Nasuverse character
Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia
Japanese name: フィオレ・フォルヴェッジ・ユグドミレニア
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Japanese VA: Chinatsu Akasaki
Character type: Human, Magus, Master
Command Spell: Fiore CS
Affiliation: Yggdmillennia
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 12[1]
Height: 162cm[1]
Weight: 47kg[1]
Three sizes: B84/W57/H82[1]
Blood type: A[1]
Likes: Small animals in general[1]
Dislikes: Small animals in general[1]
Talents: Bare-handed nutcracker [1]
Natural enemy: Shaggy dogs[1]
Image Color: Light blue[1]
Bloodline: Forvedge

Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia (フィオレ・フォルヴェッジ・ユグドミレニア, Fiore Foruvejji Yugudomirenia?) is the Master of Archer of Black in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.



Fiore born into the Forvedge family, she is the older sister of Caules. When Fiore and Caules were children, their father gifted them with a dog. The dog was used as a 'bad example' of spirit evocation by their father and died horribly in front of Fiore and Caules. Fiore was fond of the dog and while she appeared to be calm, she was affected by its death. She later inherit the position head of the Forvedge family and earned a high ranking position with in Yggdmillennia. She is noted by Darnic, who she refers to as grandfather, to be the only magus within the clan to have true talent, so he recognizes her as the future elder of Yggdmillennia. Fiore was able to buy blueprints for the "ideal human" off a freelance magus she was acquainted with and gave it to her brother as a catalyst.[2]


She is 19 years old during in the Great Holy Grail War.[1] She has brunette wavy hair, clear blue eyes and a gentle smile, her body looks fragile. Due to her magic circuits malfunction in birth, she became crippled and wheelchair-bound.


Fiore has a soft and clear voice, and her smile is able to spread to others, as if infecting them with her sweetness. She has some trepidation towards the war, fearing the Mage's Association as the symbol of the world of magecraft. She dislikes conflict, and having studied at the Clock Tower, has some distaste for having to fight against the faction even if she will not be fighting directly against her friends there. She is not against fighting, partly out of fear towards Darnic, but also due to that a chance for victory exists.

She would have objected had it been impossible, but the Greater Grail gives her confidence. She possesses a dream that cannot be granted no matter how much she refines her craft, so something like opposing her friends is only sentimentality that cannot obstruct her objective. She is fully committed for their coming confrontation.

She desires to use the Holy Grail to heal her legs, to keep her Magic Circuits as they are, and take back the full function of her legs. She feels shameful comparing to Archer's earnest wish.



Fiore speaks to Darnic about the state of the Holy Grail War before she summons her Servant. She notes that her brother is not handling it well, and Darnic comments that it is fortunate that they are not participating in a regular Holy Grail War where two siblings with Command Spells would have to kill each other. She is shown the bottom of the Greater Grail, told that it is for her eyes only, and is amazed by the overwhelming magical energy within it. She obtains confidence for the upcoming battle, hoping it will allow her to obtain her wish.

She summons her Servant, Archer of Black, along with Gordes, Celenike and Caules in a multiple summoning. Her catalyst is an ancient arrow with blackened blood on the tip. After returning to her quarters, she asks about Archer's body, and he promises to show his worth as a Servant.

  • Fiore vs Kairi

Fiore received reports about Assassin of Black and her master seems to be out of control in their territory, this makes Fiore to question Hyouma Sagara odd behavior and she goes on a mission to find out what's happening. Fiore notice that Assassin has a different master and she figured they killed Sagara Hyouma, who belonged to the Yggdmillenia. She decided that killing Reika Rikudou and Assassin is the best course of action as they are harmful to not just both sides of the war, but also the civilians. Fiore encounters Kairi Sisigou and she activates her mystic code Bronze-Link Manipulators. Kairi proved to be the more experienced combatant, but a decisive shot was blocked by Caules. In the end both side retreated.

The Black faction informed Fiore about Darnic's death which leads Fiore to take control as the new leader of Yggdmillenia. She establish an alliance with Kairi, Saber of Red, Sieg and Ruler.


Fiore is recognized by Darnic as the only magus within the clan with any true talent, and there is likely no magus throughout the generations of thickening blood in the clan with greater aptitude than her. She is a genius in possession of a terrifyingly deep wealth of talent in a single field, that of spiritual evocation and human engineering. She is weak in most other types of thaumaturgy, but she rivals or even surpasses the first-class instructors of the Clock Tower in her field. She possesses an ability called "Eulyphis", or Spirit Medium.

Fiore was born with a malfunctioning Magic Circuit in her two legs. Her disability deeply affects her thaumaturgy and has led her two limbs completely ceasing to function, sometimes causing her unbearable pain. It is possible to heal them, however it would involve removing the Circuits in her legs. In other words, it would mean giving up the life of a magus. Studying the arts of human engineering and spiritual evocation, Fiore has learned ways to replace the functions of her legs. Her evocations can take up the tasks of her limbs, and she would be able to fly with a broom.

Bronze-Link ManipulatorsEdit

Bronze Link Manipulators glove

Bronze-Link Manipulators glove

She has produced the Mystic Code Bronze-Link Manipulators: Coupled Reinforcement Mystic Codes (接続強化型魔術礼装ブロンズリンク・マニピュレーター, Setsuzoku Kyōkagata Majutsu ReisōBuronzu Rinku Manipyurētā?) with her own alterations that boast the power to allow even a third-class magus to bring down a first-class magus. The true nature of the Bronze-Link Manipulators is to serve as five giant magic-powered spider-like limbs, as an exoskeletal mecha-armor. In precision and reaction speed it rivals Volumen Hydrargyrum. While the other mystic code specialized in defense, it specialized in offense.[3]


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