★Gilles de RaisCasterFate/Zero
33★★Hans Christian AndersenCasterFate/Extra CCC
34★★William ShakespeareCasterFate/Apocrypha
35★★★MephistophelesCasterFate/Grand Order
36Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCasterFate/Grand Order
37★★★★★Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)CasterFate/Grand Order
38★★★Cú ChulainnCasterFate/Grand Order
39Sasaki KojirouAssassinFate/stay night
40★★Hassan of the Cursed ArmAssassinFate/stay night
41★★★★SthenoAssassinFate/hollow ataraxia
42★★★Jing KeAssassinFate/Grand Order
43★★Charles-Henri SansonAssassinFate/Grand Order
44★★Phantom of the OperaAssassinFate/Grand Order
45Mata HariAssassinFate/Grand Order
46★★★★CarmillaAssassinFate/Grand Order
47★★★★HeraclesBerserkerFate/stay night
49★★★Lu BuBerserkerFate/Extra
51★★★★★Sakata KintokiBerserkerFate/Grand Order
52★★★★★Vlad IIIBerserkerFate/Grand Order / Fate/Apocrypha
53AsteriosBerserkerFate/Grand Order
54★★CaligulaBerserkerFate/Grand Order
55★★★Darius IIIBerserkerFate/Grand Order
56★★★KiyohimeBerserkerFate/Grand Order
57★★Eric BloodaxeBerserkerFate/Grand Order
58★★★★Tamamo CatBerserkerFate/Grand Order
59★★★★★Joan of ArcRulerFate/Apocrypha
60★★★★★Artemis and OrionArcherFate/Grand Order
61★★★★Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween)CasterFate/Grand Order
63★★★DavidArcherFate/Grand Order
64★★★HectorLancerFate/Grand Order
65★★★★★Francis DrakeRiderFate/Extra
66★★★★Bonny and ReadRiderFate/Grand Order
67★★★★Medea LilyCasterFate/Grand Order
N/AN/AJason (Story only)???Fate/Grand Order
68★★★★★Okita SoujiSaberFate/KOHA-ACE
69★★★★Oda NobunagaArcherFate/KOHA-ACE
70★★★★★ScathachLancerFate/Grand Order
71★★★Diarmuid Ua DuibhneLancerFate/Zero
72★★★Fergus mac RóichSaberFate/Grand Order
73★★★★Artoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)RiderFate/Grand Order
74★★★★Nursery RhymeCasterFate/Extra
75★★★★★Jack the RipperAssassinFate/Apocrypha
77★★★★★Nikola TeslaArcherFate/Grand Order
78★★★★Artoria Pendragon (Alter)LancerFate/Grand Order
79★★★ParacelsusCasterFate/Prototype: Fragments
80★★★Charles BabbageCasterFate/Grand Order
81★★★Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeAssassinFate/Grand Order / Fate/Prototype: Fragments
83★★★★★Solomon (NPC Boss)Grand CasterFate/Grand Order
84★★★★★ArjunaArcherFate/Grand Order
85★★★★★KarnaLancerFate/Apocrypha / Fate/Extra CCC
86★★★★★Mysterious Heroine XAssassinFate/Grand Order
N/AN/AUltra Heroine Z (NPC Boss)AssassinFate/Grand Order
87★★★★Fionn mac CumhaillLancerFate/Grand Order
88★★★★★BrynhildLancerFate/Prototype: Fragments
89★★★★BeowulfBerserkerFate/Grand Order
90★★★★★Nero Claudius Caesar (Bride)SaberFate/Extra CCC
91★★★★★Shiki Ryougi (Saber)SaberKara no Kyoukai
92★★★★Shiki Ryougi (Assassin)AssassinKara no Kyoukai
93★★★★★Amakusa Shirou TokisadaRulerFate/Apocrypha
95★★★Gilgamesh (Child)ArcherFate/hollow ataraxia
96★★★★★Edmond DantesAvengerFate/Grand Order
97★★★★★Florence NightingaleBerserkerFate/Grand Order
98★★★★★Cú Chulainn (Alter)BerserkerFate/Grand Order
99★★★★★MedbRiderFate/Grand Order
100★★★★Helena BlavatskyCasterFate/Grand Order
101★★★★RamaSaberFate/Grand Order
102★★★★Li Shuwen (Young)LancerFate/Grand Order / Fate/Extra
103★★★★Thomas EdisonCasterFate/Grand Order
104★★★GeronimoCasterFate/Grand Order
105★★★Billy the KidArcherFate/Grand Order
?????Sita (Story only)???Fate/Grand Order
106★★★★★Joan of Arc (Alter)Avenger
Ruler (NPC)
Fate/Grand Order
107 Angra MainyuAvengerFate/hollow ataraxia
109★★★★EMIYAAssassinFate/Grand Order
110★★★Hundred-Faced HassanAssassinFate/Zero
111★★★★Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)CasterFate/Grand Order
N/AN/ABlack Iri (NPC Boss)AvengerFate/Zero
?????Achilles (Story only)RiderFate/Apocrypha
112★★★★★Shuten-doujiAssassinFate/Grand Order
113★★★★★XuanzangCasterFate/Grand Order
?????Nezha (Story only)???Fate/Grand Order
114★★★★★Minamoto no YorimitsuBerserkerFate/Grand Order
N/AN/AUshi-Gozen (NPC Boss)BerserkerFate/Grand Order
115★★★★Sakata KintokiRiderFate/Grand Order
116★★★★Ibaraki-doujiBerserkerFate/Grand Order
117★★★Fuma KotaroAssassinFate/Grand Order
118★★★★★OzymandiasRiderFate/Prototype: Fragments
