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Nasuverse character
Japanese name: キャスター
Also known as: Bluebeard
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Capsule Servant
Fate/Ace Royal
Japanese VA: Tsuruoka Satoshi
English VA: Dan Woren
Character type: Servant (Master: Uryuu Ryuunosuke)
Servant classes: Caster, Lancer (F/AR), Berserker (F/AR), Rider (F/AR), Saber (F/AR)
Gender: Male[1]
Birthday: Unknown[2]
Height: 196 cm[1][2][3]
Weight: 70 kg[1][2][3]
Blood type: Unknown[2]
Place of Origin: France[3]
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Likes: Boyish girls, feminine boys[2]
Dislikes: Politics, accounting[2]
Talents: Plotting events, producing things[2]
Natural enemy: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Lancelot[2]
Image Color: Muddy black[2]

Caster (キャスター, ?) is the Caster-class Servant of Ryuunosuke Uryuu in the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero.



His true identity is Gilles de Rais (ジル・ド・レイ, ?), a French nobleman from the 15th century. He participated in the Hundred Years' War as a Marshal and was once a comrade-in-arms of Joan of Arc.[4] He remembered the time when he and Joan were decorated as saviors and national heroes by King Charles in the cathedral with the ars nova melody playing in the background.[5]


Gilles before his execution ("The Execution of Gilles de Rais")

In his life time, he admired Joan deeply and he was devastated when she died. His faith in God changed greatly as he saw God abandoning Jeanne. Back in his own territory, he treated the populations of his territories as disposable livestock and became a mass serial children killer where he murdered and raped children. However, it was all-too-common in that era for nobles to disregard the human rights of commoners and treat the populations of their territories as disposable livestock. So, under normal circumstances even killing them en masse shouldn't have been treated as anything more serious than animal abuse. Gilles came in contact with magecraft through François Prelati (フランソワ・プレラーティ, ?) who was like a friend and a tutor. Gilles himself also participated in the alchemical and Demon-summoning rituals, but François was the Magus leading the rituals, Gilles was simply the only patron. Unfortunately for Gilles, his total assets of his lands exceeds the scale of the Duke of Brittany at that time. Which even became a threat towards the king. Gilles finances collapse itself because of his extreme wasteful habit in his private life, it became fearful as he would most likely sell his lands to the enemy nations.[4]

As a result, he was condemned and executed for his crimes as a pretext for seizing control of his assets. He continued his atrocities for 8 years until the Church and State caught him, they used this opportunity to confiscate his wealth and land. He was executed for his crimes. After his death, his soul was removed from the cycle of transmigration and stored in the Throne of Heroes where he became an existence not exactly a proper Heroic spirit. "Bluebeard" (青髭, Ao hige?) is the name of a fictional character which is based on Gilles himself and it became the symbol of fear.[4]


  • No cloak
  • Gille de Rais (sane)

A young face without a single crease yet.[6] He has huge, rolling eyes and oily, glistening cheeks. Because he was originally a knight, he has a muscular build and is a very tall individual.[7] Along with the deathly pallor of his face, he reminded Ryuunosuke of a painting from Munch.[6] Those abnormally big eyes easily remind one of nocturnal animals.[8]

His garments too were quite odd and were definitely queer.[6] A luxurious robe of ancient design; sanguineous scarlet patterns adorned the pitch-black fabric.[8] He donned an inky black cassock, and an evil aura reeled about it. Also, the patterns dyed crimson red on the cloth was as if stained with blood.[9] His figure, tall enough to reach the clouds, was wrapped in a much-folded robe, decorated with luxurious latches made of precious metals; his whole style looks exactly like some "evil magician" from a manga. When silent, his features would look dreadful like the face of a corpse, but when smiling without any apparent maliciousness, he would seem as pure as a saint.[6] He has a cracks on one of his hands.

He usually has a scorn on his face, unless he's having fun torturing and killing people.


Caster is a troubled person, having lost the woman he admired.[2] Like his Master, he is almost devoid of any morality, and has no interest in obtaining the Holy Grail until he meets Saber. Caster initially expresses an interest in Saber, appearing to be familiar with how she came to ruin at the end of her life. In truth, it is because he has mistaken her for Joan of Arc, whom he had been infatuated with when alive. Even after Saber reveals her true identity, Caster continues to delude himself, believing that her memories were warped by the trauma of her death. He even makes plans to capture Saber and force her to remember her 'true' past.

