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Gram (グラム, Guramu?) is the "Sword of the Sun" wielded by Sigurd in the Völsunga saga of Norse mythology.[1][2] It was originally wielded, and pulled from the trunk of a mighty tree by Sigurd's father, Sigmund, later it shattered from clashing against Gungnir and was reforged anew into a demonic blade that was capable of killing even a dragon by Sigurd.[2][1] After that, it became renowned as a "demonic sword of both glory and ruin".[2][1] It is said to be the strongest demonic sword that can only be equaled to the strongest holy sword Excalibur, so it possesses the special characteristic of "dragon slayer".[1] The weapon is said to appear in the Der Ring des Nibelungen a legend of a knight equal to that of King Arthur under the appearance of Balmung, but it is rather called the "origin" of Balmung wielded by Siegfried.[1][3]

The incident of Gram being pulled from the tree by Sigmund within the halls of King Völsung is a legend of a "sword of selection" originating with the sword Merodach.[4] Gram, "the sword of supremacy in the tree" from Northern Europe, itself was the model for Caliburn, the sword in the stone, possessed by King Arthur.[2][5]


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