For the highest law of magi, see Grand Order.

Quest for the Holy Grail "Grand Order" (聖杯探索グランドオーダー, Seihai TansakuGurando Ōdā?), named after the highest law of magi due to their critical importance, are quests performed by Chaldea Security Organization in order to reverse the eradication of mankind.



A Singularity (特異点, Tokuiten?) is an unobservable region that does not exist within Chaldea's recorded history. It's as if a hole has opened up within the timeline, a hole that is separate from the regular temporal axis.[1]

Certain Singularities have their own individual circumstances and mechanisms, however the Goetia-style Singularities involved in the Human Order Incineration Incident follow a general pattern and possess common characteristics. They are sustained by a Goetia-manufactured Holy Grail, which is given to a certain individual within a key historical time period, typically someone who will use it to cause major disruption to history and destabilize the Human Order Foundations. When this is insufficient, a Demon God host may further manipulate individuals and events in order to achieve this end.[2][3]

The power of the Grails and the circumstances within the Singularities allow for the summoning of Servants and their continued existence in the world, even without a Master. Various Servants are summoned to the era under these conditions without individuals performing a summoning ceremony. The Servants often play a key role in bringing about the disruption to history, as well as resolving it.[4][5][2][6][3]

The seven primary Singularities involved in the Human Order Incineration Incident have a Human Order Foundation Value associated with them.

The emergence of large Singularities cause disturbances and fluctuations in time which spread out through history like a wave and can cause other smaller Singularities to emerge at other points in time.[7]

There are also existences known as Mobile Singularities (移動特異点, Idou Tokuiten?) which cause a similar distortions, though usually on a smaller scale. These include Sliders such as the female Miyamoto Musashi.[8]

Because of humanity's destruction in 2015 due to the collapse of the Human Order Foundation. Chaldea is forced to travel to Singularities in the past in order to fix the irregularities of history caused by various Holy Grails. The 'Grand Order' is a "name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humanity, and combat fate itself."[9]


As opposed to the Greater History of Man, the history of 'winners' born from correct choices and proper prosperities leading to the "present", the history of 'losers' born from the wrong choices and mistaken prosperity is cut off. Considered "unnecessary" and cut off from becoming even parallel worlds, this history which has hit a dead end is known as a Lostbelt (異聞帯ロストベルト, IbuntaiRosutoberuto?).[10][11]

Following the attack on Chaldea in 2017, the freezing of the world and the declaration of rebellion against the Greater History of Man, with the threat of a regression into the Age of Gods and the recreation of the world, the survivors are forced to use an experimental method of navigating through imaginary number space, through the Lostbelts, in order to resolve the incident.[10][11]

After all of the Lostbelts have been established, the Crypters seek to expand the "domain" of their own Lostbelts, which will eventually clash with the other Lostbelts. The one that is built by greater Human Foundation will end up overtaking the weaker one and use it as "nutrients". This process will allegedly continue, until only one Lostbelt is remaining.[12]

Koyanskaya‎ describes the Greater History of Man as an "easy mode" while the Lostbelt as a "hard mode",[10] though the veracity of her statement has yet to be fully determined.

Similar to the Human Order Foundation Values associated with the Singularities, the Lostbelts have an associated value known as a Lost Depth (異聞深度, Ibun Shindo?).[11]


Utilizing Rayshift, the souls of selected subjects are projected into the past, forming Spiriton avatars with the capacity to interfere with historical events. By the efforts of time-travelling agents, anomalous temporal singularities may be eliminated.

The exact procedure of the Grand Order differs depending on the nature of the Singularity, however there are two general goals; the correction or elimination of the distortions resulting from or responsible for the Singularity, and the retrieval or destruction of the Grail supporting the Singularity.