He enjoys offering his victims brief moments of respite, or even the hope of release or escape, before inflicting death through gruesome and horrific means. According to Caster, allowing his victims' hope will amplify the despair and terror upon their moment of death, a fact that he revels in.



Caster was summoned shortly before the Fourth Holy Grail War began. His Master was Ryuunosuke Uryuu, a serial killer who unwittingly performed a successful summoning ritual using the blood of a murdered family. Ryuunosuke lacked a cataylst so the Grail chose a servant with the closest personality to Ryuunosuke. He first introduces himself to his Master as Bluebeard.

It soon comes to the attention of Risei Kotomine, the Holy Grail War's regulator, that Caster is kidnapping children throughout Fuyuki (for use in his spells and for his Master's amusement), and that he and Uryū lack the discretion practiced by the other Master-Servant pairs. Fearing their actions might compromise Tokiomi Tohsaka's chances of winning the War, Risei suspends all fighting and offers a reward of extra Command Spells to the Master who dispatches Caster and Uryuu.

Using the captured children as hostages, Caster draws Saber out and traps her in battle with his seemingly infinite army of summoned monsters. He is defeated when Lancer intervenes, breaking through the monster horde with Saber's aid, and using Gáe Dearg to disable Prelati's Spellbook and dispel the summoned creatures. An enraged Caster then retreats.

When Caster and Ryuunosuke returned to their lair, they found that their work was destroyed by others. While Ryuunosuke cries, Caster comforts him but to his surprise Ryuunosuke claims that God punished them for having too much fun. Caster is surprised though, when he's asked about the existence of God, as he didn't believe his master to be spiritual. Ryuunosuke then shares his philosophy that God must be somewhat malicious to make the world with them in it, as he believes that God likely enjoys displays of violence, gore and evil actions. This firmly wins Caster over, as he hails Ryuunosuke as a brilliant philosopher and they resolve to perform a grand spectacle to amuse God.

Caster and along with his monster are killed by Saber

Caster along with his monster are destroyed by Saber.

In his second bid to capture Saber, Caster merges a horde of his monsters into an immense, Lovecraftian beast, with himself at its centre. Despite its vast strength and regenerative powers, it is ultimately defeated by Saber, who incinerates the beast with her anti-fortress Noble Phantasm, Excalibur. The light from Excalibur's blast causes Caster to recall memories from his past, before he began his forays into murder and the occult, back when he still served alongside Joan of Arc. This evokes tears and a measure of regret in Caster, moments before he is destroyed along with his monster. He was the second servant to die in the Fourth Grail War.

Einzbern Consultation RoomEdit

Caster gave Irisviel von Einzbern a mask of himself to her, saying it's not much as a present. Irisviel describes him as a polite gentlemen with glistening eyes. Caster pops up in the Einzbern Consultation Room and shocks Zecchan, Zecchan calls him a fish monster. Caster calls Zecchan a cute, adorable girl and asked if she wants to be sacrifice or tortured. He couldn't help himself from pulling a Cyrano de Bergerac upon feeling her throbbing flesh. He misses his conversation with Ryuunosuke as they could speak all night long about perspective of art.

His happiness was perfect as the Holy Grail War was filled with everything he ever wanted from the beginning to the end. He was content that he made a friend who understood him. He found hope when he recalls the light of Excalibur in his final moments. While Caster doesn't have any regrets but he does have a question that made him linger before merging with the Greater Grail. Caster says he cannot help but think how he was saved yet Joan wasn't. He shouted out that she was betrayed by God and the people. He wonders if she is suffering eternal pain from burning in the inferno by those in power. He decided that he cannot leave and is determined to return to the Holy Grail War to save her.

Irisviel unexpectedly pokes him in the eye to calm himself down and Caster recalls the past when Joan poked his bulging eyes. Irisviel tells Caster that she was saved and was acknowledged as a Saint and became a famous idol in all media. Irisviel hands over a bandanna with the Jeannite★President (ジャンヌナイト★団長, Jan'nunaito ★ danchō?) imprinted on it. Caster becomes the number one fan and the president of Joan's fan club group. Before he leaves, he thanks Zecchan and Irisviel and promises to reunite with Joan.


