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Goddess of War: War God's Military Sash (戦神の軍帯ゴッデス・オブ・ウォー, Senjin no GuntaiGoddesu obu Wō?) is a sash belonging to Hippolyta, remodeled from an offshoot of the war banner of her father Ares. It is a band of fabric with a plain pattern drawn on it that she wears on her arm. Despite its appearance, it seethes with an abnormal amount of magical energy and possesses a divine aura thick enough to make it seem like a god itself had used it. Gilgamesh comments that the aura is different than the Babylonian gods with which he is familiar but that it possesses the same roots. Wearing it greatly increases the user's divinity, strength, endurance, agility, and magical energy parameters. Its strength cannot exceed a certain point due to mystery in modern society being weak. It is said that in a battle between the sash owned by her and the version owned by Alcides through King's Order that the "wielder of the true Noble Phantasm would win."[1]

Goddess of War (True Archer)Edit

Goddess of War: War God's Military Sash (戦神の軍帯ゴッデス・オブ・ウォー, Senjin no GuntaiGoddesu obu Wō?) is the sash possessed by Hippolyta, obtained by Heracles during his Twelve Labors. It is possessed by Alcides through the King's Order Noble Phantasm. Exactly the same as that possessed by True Rider, he wears it on his left arm. True Archer comments that the only way for Gilgamesh to survive it would be through an equal battle with his own Noble Phantasm, Ea.


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