119★★★★★Artoria PendragonLancerFate/Grand Order
120★★★★NitocrisCasterFate/Grand Order
121★★★★LancelotSaberFate/Grand Order
122★★★★TristanArcherFate/Grand Order
124★★★Hassan of SerenityAssassinFate/Prototype: Fragments
125★★★Tawara no ToutaArcherFate/Grand Order
126★★★BedivereSaberFate/Grand Order
?????Sherlock Holmes (Story only)???Fate/Grand Order
N/AN/AAgravain (Story only)???Fate/Grand Order
N/AN/AHassan of Intoxicated Smoke
(Story only)
AssassinFate/Grand Order
127★★★★★Leonardo da VinciCasterFate/Grand Order
128★★★★★Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit)LancerFate/Grand Order
129★★★★★Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit)ArcherFate/Grand Order
130★★★★Marie Antoinette (Swimsuit)CasterFate/Grand Order
131★★★★Bonny and Read (Swimsuit)ArcherFate/Grand Order
132★★★★Mordred (Swimsuit)RiderFate/Grand Order
133★★★★Scathach (Swimsuit)AssassinFate/Grand Order
134★★★★Kiyohime (Swimsuit)LancerFate/Grand Order
135★★★★Saint Martha (Swimsuit)RulerFate/Grand Order
136★★★★★Illyasviel von EinzbernCasterFate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
137★★★★Chloe von EinzbernArcherFate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
138★★★★Elizabeth Bathory (Brave)SaberFate/Grand Order
139★★★★★CleopatraAssassinFate/Grand Order
140★★★★Vlad III (Extra)LancerFate/Extra
141★★★★Joan of Arc (Alter Santa Lily)LancerFate/Grand Order
142★★★★★Ishtar (Rin Tohsaka)ArcherFate/Grand Order
143★★★★★EnkiduLancerFate/strange fake
144★★★★★QuetzalcoatlRiderFate/Grand Order
145★★★★GilgameshCasterFate/Grand Order
146★★★★Medusa (Child)LancerFate/Grand Order
147★★★★ Medusa (Gorgon)AvengerFate/Grand Order
148★★★Jaguar Man (Taiga Fujimura)LancerFate/Grand Order
149★★★★★Tiamat (NPC Boss)BeastFate/Grand Order
N/AN/AKingu (NPC Boss)Avenger
Fate/Grand Order
N/AN/AEreshkigal (Story only)???Fate/Grand Order
150★★★★★MerlinCasterFate/Grand Order
151★★★★★GoetiaBeastFate/Grand Order
152★★★★★Solomon CasterFate/Grand Order
153★★★★★Miyamoto Musashi SaberFate/Grand Order
154★★★★★King HassanAssassinFate/Grand Order
?????MeltlilithAlter EgoFate/Extra CCC
?????PassionlipAlter EgoFate/Extra CCC
?????KazuradropAlter EgoFate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
?????KingproteaAlter EgoFate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
?????Suzuka GozenSaberFate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
?????VioletAlter EgoFate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
?????Arthur PendragonSaberFate/Prototype
?????Gilgamesh (Prototype)ArcherFate/Prototype
?????AstolfoSaberFate/Grand Order
?????Bradamante???Fate/Grand Order
?????Calamity JaneArcherFate/Grand Order
?????Caeneus???Fate/Grand Order
?????Diarmuid Ua DuibhneSaberFate/Grand Order
?????EMIYA (Alter)???Fate/Grand Order
?????Inshun HozoinLancerFate/Grand Order
?????Ivan the Terrible???Fate/Grand Order
?????Li Shuwen (Old)AssassinFate/Grand Order
?????Mochizuki Chiyome???Fate/Grand Order
?????Mother Harlot???Fate/Grand Order
?????Parvati (Sakura Matou)???Fate/Grand Order
?????PerseusLancerFate/Grand Order
?????Qin Liangyu???Fate/Grand Order
?????Red Hare???Fate/Grand Order
?????Sigurd???Fate/Grand Order
?????Tomoe Gozen???Fate/Grand Order
?????Valkyrie???Fate/Grand Order
Breakdown by series
Series # of Servants Servants in F/GO Missing Servants
Fate/Apocrypha1615Vlad III (Lancer)
Fate/Extra149Arcueid Brunestud
Li Shuwen (Assassin)
No Name
Fate/Extra CCC75Elizabeth Bathory (Berserker)
Gilgamesh (No Class)
Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail44None
Fate/hollow ataraxia42Assassin
Fate/KOHA-ACE102Devil Saber
Li Shuwen (Old)
Maxwell's Demon
Mori Nagayoshi
Okada Izou
Sakamoto Ryoma
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Beast of 666
Heracles (Prototype)
Fate/Prototype: Fragments76Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Berserker)
Fate/stay night1010None
Fate/strange fake142Alcides
Alexandre Dumas
François Prelati
Heracles (Archer)
Jack the Ripper (Berserker)
No Name Assassin
Pale Rider
Richard the Lionheart
Fate/tiger colosseum10Saber Lion
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files10Hephaestion


