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“Okay, hold on tight"
"Let's score a goal! Bear howling! Golden Drive!
Good night……!”


Golden Drive - Good Night: Night Wolf Deadly Nine - Golden Dash (夜狼死九・黄金疾走ゴールデンドライブ・グッドナイト, ?) is the Noble Phantasm of Sakata Kintoki. His motorbike Golden Bear (ゴールデンベアー号, Gōruden Beā-gō?) is a charge attack, which changed into its super high-speed charge form. Bear's tire is the transformed hand drum of the thunder god, and power rises with each revolution. A summoning in which his disposition as the child of a thunder god has been emphasized, but because his aspect as the child of a mountain witch has also been emphasized, there is a possibility that he has turned into a more "dangerous man" than when a Berserker as a result. He got caught up in the mood by driving a monster machine-- one could also hold such viewpoint.[1]


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