Alternate versions
Nasuverse character
Japanese name: フランチェスカ・プレラーティ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Gender: Female

Francesca Prelati (フランチェスカ・プレラーティ, Furanchesuka Purerāti?) is the "True" Master of True Caster in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



Francesca is François Prelati, the friend of Gilles de Rais from the time of Joan of Arc. Originally male, she has died numerous times and changed bodies, but the first death ended with her recorded as a Heroic Spirit. The Heroic Spirit version has no memories from after that first death. Of her numerous deaths, there are seven where she was left speechless or otherwise overwhelmed, including Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, Saint Germain, the "consoling witch that is eternally alive", Van-Fem, Satsuki Kurogiri, her teachers in magecraft, and Touko Aozaki.[1]

She seems to be allied to the American organization behind the False Holy Grail War, but even so, Orlando Reeve refers to her as an outsider. In turn she calls him new, implying that while she is considered separate from the group, she's been affiliated with them longer than Reeve himself. She claims to hate Dead Apostles and is on the side of humanity, but Orlando replies she's just fighting with them over food. 


Francesca has ankle length light coloured hair that has skull patterns near the ends. She wears a dark ribbon in her hair and a vertically striped top with a short skirt. She also wears a visible garterbelt connected to stockings with bone patterns on them and boots with eye and teeth like designs adorning them. Finally, she wears a pair of fingerless gloves that go up to just below her shoulders and carries an umbrella with her. Orlando's insulting of her may imply she is older than she appears. Apparently, there is a zipper-like opening on her body made of teeth that extends from her ribs to below her navel.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

After Orlando Reeve addresses his Clan Calatin, Francesca appears to taunt him over his views about the upcoming Grail War. During their discussion, she gets side tracked into talking about a Holy Maiden, whom she seems interested in defiling to no end.[2]

After Orlando reassures her that he'll do what is necessary, she questions if he tires of being a champion of justice and states that being a villain is much easier. Suddenly remembering, she offers to aide Orlando in dealing with Caster's requests, but he tells her not to do anything unnecessary. Accepting his answer, she leaves, stating she'll wait for her time in the spotlight.[2]

Other appearancesEdit

During the Saber Wars event of Fate/Grand Order, Edward Teach teased Gilles de Rais and he mentions her name.


Francesca seems to have an in depth knowledge about the Holy Grail War and in particular the Ruler class.[2]

It is noted that she has a tendency to change bodies frequently and has inhabited her current one for only three years, and all its organs are still fresh.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

It should be noted, Kinoko Nasu was in charge of the scenario of the Saber Wars event in Fate/Grand Order. Nasu consulted Ryohgo Narita when to put out her name. In response to the Saber Wars event, Narita strongly hinted it was true that Francesca is François Prelati and encouraged people to wait for the revelations in Fate/strange fake.[3]


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