Fate/Grand Order will be told in a visual novel style. Servants are obtained through "Saint Quartz." Kinoko Nasu said that "In Fate/Grand Order, once you get a character you’ll immediately learn about the identity of the Servant." Each Servants has their own personal scenarios. Deepening your bond with them will also play a big role in the advancement of their scenario.

Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based combat role-playing game. Each Servant has a set amount of Health Points and a bar that indicates the gauge for their Noble Phantasm. Noble Phantasm can be leveled up by using duplicate cards. Players have two Servants in their party, with one Support and a maximum of three in reserve. The battles consist of a Tactical Phase and a Command Phase. After the player chooses a command, the Servants will attack. Afterwards, the enemies will attack, and that completes a turn.

During the Tactical Phase, Servants can use their skills, which area learned through experience or from deepening their bond with the players. Additionally, players can also use their own skill to support the Servants.

  • Arts Chain (アーツチェイン, Ātsu Chein?) - increases the rate the NP (Noble Phantasm) gauge fills up, which allows Servants to use their Noble Phantasm.
  • Brave Chain (ブレイブチェイン, Bureibu Chein?) - performs an extra attack that acts as all three attack types.
  • Buster Chain (バスターチェイン, Basutā Chein?) - vastly increases the attacking power of the Servants, which allows them to do much more damage than regular attacks.
  • Quick Chain (クイックチェイン, Kuikku Chein?) - increases the Servant’s critical rate for the next turn’s attack.

The process of leveling up Servants is called Servant growth (サーヴァントの成長, Sāvanto no Seichō?). Servant could powered up by combining cards called Saint Graph (セイントグラフ, Seinto Gurafu?). Servants has four evolution stages where it effects the servant's appearance.

Fate/GUDAGUDA OrderEdit

  • Fate Gudao Order 1
  • Fate Gudao Order 2
  • Fate Gudao Order 3
  • Fate Gudao Order 4
  • Fate Gudao Order 5
  • Fate Gudao Order 6
  • Fate Gudao Order 7
  • Fate Gudao Order 8
  • Fate Gudao Order 9
  • Fate Gudao Order 10
  • Fate Gudao Order 11
  • Fate Gudao Order 12
  • Fate Gudao Order 13
  • Fate Gudao Order 14
  • Fate Gudao Order 15
  • Fate Gudao Order 16
  • Fate Gudao Order 17
  • Fate Gudao Order 18
  • Fate Gudao Order 19
  • Fate Gudao Order 20
  • Fate Gudao Order 21
  • Fate Gudao Order 22
  • Fate Gudao Order 23
  • Fate Gudao Order 24
  • Fate Gudao Order 25
  • Fate Gudao Order 26
  • Fate Gudao Order 27

Fate/GUDAGUDA Order (フェイト/ぐだぐだオーダー, Feito/Gudaguda Ōdā?) is an online manga by Keikenchi.