The words of Kirei Kotomine suggest that rayshifting could have been used against the forces of the Lostbelts, with Chaldea being attacked and rendered inoperable in order to eliminate the threat. Unable to rayshift, the survivors were forced to use a method of diving through Imaginary Number Space, using the Shadow Border's Paper Moon system.[10]


The initial Singularity detected by Chaldea, believed to be the cause of humanity's future extinction, was located in Fuyuki, Japan in 2004 AD and codenamed Singularity F. The mission to explore and eliminate the Singularity was designated the First Order.[4][13]

Following the successful elimination of Singularity F and the revelation concerning the incineration of the future, seven even larger Singularities were detected in the past. As Chaldea embarked on the mission of eliminating these Singularities to return history to its rightful course and restore the future, the name 'First Order' was abandoned for 'Grand Order' - a mission named after the highest law of magi in view of its importance.[4][13]

During the course of this mission, multiple smaller Singularities emerged and were resolved. When the seven major Singularities were eliminated, an attack on Chaldea led to the final battle against Goetia, the Beast posing as the King of Magic, and the 72 Demon Gods which comprised it, in its temple - a Singularity thought to be the final one, the conclusion of which brought an end to the Human Order Incineration Incident (人理焼却事件, Jinri Shōkyaku Jiken?).[14][15]

However a number of Singularities have emerged since Goetia's defeat, in part due to several Demon Pillars who escaped during the temple's collapse and a few other parties.[16]

Singularity Location Time Humanity Foundation Value
Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames

Singularity F

Fuyuki, Japan A.D. 2004
Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War

The Holy Maiden Savior
1st Singularity

France A.D. 1431 C+
Septem: The Eternal Madness Empire

The Emperor of Roses
2nd Singularity

Roman Empire A.D. 0060 B+
Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the End

The Navigator of the Storm
3rd Singularity

A.D. 1573 A
London: The Death World in the City of Demonic Fog

The Knight of Londinium
4th Singularity

London, England A.D. 1888 A-
E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North America

The White Cloth of Steel
5th Singularity

North America A.D. 1783 A+
Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm

The Shining Airgetlám
6th Singularity

The Holy Land A.D. 1273 EX
Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts

The Chain of Heaven
7th Singularity

Mesopotamia B.C. 2655 A++
Salomon: The Grand Time Temple
Final Singularity
A.D. 2016
Shinjuku: Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm
Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan A.D. 199X
SE.RA.PH. - Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana
Epic of Remnant: Extra
Seraphix, Mariana Trench[17] A.D. 2030[17]
Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean Society
The Woman of Agartha
Central Asia A.D. 2000
Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses
Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroic Spirits
Shimosa Province, Japan A.D. 1630
Salem: Taboo Epiphany Garden
Salem of Heresy
Salem, Massachusetts A.D. 1692

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in FlamesEdit

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames (炎上汚染都市, Enjō Osen Toshi?) was the initial Singularity detected by Chaldea, codenamed Singularity F (特異点F, Tokui-ten F?) and located in A.D. 2004.


FGO Fuyuki
The Singularity was located in Fuyuki City, Japan in 2004 AD. At this point in history, a Holy Grail War was taking place in the city. Following the Singularity's manifestation, the city was engulfed in flames and all humans vanished, leaving only the Servants. The Holy Grail War was also disrupted, being switched to something else. Subsequently, a corrupted Saber defeated five of the other Servants, with only Caster surviving. The fallen Servants were also corrupted and rose as Shadow Servants. At the same time, monsters appeared in the city.[4]

The core of the Singularity is Fuyuki's Greater Grail, guarded by Saber.[4]



The participants have varied between different mediums.

[v]Series Designation Identity
All versions Saber King Arthur (Alter)
Fate/Grand Order Lancer Musashibou Benkei
First Order & Manga Lancer Medusa
All versions Archer EMIYA
Fate/Grand Order Rider Medusa
First Order Rider Darius III
FGO ~turas réalta~ Rider Boudica
All versions Caster Cú Chulainn
Fate/Grand Order & First Order Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Cursed Arm)
FGO ~turas réalta~ Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Hundred Faces)
All versions Berserker Heracles

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' WarEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War (邪竜百年戦争, Jyaryū Hyakunen Sensō?), alternatively The Holy Maiden Savior (救国の聖処女, Kyūkoku no Sei-Shojo?, lit. Holy Virgin That Saves the Country), was the first of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in France, A.D. 1431, it's Humanity Foundation Value was C+.