Fate apocrypha - Gilles

Gilles killing children in front of Ruler.

After Caster of Red shows Ruler illusions of her past through the use of First Folio, Caster changes to a different scene, a scene after her execution in her lifetime and therefore story. Caster of Red changes the scene to Gilles's castle, a scene which caused Ruler to think weird. Caster of Red shows Ruler with visions of Gilles de Rais's tale. Caster of Red changes his method and summons Gilles de Rais via his Noble Phantasm and the support of Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Assassin of Red, Caster of Red takes the soul of Gilles and given him a body. Ruler witnessed Gilles killing children but says it's just a hallucination. Caster of Red corrects Ruler saying it is actually real, Gilles is seen gripping onto a boy with silver hair. Gilles talks about how this happened to him because she abandoned him. After witnessing the atrocities Gilles had committed, Ruler started to break down. Gilles tell her that she's a saint who tried to treat everyone equally, even Pierre Cauchon. Gilles pointed out that she wasn't honest about her feelings for Sieg, Ruler denies it and says she only assisted him because he needed help. Gilles then says that Assassin of Black needed help and she killed her. He then adds that how it's obvious she loves him, that her universal love for humanity is just a lie. Ruler says that she doesn't love him because she doesn't have the right to love. After all she is the Maid of Orleans, Jeanne La Pucelle.

Caster of Red and Gilles both claps and tells her, she has done a good job. Caster of Red cancels the illusion and took her out so Shirou Kotomine could talk to her. However Gilles is still in the real world as well. They tell her that Sieg died fighting against Lancer of Red. Ruler uses her presence detection to confirm and finds that Saber of Black is gone. She starts crying saying because she got him into this mess she was really the one who killed him. Shirou comes in and talks about how he wants to give everyone Third Magic so they won't end up like Gilles who changed because she died. To prove that point Gilles changes into his form from Fate/Zero. Gilles talks about how the children can't be saved so he has to atone by saving the world.

Then Ruler and Gilles have a debate about saving the world. Ruler manages to convince Gilles to repent and aid her. However she has complete belief in him anyway. Gilles doesn't have a status as Ruler saw him with her True Name Discernment skill. Physically he's weaker than a Caster-Class servant and he's weaker than his counterpart in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Ruler gives Gilles her Flag to protect Sieg while she's casting her La Pucelle. Gilles uses this to protect both Ruler and Sieg against Shirou's meteors.


In Chibichuki!, Ryuunosuke and Caster was working on their art, Touko Aozaki altered Ryuunosuke's work on a whim. She recreated it into a Saber figure, Caster starts worshipping Touko as a "teacher" and Ryuunosuke calls it cool.

Other AppearancesEdit

In Type-Moon's April Fools Day 2009, is a fake movie theater site listing a number of parody films. He was featured in Chariot Man: A True Tank Man (戦車男, Sensha Otoko?), a parody film of Densha Otoko. Caster plays the role of Sensha Otoko's Eirei Throne Channel internet friend with the nickname Danna (ダンナ, Dan'na?). He's known as criminal number 1. His role is expanded in TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm where he recently seemingly retired. He and the other Eirei Throne Channel suggested Sensha Otoko to buy a Saber figure for El-Melloi Girl. When Ryuunoksuke shows his new artwork, Danna seems dispassionate and compositing photos of Saber with Jeanne head gear. Ryuunoksuke accidently knocked over Danna's customed Jeanne figure with his artwork, Ryuunosuke sacrificed his artwork to save Danna's figure. However Danna dived and saved his artwork. He lectures Ryuunosuke as an artist and becomes passionate about creating new art.


Caster merges a horde of his monsters

Caster merges a horde of his monsters

In terms of Servants of the Caster class, Gilles is one of the weakest on record. Possessing very little ability in Magecraft himself, most of his power is derived from his Noble Phantasm, Prelati's Spellbook, which acts as a massive mana reserve and a guide for whatever spell he hopes to enact. Despite this however, due to the effects of the spellbook, he is capable of summoning near endless waves of demonic amphibious familiars without fatigue, making him a viable threat despite his failings.