With the online Fate/Apocrypha game project, Type-Moon originally planned for a PvP-style online game that would be played on PC until its cancelation. Type-Moon decided the project should be rebooted, and it was codenamed as "Fate Online Project REBOOT". Although Kinoko Nasu had said that Fate/Extra CCC was his last time writing anything for the Fate series, it was a lie.[2] It began when the Aniplex producer Atsuhiro Iwakami wanted to make a social game to promote the Fate anime. He suggested he would take on the challenge by using the franchise, however Takeuchi Takashi and Nasu wanted the game to be done properly by them. Prior to the development of Fate/Grand Order, Nasu claims he never had a smart phone. In fact, it was his personal goal not to get one in order to keep him from being a complete “slacker”. One day, he was gifted with a smart phone with several games such as Chain Chronicle, Brave Frontier, and others installed for references. Nasu sees the development of smartphone games as a revolution in its own way. For example, core players can enjoy the luxury of high graphics on home consoles, while smartphone games can be used to reach out to the mass audience.

The opening animation was animated by A-1 Pictures, directed by Ryosuke Nakamura and character designed by Mieko Hosoi.

Release HistoryEdit

  • The game is currently only available in Japan. It was released on July 29, 2015.
  • Chinese server was announced on November 20, 2015. It will be published by BiliBili, with expected release date in 2016[3]
  • Maaya Sakamoto will be performing the theme song "Colour (色彩, Shikisai?)".