FGO Orleans
The Singularity occurred in France, 1431 AD, shortly after Jeanne d'Arc was burned at the stake. Using the Holy Grail, Gilles de Rais attempted to resurrect Jeanne but was unable to, instead creating a new Jeanne out of the Grail itself, twisted by Gilles's wishes and feelings. Jeanne Alter then summoned five more Servants, giving them all the attribute of Berserker. Jeanne Alter, Gilles de Rais and their forces subsequently began a campaign of revenge against France, killing King Charles VII and many others, including Pierre Cauchon, the bishop who played a key role in Jeanne's death, whom Jeanne Alter personally burned to death.[5]


After arriving in the era, Ritsuka and Mash encounter a French scout brigade, but the soldiers find the pair suspicious and attack them. Defeating the soldiers, Ritsuka and Mash follow the retreating soldiers back to their fort, where they learn from a soldier that King Charles VII has been killed by "Jeanne d'Arc", who has been resurrected as a "Dragon Witch". Skeleton soldiers then attack the fort, then after their defeat, wyverns appear to attack the fort. After defeating the wyverns with Jeanne's help, the group is told by Jeanne that another Jeanne had killed Charles VII and conquered Orlèans. After Jeanne agrees to help the group fix the distorted era, they proceed to La Charite to gather information about Orlèans, but they discover the town to be under attack by skeletons and wyverns. After defeating the monsters, the group encounters Jeanne Alter, who sends Vlad III and Carmilla to kill her "inferior self". Mash and Jeanne are able to hold back the two vampires, but they soon become overhelmed. Marie Antoinette and Mozart then appear to hold back Jeanne Alter's Servants, and proceed to help Ritsuka, Mash, and Jeanne escape.[5]

After escaping and setting up camp in a nearby forest, the group discusses the abnormality of Jeanne Alter's Servants having Madness Enchantment regardless of their background. Their camp then comes under attack by monsters at night, but the group is able to kill the monsters. Afterwards, the group encounters Saint Martha, who was sent by Jeanne Alter to obverse the group, but she decides to test the group's abilities. The group is able defeat Martha, who tells them to go to Lyon, where they'll find a dragon slayer to slay Jeanne Alter's personal dragon. Heeding Martha's words, the group goes to a nearby town, where Marie gets information revealing that Lyon had destroyed. After protecting the town from bandits, the group head towards the ruins of Lyon to search for the dragon slayer that protected the town. Searching through the town and slaying monsters, the group soon encounters The Phantom of the Opera, who was given control of Lyon by Jeanne Alter. After defeating Phantom, Romani warns the group to evacuate the town, detecting that a dragon as well three Servants are heading towards them. Deciding to stand their ground and continue their search, the group goes to the town castle that Romani got a faint Servant reading from. Arriving at the castle, they find Siegfried, then, after getting outside the castle, the group encounters Jeanne Alter's dragon, Fafnir. Jeanne and Mash are barely able to protect everyone from Fafnir's flames, but Siegfried is able drive off the evil dragon.[5]

Retreating from Lyon, the group soon encounters both Sanson and Lancelot attacking french soldiers with their wyverns. Jeanne goes off protect the soldiers, while the others deal with Sanson and Lancelot. Jeanne is confronted by Carmilla while fending off the wyverns, but Gilles arrives to attack the wyverns with cannon-fire. Carmilla decides to retreat with Sanson, ordering Lancelot to hold off the group while she and Sanson escape. After defeating Lancelot, the group departs despite Gilles wanting to speak with Jeanne to confirm her identity. Arriving at an abandoned fort, Siegfried reveals that Martha hid him in Lyon's castle after he had been wounded and cursed by Jeanne Alter's other Servants. Deciding they need a saint to remove the curses from Siegfried, the group splits up to search. Ritsuka, Mash, Mozart, and Siegfried travel to Thiers, where they encounter Elizabeth Bathòry and Kiyohime fighting each other. After the group defends the town from an enemy assault, Elizabeth and Kiyohime attack them after being insulted by Ritsuka. After Elizabeth and Kiyohime are defeated, Ritsuka tells them that they're looking for a saint. Kiyohime tells them that she encountered Georgios, who was last seen heading west where Jeanne and Marie currently are. Mash then calls Jeanne and Marie, who are currently asking Georgios to join them and help remove Siegfried's curses. Georgios agrees to help, but the town under his protection comes under attack while its civilians are still evacuating. Marie then tells Jeanne and Georgios to go while she stays behind to protect the town and fight Sanson and Jeanne Alter; however, while Marie defeats Sanson, she perishes against Jeanne Alter.[5]

