From Hell: The Evil Mist Will Perish With London's Daybreak (悪霧は倫敦の暁と共に滅び逝きてフロム・ヘル, Akugiri wa Rondon no Akatsuki to Tomo ni HorobiyukiteFuromu Heru?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by the Berserker-class Jack the Ripper. Based on the theory that Jack the Ripper was a demon, this Noble Phantasm transforms Jack into a demon in the sense of a Phantasmal Species. Because it is rooted in the latent fear and unease of nearby people, its power changes in proportion to the population density within a radius of 5 km. In a desert wasteland, its strength is only equal to that of a large beast of prey. In an urban area, it displays a power equivalent to that of a martial Servant. Because it takes the form of a demon that humans envision as their own natural enemy, it inflicts particularly effective damage on humans.[1]


The first printing of Berserker's profile mistakenly listed the Noble Phantasm as Anti-Unit with a range of "1~20", but Narita posted a correction on Twitter.[2]


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