Himuro's Universe - Fate/school life (氷室の天地 Fate/school life, Himuro no Tenchi Fate/school life?) is a comedy 4-koma manga revolving around the normal life at school of the minor characters of Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia, specifically the character Kane Himuro, classmate of Fate/stay night protagonist Shirou Emiya.

This manga by Eiichirou Mashin (磨伸映一郎, Mashin Eiichirō?) is a spin-off that tells the normal school life of the supporting characters Kane Himuro, Makidera Kaede and Saegusa Yukika. Other characters are the regular cast of the main games: Ayako Mitsuzuri, Rin Tohsaka, Issei Ryuudou, Shinji Matou, Shirou Emiya, Souichirou Kuzuki, Taiga Fujimura, Sakura Matou, Minori Mitsuzuri; "guest" characters from other series Ciel, Seven, Ayaka Sajyou (formerly the heroine of the never finished prototype novel of Fate/stay night) are also featured, and other classmates Gai Gotou, Fujimoto, Dezaki, Hirumata.

The story is centered around classic school events such as a ball game tournament, field trips and inter high school competitions. As such, there is no reference at all to supernatural things like magecraft and Heroic Spirits.

Strongest Servant contestEdit

Mashin held a contest for which he asked his readers to submit designs for the strongest Servant. He collected the winning drawings and redrew them for the fifth volume.


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