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Nasuverse character
Japanese name: サー・ガラハッド
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Garden of Avalon
Character type: Human, Servant
Gender: Male
Bloodline: N/A

Sir Galahad (サー・ガラハッド, Sā Garahaddo?) is one of the Knights of the Round Table.



Galahad was a later addition to the Round Table, especially famed for his escapades in the search for the Holy Grail.[1] He was a "saint who was the only one to obtain the Holy Grail, just to return it to heavens."[2]


Sir Galahad 1

Unknown knight

Galahad's father, Lancelot, comments that Mash is wearing her hair in a similar style to him.[citation needed]



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Galahad was the second, and mostly failed, attempt to summon servants by Chaldea Security Organization. He was summoned within Mash, but disgusted by Chaldea's various inhumane experiment. Realizing Mashu will immediately die if he leaves, he instead chose to hibernate. When Chaldea exploded, he formed the Demi-Servant contract with her. Mashu obtained his fighting experience, skills, and Noble Phantasm, but lacks even knowledge of who is fused with her until later in the story. After granting her his skills and Noble Phantasm Galahad faded away.

Other appearancesEdit

He was briefly mentioned in the original novel of Fate/Zero when Saber fought against Berserker. As Berserker revealed his true identity, Saber was tormented on how she led her kingdom. She thought of her knights and wondered if they had left this world with resentment and unwillingness. Saber claims that Galahad had lost his life in the line of duty.[3]


Galahad possesses the Noble Phantasm Lord Camelot, and his only confirmed skill so far is Mana Defense, a defensive counterpart to Mana Burst that Mash is able to use through the Demi-Servant skill Possession Inheritance.

While there is little mention of his martial skills, Bedivere notes it is not his combat prowess being most outstanding, but his mentality.


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