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Noble Phantasm
First Folio
Japanese name: ファースト・フォリオ
Title: When the Curtain Rises, the Applause Shall Be As Ten Thousand Thunders
Japanese title: 開演の刻は来たれり、此処に万雷の喝采を
Transliteration: Kaien no Koku wa Kitareri, Koko ni Banrai no Kassai wo
Owner: Caster of Red
Type: Anti-Unit[1]
Rank: B[1]
Range: 1-30[1]
Maximum number of targets: 1 person[1]

First Folio: When the Curtain Rises, the Applause Shall Be As Ten Thousand Thunders (開演の刻は来たれり、此処に万雷の喝采をファースト・フォリオ, Kaien no Koku wa Kitareri, Koko ni Banrai no Kassai woFāsuto Forio?) is Shakespeare's Noble Phantasm. It is a work that he was not able to write in life, and it is something that required a Command Spell so that he would not use it to write a tragedy about his Master, Shirou Kotomine. On its own, it cannot accomplish much, but Shirou believes that it can control the Greater Grail if combined with his own Noble Phantasms, Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix and Right Hand - Evil Eater.

Fate apocrypha - Gilles

Shakespeare's Replica of Gilles de Rais

The primary effect of First Folio is to, "show a story," to someone by, "setting a stage," where he will recreate places, events, and people from that person's life. The main purpose of this Noble Phantasm is to destroy the minds of his opponents by showing them images of their pasts while Shakespeare narrates their faults to them leaving them both mentally and emotionally scarred. On its own, Shakespeare is only able to replicate individuals as he did when attempting to escape from Berserker of Black whereby he created a replica of her creator that treated her with kindness rather than the revulsion he felt toward her in life which threw her into an uncontrollable rage. With this level of power, the replica follows a script that Shakespeare specifies and is incapable of thinking or acting independently. When empowered by Assassin of Red's Hanging Gardens, he is able to replicate Jeanne d'Arc's entire life to her including a replica of Gilles de Rais performing the many atrocities he had committed in life after the death of Jeanne. This replica of Gilles has some degree of independence and is capable of interacting with Jeanne and thinking on its own as the real Gilles would have done.[2]


The original design for Fate/complete material IV is a tome that can alter or falsify the outcome of a phenomenon occurring within sight for a limited number of instances. While functionally useless in the face of an enemy that outclasses him in every attribute, it has a chance of inflicting death upon otherwise defeatable opponents if skillfully deployed. It is activated with the incantation "NON SANZ DROICT" ("Not Without Right"—the motto on Shakespeare's coat of arms).[3]


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