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Noble Phantasm
God Hand
Japanese name: ゴッド・ハンド
Title: Twelve Labors
Japanese title: 十二の試練
Transliteration: Juuni no Shiren
Owner: Berserker
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B
Range: -
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

God Hand: Twelve Labors (十二の試練ゴッド・ハンド, Juuni no ShirenGoddo hando?) is the blessing of the gods in the form of a curse of immortality that grants its user eleven extra lives through layered resurrection magic. Rather than being a materialized interpretation of the Twelve labors of Heracles, it is actually the gift bestowed directly by the gods that granted him immortality by paying for his sins after completing the tasks. It is the ability that prevented him from even being scratched during the Age of Gods by rendering him immune to all of the attacks he received. It lacks an overt external manifestation such as a weapon or armor, but it can be said that the body of the user itself is the Noble Phantasm. It coats his body in tough armor that transfigures all of his skin into a hard, lead colored material tough enough that Shirou's arm goes numb simply from striking him, and gives him large protrusions on his elbows.[1] The armor has the property of negating the concept of damage received from any attack, magecraft, or Noble Phantasm that is B rank or lower. Rather than simply blocking the equivalent damage of such attacks, it is an ability with properties similar to a Conceptual Weapon that applies an outright "refusal" that goes beyond the rules of reality to negate the damage directly on the actual concept of ranks. It differs from Magic Resistance, which nullifies the actual magecraft, as it is an ability that doesn't acknowledge the damage received from the attack.

The ability requires that Berserker must be killed by A rank attacks twelve times, once for each of the labors, before he can be defeated. He can only be killed by someone with an A rank strength statistic, A rank magecraft, or an A rank Noble Phantasm. While a C ranked Noble Phantasm can be considered A rank in terms of a regular attack, it would still be nullified by God Hand, and if confronted by an attack capable of destroying the world, it is speculated the damage would still be nullified if the rank was too low. Lower level magecraft leaves him completely undamaged, arrows fired by Archer have no effect after hitting him directly in the temple and forehead, and Saber's C ranked Invisible Air simply bounces off of his skin without leaving a mark or making him flinch. Only high ranked attacks such as a number of Rin's A ranked magic infused jewels at pointblank range to completely destroy his head or direct hits from the Noble Phantasms in the Gate of Babylon are capable of posing a threat to him. It is able to learn after taking damage and build a resistance to attacks already experienced, allowing it to negate even the greatest attacks if they are used a second time. The resistance to techniques would further be supported by his Eye of the Mind, but the Berserker class has sealed his swordsmanship skills.[2]

Berserker must revive before God Hand develops a resistance to a weapon or attack, and there are occasions where where multiple lives are taken in an single moment, such as when Shirou's projection of Caliburn manages to take away seven of the lives with a single attack when it is utilized by Saber or his use of Nine Lives Blade Works to kill Berserker nine times in an instant. Ilya comments that Rin utilizing twenty of her jewels would have been able to take all six lives, and while it is dubious if the weakened Excalibur could take off even two of his lives, Ilya believes its full power could also have taken the rest of his lives and completely killed him. Caster, even with the support of Assassin and Kuzuki Souichirou, would only be able to damage Berserker two or three times before her high-level magecraft would become ineffective.[3]

Once a fatal attack is delivered, it will begin to regenerate at the cost of one of the lives, and in the case of drawn out battle with subsequent deaths, it will take a longer period of time to heal. Minor injuries will only take minutes to heal, while after the battle with Archer in Fate, where Berserker's internal organs are visible from his stomach, blood is gushing from his chest, his neck has the mark of a cut, the area from his shoulder to his groin is slashed, his arm is barely connected to his elbow, and his legs are almost melted away after being killed six times, he would take three days to fully heal. Due to Ilya's high amount of mana, Berserker's stored lives will also regenerate over time after they are used.[1] It is states by Leysritt that three days will regenerate one life.


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