Regrouping with the others, Jeanne and Georgios remove the curses from Siegfried. Afterwards, joined by Elizabeth and Kiyohime, the group heads out and make camp before their assault on Orlèans. After repelling enemy assaults and resting at their camp, Siegfried tells the group that their current priority is to slay Fafnir, and tells the others to protect him and Ritsuka while they head for the dragon. Heading for Orlèans for their assault, the group confront Jeanne Alter and her army. While Jeanne fights Jeanne Alter, Siegfried fights Fafnir, and the French army fights the wyverns, the others face off against Vlad III and d'Eon. After defeating the two Servants, they encounter Sanson, who is finally defeated by Mozart. After Elizabeth defeats Carmilla, the group helps Siegfried in slaying Fafnir. With her wyverns in a panic with Fafnir's death, Jeanne Alter retreats with Gilles (Caster) back to Orlèans. Chasing after them, the group encounters and defeats Atalanta. Arriving in Orlèans' castle, the group encounters Gilles, who attacks them with his summoned creatures. After having his creatures killed, Gilles fights the group, but they're unable to defeat him. Agreeing with the others to let them fight Gilles, Jeanne goes off to face off against Jeanne Alter. After Jeanne Alter is defeated, Gilles reveals that she was created from his wish on the Holy Grail to revive Jeanne. But the Grail couldn't revive Jeanne, so instead another Jeanne twisted by Gilles' feeling was created. Gilles then attacks the group, but even with the Grail in his possession, he is defeated by them. With the retrieval of the Holy Grail, the singularity collapses, then after saying goobye to Jeanne, Ritsuka and Mash return to Chaldea.[5]



[v] Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) None
Berserk Saber Le Chevalier d'Eon Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Lancer Vlad III Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Archer Atalanta Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Rider Saint Martha Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Caster Gilles de Rais Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Assassin Elizabeth Báthory/Carmilla Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber (Living Hero) Gilles de Rais None
Saber Siegfried Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Saint George Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Marie Antoinette Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Kiyohime Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserker Lancelot Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Assassin Phantom of the Opera None

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

Septem: The Eternal Empire of Madness (永続狂気帝国, Eizoku Kyōki Teikoku?), alternatively The Emperor of Roses (薔薇の皇帝, Bara no Kōtei?), was the second of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Occurring in the Roman Empire of A.D. 0060, it's Humanity Foundation Value was B+.


FGO Septem
The Singularity was located in the Roman Empire in the year 0060 A.D, during the early years of Nero Claudius' reign. Lev Lainur Flauros arrived in the era intending to give the Holy Grail to someone who wished to destroy the era, but he was unable find anyone suitable. Lev then summoned several Servants, including past Roman emperors, who formed the United Roman Empire. This alliance then waged war on the Roman Empire, successfully taking over several of its territories.[2]

At the time of Chaldea's arrival, the United Roman Empire had seized around half of the Roman Empire's territories and had their sights on the capital Rome. Nero's court mage had also fallen by the hands of Caligula. As Romulus didn't wish to destroy Rome, Lev became the court mage of the United Roman Empire in order to manipulate events.[2]


Shortly after arriving in the era, Ritsuka and Mashu help Nero Claudius and her army defend Rome from attackers led ny Caligula. After thanking them for their help, Nero explains that an alliance called the United Roman Empire had waged war on the Roman Empire, successfully breaking it apart. Ritsuka, Mashu, and Nero soon meet up with the Gaul Expeditionary Force led by Boudica and Spartacus. Together they are able seize back Gaul from United Roman Empire forces led by Gaius Julius Caesar, who reveals that the Holy Grail is in the capital of the United Roman Empire before his death.[2]