Voice and character designEdit


Illustrator Voice actor Writer
AchillesOtotsugu KonoeUnknownUnknown
AlexanderBUNBUNMaaya SakamotoHikaru Sakurai
Amakusa Shirou TokisadaOtotsugu KonoeKouki UchiyamaUnknown
Angra MainyuNekotawawaTakuma TerashimaUnknown
Anne BonnyI-IVAi NonakaUnknown
ArashBLACKTsuruoka SatoshiHikaru Sakurai
ArjunapakoNobunaga ShimazakiYuuichirou Higashide
ArtemisI-IVMiyuki SawashiroUnknown
Artoria PendragonTakeuchi TakashiAyako KawasumiKinoko Nasu
Artoria Pendragon (Alter)Takeuchi TakashiAyako KawasumiKinoko Nasu
Artoria Pendragon (Alter Lancer)Akira IshidaAyako KawasumiUnknown
Artoria Pendragon (Lily)Takeuchi TakashiAyako KawasumiKinoko Nasu
Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) Akira Ishida Ayako Kawasumi Unknown
Artoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)Takeuchi TakashiAyako KawasumiKinoko Nasu
AsteriosShima DrillKōsuke ToriumiUnknown
Astolfo (Rider)Ototsugu KonoeRumi ŌkuboUnknown
AtalantaRin KususagaSaori HayamiYuuichirou Higashide & Jinroku Myougaya
AttilahukeMamiko NotoHikaru Sakurai
BedivereTenkuu SphereMamoru MiyanoUnknown
BenkeiShinjirouTetsu InadaJinroku Myougaya & Yuuichirou Higashide
BeowulfShimokoshiKazuya NakaiYuuichirou Higashide
Billy the KidShimaudonUrara TakanoUnknown
BodicaTakao AotsukiChiwa SaitōHikaru Sakurai
BrynhildShirow MiwaMamiko NotoUnknown
CaligulaBLACKTsuruoka SatoshiUnknown
CarmillaOkojoAtsuko TanakaUnknown
Cath PalugTaikiAyako Kawasumi (Drama CD)Unknown
Charles BabbageI-IVTetsu InadaUnknown
Charles-Henri SansonShima DrillMamoru MiyanoYuuichirou Higashide
Chevalier d'EonDaisuke MoriyamaChiwa SaitōHikaru Sakurai
Chloe von EinzbernHiroshi HiroyamaChiwa SaitōUnknown
Cú Chulainn (Caster)MataNobutoshi CannaHikaru Sakurai
Cú Chulainn (Lancer)Takeuchi TakashiNobutoshi CannaKinoko Nasu
Cu Chulainn (Prototype)NakaharaKazuya NakaiHikaru Sakurai & Kinoko Nasu
Darius IIIPFALZKunihiko YasuiUnknown
DavidGinkaYuichi NakamuraUnknown
Diarmuid Ua DuibhneMataHikaru MidorikawaUnknown
Dress of HeavenShimaudonSayaka OharaUnknown
Edmond DantèsRui KomatsuzakiNobunaga ShimazakiUnknown
EMIYATakeuchi TakashiJunichi SuwabeKinoko Nasu
EMIYA (AssassinAKIRARikiya KoyamaUnknown
Edward TeachB-sukeTadahisa SaizenYuuichirou Higashide
Elizabeth BathoryArco WadaRumi OokuboKinoko Nasu
Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween)Arco WadaRumi OokuboUnknown
EnkiduShidzuki MoriiYuu KobayashiUnknown
Eric BloodaxeTakao AotsukiKunihiko YasuiUnknown
EuryaleAKIRAYū AsakawaHikaru Sakurai & Kinoko Nasu
Fergus Mac RóichB-sukeTakaya KurodaUnknown
Florence NightingaleKeitarou TakahashiMiyuki SawashiroUnknown
Francis DrakeArco WadaUrara TakanoUnknown
FrankensteinTakeshi OkazakiAi NonakaUnknown
Fuuma KotaroShounen SasakiNatsuki HanaeUnknown
Gaius Julius CaesarShima DrillRyōtarō OkiayuHikaru Sakurai
GawainArco WadaTakahiro MizushimaUnknown
Gilgamesh (Archer)Takeuchi TakashiTomokazu SekiKinoko Nasu
Gilgamesh (Caster) Ginka Tomokazu Seki Unknown
Gilgamesh (Child)Tenkuu SphereAya EndōUnknown
GeronimoMineji SakamotoHisao EgawaUnknown
Gilles de Rais (Caster)AzusaTsuruoka SatoshiYuuichirou Higashide & Gen Urobuchi
Gilles de Rais (Saber)ShinjirouTsuruoka SatoshiKinoko Nasu
Goetia Kotetsu Yamanaka Aoi Yūki Unknown
Gorgon Shimokoshi Yū Asakawa Unknown
Hans Christian AndersenArco WadaTakehito KoyasuKinoko Nasu
Hassan of the Cursed ArmTask OhnaTetsu InadaUnknown
Hassan of SerenityNakaharaSayaka SenbongiUnknown
HectorBLACKKunihiko YasuiUnknown
Helena BlavatskyMatsuryuHisako KanemotoUnknown
Hundred-Faced HassanTask OhnaAbe AkinaUnknown
HeraclesAzusaTadahisa SaizenUnknown
Ibaraki-doujiLeftNao TouyamaUnknown
Illyasviel von EinzbernHiroshi HiroyamaMai KadowakiUnknown
Ishtar Shidzuki Morii Kana Ueda Unknown
IskandarTakeuchi TakashiAkio ŌtsukaUnknown
Jack the RipperOtotsugu KonoeSakura TangeUnknown
Jaguar Man Takao Aotsuki Miki Ito
