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Noble Phantasm
Golden Eater
Japanese name: ゴールデンイーター
Title: Golden Eating
Japanese title: 黄金食い
Transliteration: Ōgon Kui
Owner: Berserker
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B
Range: 1
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Golden Eater: Golden Eating (黄金食いゴールデンイーター, Ōgon KuiGōruden Ītā?) is a huge Masakari axe that carries the power of the thunder deity and cannot be handled without Kintoki's superhuman strength. This Noble Phantasm probably did not have this shape originally. It is loaded with 15 cartridges with thunder put into them and its destructive power is raised with their detonation, although sometimes the cartridges gets jammed. There is probably a different true name, but Kintoki activates it with this name, even though this name is absolutely not the true name. Unreasonably golden.[1][2]


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