Later, Ritsuka, Mashu, and Nero travel to the Shaped Isle, where many civilians claimed to see a god. However, after meeting Stheno, they are attacked by Caligula, who was sent by Lev to kill Nero. Caligula is then defeated and the group travels back to Rome. However, they are ambushed by Leonidas, whom they eventually defeat.[2]

After celebrating their victories, Ritsuka and Mashu are sent to retrieve Jing Ke and Lu Bu, who already killed three enemy leaders. Nero, along with Ritsuka and Mashu then march an army (including Boudica, Spartacus, Jing Ke, and Lu Bu) towards the United Roman Empire capital, the location of which was revealed thanks to Stheno's blessing from earlier. However, the army suffers a pincer attack, resulting in Boudica's capture and Spartacus and Lu Bu chasing after the remnants of the rear assault. Nero's army then assaults an enemy fortress to rescue Boudica, where they manage to slay its commanders, Alexander and Zhuge Liang.[2]

Afterwards, Nero leads assault on the enemy capital (a copy of Rome) where the group meets Romulus, leader of the United Roman Empire, and managed to regroup with Spartacus and Lu Bu. With Jing Ke's help, Ritsuka, Mashu, and Nero are able to get to the palace, where they defeat Romulus. Lev then reveals himself and,after explaining he was responsible for the Singularity, he attacks the group as Flauros. After being defeated, Lev summons Altera out of desperation, but she kills him and absorbs the Holy Grail. After destroying the palace along with Spartacus and Lu Bu, Altera moves towards Rome to destroy it. However, she is defeated by Nero's group before she is able to. Ritsuka and Mashu then retrieve the Grail and return to Chaldea after saying their goodbyes to Nero.[2]



[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber (Living Hero) Nero Claudius Caesar Roman Empire
Rider Boudica Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Spartacus Nero Claudius Ceasar
Assassin Jing Ke Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Lu Bu Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Caligula United Roman Empire
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar United Roman Empire
Assassin Stheno None
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Stheno
Berserker Tamamo Cat Stheno
Lancer Leonidas United Roman Empire
Berserker Darius III None
Caster Zhuge Liang United Roman Empire
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) United Roman Empire
Lancer Romulus United Roman Empire
Saber Attila None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Flauros

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the End (封鎖終局四海, Fūsa Shūkyoku Shikai?), alternatively The Navigator of the Storm (嵐の航海者, Arashi no Kōkai-sha?), was the third of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in A.D. 1573, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A.


FGO Okeanos
The Singularity occurred in 1573 within an endless ocean. Before the arrival of Chaldea, Francis Drake went on a seven day voyage, at the end of which she found Atlantis along with its god, Poseidon. Poseidon attempted to destroy the world but was stopped by Drake, which caused the real Holy Grail held by Poseidon to recognize her as its owner. However, another Holy Grail was placed into the era, which entered into a contention with the real Holy Grail that resulted in the creation of an endless ocean.[6]

Meanwhile, David was the first Servant to be summoned into era, and sometime afterwards the Argonauts, Hector, and Blackbeard were summoned. Medea encountered a magus, who after beating her, instructed her to tell Jason that sacrificing a god to the Ark will make him all-powerful. After being told this, Jason told the other Argonauts to find a god to sacrifice, but Atalanta refused and left. Hector encountered Blackbeard and gave him the Holy Grail, which he used to summon a crew of Servants. Discovering Blackbeard's obsession with Euryale, Hector joined his crew as a double agent until Euryale was found. In the meantime, Atalanta found David and told him what Jason planned to do with the Ark. Learning of this, David decided to wait with Atalanta until allies could arrive in the era.[6]