Jekyll and HydeNakaharaMamoru MiyanoUnknown
Jing KeKeitarou TakahashiAtsuko TanakaYuuichirou Higashide
Joan of ArcTakeuchi TakashiMaaya SakamotoUnknown
Joan of Arc (Alter)Takeuchi TakashiMaaya SakamotoUnknown
KarnapakoKoji YusaKinoko Nasu
KintokiRaita HonjouKōji YusaUnknown
KiyohimeBLACKRisa TanedaYuuichirou Higashide
Lancelot (Berserker)Koyama HirokazuRyōtarō OkiayuUnknown
Lancelot (Saber)Shima DrillRyōtarō OkiayuUnknown
Leonardo da VinciShimokoshiMaaya SakamotoUnknown
Leonidas IShimaudonShin-ichiro MikiYuuichirou Higashide
Lev Reinol FlaurosTakeuchi TakashiTomokazu Sugita (Drama CD)Unknown
Lu BuArco WadaKunihiko YasuiUnknown
Marie AntoinetteGinkaRisa TanedaHikaru Sakurai
Mary ReadI-IVAyako KawasumiUnknown
Mata HariKoyama HirokazuRisa TanedaYuuichirou Higashide
Mash KyrielightTakeuchi TakashiRisa Taneda/Takahashi RieKinoko Nasu
MedbKisai TakayamaAyane SakuraUnknown
MedeaNekotawawaAtsuko TanakaKinoko Nasu
Medea LilyKoyama HirokazuAi NonakaUnknown
Medusa (Lancer) BLACK Yū Asakawa Unknown
Medusa (Rider)Takeuchi TakashiYū AsakawaKinoko Nasu
MephistophelesShimokoshiTakehito KoyasuYuuichirou Higashide
Merlin Taiki Takahiro Sakurai Unknown
Minamoto no YorimitsuRaita HonjouHaruka TomatsuUnknown
MordredOtotsugu KonoeMiyuki SawashiroUnknown
Mysterious Heroine XBUNBUNAyako KawasumiUnknown
Nero ClaudiusArco WadaSakura TangeKinoko Nasu
Nikola TeslaNamaniku ATKTetsu InadaUnknown
NitocrisShimaudonMinami TanakaUnknown
Nursery RhymeArco WadaAi NonakaUnknown
Oda NobunagapakoRie KugimiyaUnknown
Okita SoujiTakeuchi TakashiAoi YūkiUnknown
Olga Marie AnimusphereTakeuchi TakashiMegumi Toyoguchi (Drama CD)Unknown
OrionI-IVNobutoshi CannaUnknown
ParacelsusNakaharaShinichiro MikiUnknown
Phantom of the OperaShimaudonRyōtarō OkiayuUnknown
Protagonist (Male)Takeuchi TakashiNobunaga Shimazaki (Drama CD)Unknown
RamaRin KususagaMiyuki SawashiroUnknown
OzymandiasNakaharaTakehito KoyasuUnknown
Robin HoodArco WadaKōsuke ToriumiKinoko Nasu
Romani AkimanTakeuchi TakashiKenichi Suzumura (Drama CD)Unknown
RomulusKoyama HirokazuRyōtarō OkiayuHikaru Sakurai
Saint GeorgeHigashiguchi ChuuouTadahisa SaizenGeorgios & Yuuichirou Higashide
Saint MarthaMineji SakamotoSaori HayamiHikaru Sakurai
Sasaki KojiroMataShin-ichiro MikiUnknown
Scáthach Koyama HirokazuMamiko NotoUnknown
SigurdShirow MiwaUnknownUnknown
SiegfriedOtotsugu KonoeJunichi SuwabeYuuichirou Higashide & Kinoko Nasu
ShakespeareOtotsugu KonoeTetsu InadaYuuichirou Higashide & Shoji Gatoh
Shuten-doujiRaita HonjouAoi YūkiUnknown
SolomonTakeuchi TakashiKenichi SuzumuraUnknown
SpartacusOtotsugu KonoeTsuruoka SatoshiUnknown
SthenoAKIRAYū AsakawaUnknown
Tamamo CatArco WadaChiwa SaitōKinoko Nasu
Tamamo-no-MaeArco WadaChiwa SaitōUnknown
Tawara no ToudaShimokoshiKenichi SuzumuraUnknown
Thomas EdisonpakoTakuma TerashimaUnknown
Tiamat Kotetsu Yamanaka Aoi Yūki
TristanShidzuki MoriiKouki UchiyamaUnknown
UshiwakamaruMineji SakamotoSaori HayamiYuuichirou Higashide & Kinoko Nasu
Vlad III (Berserker)Hirotaka MaedaRyōtarō OkiayuUnknown
Vlad III (Extra) Arco Wada Hisao Egawa
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPFALZTomokazu SekiYuuichirou Higashide & Kinoko Nasu
XuanzangTakeshi OkazakiMikako KomatsuUnknown
Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)Takeuchi TakashiDaisuke NamikawaYuuichirou Higashide
UnknownAin CrossUnknownUnknown
UnknownKotetsu YamanakaUnknownUnknown
UnknownRei HiroeUnknownUnknown
UnknownSeijin TakenokoUnknownUnknown
UnknownUnknownKana UedaUnknown
UnknownUnknownNoriko ShitayaUnknown
UnknownUnknownRie TanakaUnknown
UnknownUnknownTakahiro SakuraiUnknown
UnknownUnknownYui OguraUnknown



Fate/Grand Order -First Order-Edit

  • First Order logo


  1. Nasu blog 08/2015
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  3. BiliBili Landing Page

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