Nasuverse character
Feend vor Sembren
Feend vor Sembren
Japanese name: フィーンド・ヴォル・センベルン
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Human, Magus, Master
Command Spell: Feend vor Sembren CS
Affiliation: Mage's Association
Gender: Male

Feend vor Sembren (フィーンド・ヴォル・センベルン, Fīndo voru Senberun?) is a Master of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.[1] He is the original Master of Lancer of Red.[2] He is quickly captured by Shirou Kotomine and eventually coerced to give up command of his Servant to him.



Feend is said to be a first-class instructor of the Clock Tower.[3]





An elite magus sent by the Mage's Association of the Clock Tower. He was put into a trance after drinking the tea that was offered to him. Naturally, he was on his guard and had defensive spells deployed, but it was all rendered meaningless by poison compounded by Assassin of Red.[1]

Perhaps because he ended up shamefully retiring before he even got to fight, the Sembren family gradually began to fall into ruin after this. His only son is currently struggling hard and making strenuous efforts in a certain classroom.[1]

Other appearancesEdit

His son was mentioned in Fate/strange fake, Fezgram vor Sembren (フェズグラム・ヴォル・センベルン, Fezuguramu voru Senberun?, "Fezgram Vol Senbern") was a disciple of Lord El-Melloi II and has reached either the ranks of "Brand" and "Pride".[4]


He possesses skill worthy of being chosen to participate in the grand stage of the Great Holy Grail War.[1]


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