Ritsuka and Mashu arrive in the Singularity on a pirate ship, and subsequently defeat the attacking crew. A crew member then explains that their ship had suddenly appeared in the ocean with compasses and maps becoming utterly useless. The pirate then suggests that they go to a nearby pirate island to replenish their supplies and get clues on the whole situation. After subduing the pirates that attacked them when they came ashore, the pair are led by another pirate to Francis Drake's secret hideout. After Ritsuka and Mashu become part of Francis Drake's crew, Drake and her crew throw a celebration during which she explains the bizarre and endless nature of the ocean. Continuing the celebration, Mashu notices that Francis Drake is holding the Holy Grail, which she retrieved after defeating Poseidon in Atlantis. Francis Drake then gives the Grail to Chaldea, but the Singularity is still functioning due to another Holy Grail existing somewhere.[6]

The next day, Ritsuka, Mashu, and Francis Drake sail to a nearby island where they encountering Eric Bloodaxe. After defeating him Francis Drake locates a viking ship containing a map of the island and its surrounds, which shows a island nearby to the northwest. The group travels there, but communications with Chaldea are cut off while Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hind is left immovable by a bounded field. Searching for its source, Ritsuka, Mashu, and Drake enter a labyrinth, where they end up encountering Asterios. After defeating him, Euryale appears before the group, believing that they were after her. After Mashu explains their circumstances, Euryale explains that Asterios placed a bounded field around the island to prevent Blackbeard from getting to her. Agreeing to remove the field, Euryale and Asterios join the group.[6]

Leaving the island, the group soon encounter Blackbeard, who came to capture Euryale and the Holy Grail. Eric Bloodaxe boards the Golden Hind, but he is killed by the Chaldea group. Overwhelmed by Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge and Anne Bonny though, the group escapes thanks to Asterios carrying the heavily damaged ship to nearby island. There the group encounters and kills a wyvern, which gives Mashu the idea to use dragon scales to repair the Golden Hind. After killing some more wyverns, the group encounter Artemis and Orion. The pair then helps the group locate some more wyverns for more repair materials. After getting enough scales to repair the Golden Hind and upgrade it with a ram, Drake decides to set sail against Blackbeard.[6]

As the group crosses into unknown waters, they construct a plan on how to deal with The Queen Anne's Revenge and its crew. Artemis and Orion boards Blackbeard's ship, and while Artemis dealt with some of the crew Orion destroyed the ship's ammo reserves. The Golden Hind then rams into Blackbeard's ship, allowing Ritsuka, Mashu, Drake, and Asterios to board the ship. After Mashu and Drake defeat Blackbeard, Hector uses the opportunity to kill him and steal his Holy Grail. Disappointed that Blackbeard couldn't destroy the era, Hector kidnaps Euryale despite Asterios' efforts to stop him. With the Holy Grail now in Hector's hand and Blackbeard dead, Blackbeard's ship and crew all disappear.[6]

In pursuit of Hector, the group encounter a storm, using its tailwind to increase their speed. They eventually catch up to Hector, and Mashu and Asterios board his ship. However, Jason soon arrives, and Hector escapes to Jason's ship, the Argo and gives him the Holy Grail. Wishing to capture Eurayle, Jason sends out Medea and Heracles, but Mashu and her allies are unable to kill Heracles. On Jason's orders Hector unleashes Durindana Pilium, impaling both Asterios and Heracles. However, Asterios jumps into the ocean with Heracles, allowing his allies to escape. The group then decides to search for the Ark before Jason gets it in order to prevent destruction by its opening.[6]

While searching for the Ark, the group are sent a message via arrow by Atalanta. Arriving to the location from which the arrow was sent from, the group encounters Atalanta and David. David explains to the group that Jason sacrificing Eurayle will not make him all powerful, but instead Eurayle's divine nature would cause the Ark to bring widespread destruction. He further explains that the fragility of the Singularity would cause such an act to bring even greater destruction. Jason soon arrives to capture Eurayle, but the allied Archers unleash their Noble Phantasms onto him. Heracles protects him however, which prompts Jason to send Heracles after them to capture Eurayle. The group eventually leads Heracles to the Ark, which they force him to touch. With Heracle's death, the group gives chase to the Argo and eventually board it. Jason sends Hector to kill them, but he is defeated by them and finished off by Eurayle. Afterwards David reveals the truth of the Ark to Jason, which Medea confirms to him. Medea then uses the Holy Grail to incarnate Jason into Forneus, but the group is able to defeat the two of them. With the retrieval of the Holy Grail, the singularity begins to collapse as everyone says their goodbyes.[6]


[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider (Living Hero) Francis Drake Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Asterios Euryale
Archer Euryale Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Orion & Artemis Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Atalanta Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer David Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Eric Bloodaxe Edward Teach
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read Edward Teach
Rider Edward Teach None
Lancer Hector Edward Teach
Jason (true)
N/A Jason None
Caster Medea (Child) Jason
Berserker Heracles Jason


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Forneus

London: The Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

London: The Death-Barrier of the City of Demonic Fog (死界魔霧都市, Shi-kai ma Kiri Toshi?), alternatively The Knight of Londinium (ロンディニウムの騎士, Rondiniumu no Kishi?), was the fourth of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in London, A.D. 1888, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A-.


FGO London
Commanded by Solomon, Makiri Zolgen, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, and Charles Babbage join together to destroy the era regardless of their lamentations towards the incineration of humanity. After they created a chamber deep underground, Babbage constructed a massive steam engine dubbed "Angrboda", which uses the Holy Grail as its power source. From far beneath London, "Angrboda" released a magical fog, referred to as "Demonic Fog", on to the city's populace over the past three nights. Any person that breathed in the fog would have magical energy drained with various degrees of effectiveness depending on the fog's thickness and their predispotion. While gas masks protected those in the thinnest parts of the fog, though such equipment is rendered useless in the thickest fog as it drains a person's magical energy unto death. An estimated amount of several hundred thousand died as a result of the "Demonic Fog", which resulted in people staying indoors, and leaving entire areas to abandoned; the east end be nearly gone by the time of Chaldea's arrival. As well, over the past three days, the streets were soon flooded by a myriad of monstrosities. "Helter Skelters", one of the dangerous forces that roam the streets, were created from Babbage's Noble Phantasm, Dimension of Steam. Furthermore, London became isolated from the rest of Britain due to the government being hindered, resulting in a dwindling supply of food and water. In addition due to the fog being powered by the Holy Grail, several Servants began materializing from it.

Meanwhile, Henry Jekyll, wishing to save London, formed an information network with collaborators from all over London, Victor Frankenstein being one of them. He soon met Mordred, who had materialized from the fog, and the two formed a partnership with her doing the field work.


After Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the era, they find London to be covered in a thick magical fog that is harmful to organisms that aren't magical. Finding that the city's resident have all locked themselves inside to shelter themselves from the fog, Ritsuka and Mash begin their search for the Holy Grail; believing that its removal will dispel the fog. But before they can begin their search, the pair encounter Mordred, who asks them if they're friend or foe since they can breathe in the fog. However, the pair don't answer as they're unsure if she's a Servant or not due to Romani's instruments being distorted by the fog. Finding them to be non-hostile, Mordred decides to leave, telling the pair to move on if they value their lives. Deciding that Mordred may know more about the situation than they know, Ritsuka and Mash chase after her. As the pair chase after Mordred, they encounter Automatons and Homunculi along the way; discovering that none of them are breaking into any buildings. After destroying a mechanical golem, Mash examines it, but she is soon ambushed by Jack the Ripper. Finding that Ritsuka and Mash are unhindered by the magical fog and "her own fog", Jack attacks them, but they manage to repel her. After Jack escapes, Mash sends Romani pictures of the mechanical golem that she took earlier. As Romani analyzes the pictures, Mordred interrupts him, calling the mechanical golem: Helter Skelter. Mordred then reveals that she has been watching Ritsuka and Mash, and decides that they're not enemies since they destroyed a Helter Skelter. After Mash asks her for information about London's cirumstances, Mordred agree to talk, and introduces herself to the pair.[3]

Mordred brings Ritsuka and Mash into Dr. Jekyll's apartment, where he details how he and Mordred formed their partnership. After Mash tells him and Mordred about the incineration of humanity, