“Remember my name by the death from my passing! Temeroso el Draque! I am the woman who set the sun! You rascals, it's time! The King of Storms, a swarm of ghosts, this is the beginning of the Wild Hunt!”
Rider, Fate/Extra

Golden Wild Hunt: The Night of the Golden Hind and the Storm (黄金鹿と嵐の夜ゴールデンワイルドハント, Ōgon Shika to Arashi no YoruGōruden Wairudo Hanto?, localized as "Hunt of the Golden Hind: Golden Stag and the Eventide Tempest") is a Noble Phantasm where Francis Drake summons an expanding ghost fleet of countless ships lead by her command during her lifetime. It is a symbol of her everyday life and it contains attributes of the anecdotes of the fire ships that defeated the Spanish Armada and the anecdotes of the "Night of the Storm" that is transmitted throughout Europe.[2]

With the lead ship and her other Noble Phantasm, Golden Hind, acting as the core, it expands countless small crafts and exterminates the enemy with overwhelming firepower.[3] Including the fire ships at the time of maximum deployment, its attack will overrun all those that the fleet faces in the areas of the ocean that lies in front of them, appearing to be a decisive victory for Captain Drake.[4] Rider stands on the figurehead of the Golden Hind and attacks with three large floating cannons as the rest of the ships provide supporting fire. Although it is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that has a high rank, it possesses an unusual special characteristic where its power fluctuates according to the amount of wealth Drake possesses at the time she is using this Noble Phantasm.[4]

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“Here is where my life stretches!"
"Remember my name as you go! Temeroso el Draque! I am the woman who set the sun!"
"You rascals, it's time! It's our turn! The King of Ghosts, Night of the Storm, the King of Storms, a swarm of ghosts, this is the beginning of the Wild Hunt!!"”

Rider, Fate/Grand Order

The Wild Hunt is a personification of storms, such as rainstorms and blizzards, which takes on the form of hounds and goats, horses and armed soldiers, or even monsters. Generally malevolent heroes, celebrities, or even ancient deities are considered to have become the leader of the Wild Hunt. While the most widely believed commander is Francis Drake, legends depict various other leaders of the Night of the Storm, including King Arthur having turned into a demon, especially in the folklore of Scotland, the god of ancient times, Odin, or even Cain, the first murderer.

Golden HindEdit

Golden Hind: Golden Hind (黄金の鹿号ゴールデンハインド, Ōgon no Shika-gōGōruden Haindo?) is Francis Drake's beloved ship during her lifetime, sometimes deploying it as her Noble Phantasm as a Rider so that she can embark on the ship. In addition to possessing four artillery cannons at the bow and stern, it is equipped with fourteen cannons on both sides of the boat with a span of a little less than 37 meters.[3]

Back in the days, the mainstream naval battles would be boarding battles where a ship would crash into another ship. However, this ship was already reflecting the tactics it would take in the later Spanish Armada naval battle; it was a practicable specification that allowed for long-distance bombardment battles. To suit the boarding battles, the most pirate-like act would be not punishing their opponent's ship during these battles with their superior bombardment capabilities. In similar situations where the enemy would not surrender under their bombardment threat, they would commence boarding anyways due to their honor as pirates.[3]

Although it was a galleon ship given the name "Pelican" at its time of departure, Francis Drake changed its name to Golden Hind because its "appearance was badly suited" for such a name (or, the ship's genetics was bad for such a name).[3]

... so, if one utters this ship as the name "Pelican", this adorable yet foolish elder sister will get truly angry.[3]


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