Much like Assassin of the Fifth War, Caster is an aberration in the normal Servant summoning process who cannot be called a proper Heroic Spirit.[4] He was never actually a practitioner of magecraft during life, and he only funded and participated in alchemical and Demon-summoning rituals lead by the magus François Prelati after his sanity was lost. Due to the massive mistakes Ryuunosuke made during the summoning ritual, he was placed into the Caster class container even though he is completely unsuited for it much like "Sasaki Kojirou" was placed into the unsuited Assassin class container.[4] While his occult knowledge is terrifying, it is noted that Gilles has a good body build from his time as a knight, and he could potentially handle classes other than Caster if summoned properly. While he became a general, it can be said his money was his greatest asset rather than his martial prowess.[2]

He is also capable of keeping human beings in stasis with his magic, allowing his master to play with the victims organs as a musical instrument.


Creation and ConceptEdit


Caster's initial designs.

Before Gilles de Rais was chosen for Fate/Zero. Gen Urobuchi had trouble thinking of a Caster-class Servant for the Fourth Holy Grail War, so he asked Kinoko Nasu if he can use a Chinese Xian. It was when Nasu explained the Western-only rule of the Fuyuki system.[10]

Takashi Takeuchi likes drawing a character with such strong peculiarities. While he used to be good looking, he comments that Gilles must have "wet his eyebrowless, round, and cute eyes as he was adoring Joan." Urobuchi believes he is more the style of a creature than a Caster, and that he is at his height when he smiles.[2]

Tsuruoka Satoshi (Voice actor of Gilles) claims he was inspired by kabuki and a mixture of big actresses and entertainers for his portrayal of Caster. When Ryuunosuke was shot in episode 14, Tsuruoka was overjoyed that he was able to feel, "Oh, no...Ryuunosuke..." That scene was original to the anime. Tsuruoka had recorded two versions after discussing the performance with Director Ei Aoki. One was an upbeat performance like, "But do not worry, Ryuunosuke!", while the other performance, "You have died and left me alone" was sadder, was said as if he was cradling Ryuunosuke. The former was chosen for the broadcast version, but at the end, he go, "Behold, Ryuunosuke!" As a performer, Tsuruoka was happy that he had realized that Ryuunosuke still existed somewhere inside his heart.[7] According to Takumi Yamazaki (Voice actor of Kayneth) said whenever Tsuruoka talked, the temperature in the studio went up two degrees.[11]

Atsuhi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version.[7] He says that when he first read the original novel, he had difficulty designing the Caster team.[12] He thought he was pretty emotionless at first.[13] After listening to the characters' actor made him think more about them, he realized he was incredibly rich emotionally so he hastily change his drawing and got him more interested in the pair.[12][13] He explained that Caster doesn't have eyebrows so it's hard to express his emotions. He plumped up the facial muscles in the area above his brow, so now his face can convey a wide range of expression.[13] By changing the shape of his forehead to match his emotions, his facial expressions are made richer and more pronounced. His fishlike wall-eyes in particular are a standout trait.[12]


Tsuruoka said he and Akira Ishida went to the café that Ufotable runs and he was shocked to see Ryuunosuke and Gilles were popular that characters like them were so well received. Tsuruoka thought the visual scene in episode 13 where Gilles and Ryuunosuke discussed about god was beautiful and he loved the light streaming down from heaven. That scene was a real positive moment for Satoshi Tsuruoka and Gilles. According to Tsuruoka, he considers the scene was so charming. Tsuruoka describes Gilles to be a slacker because he's always letting his hobbies get the better of him.[7]

Akira Ishida (Voice actor of Ryuunosuke) said he has a mixed feeling over the fact that a character like him is well received. Ishida thought it was fascinating how Caster who doubts god's existence and Ryuunosuke, who is a believer, mesh so well together somehow. Ishida believe that Gilles and Ryuunosuke need to apply themselves in order to win the Holy Grail War and that they might win if they had gone-all-out.[7]

Megumi Toyoguchi (Voice actress of Sola-Ui) claims she loves Caster.[11]

Kinoko Nasu said the scene where Caster first shows up is horrific enough in the book, but the way Ufotable animated has made it even more memorable.[14]

Takeuchi joked about Caster and Ryuunosuke ought to get married already.[15]


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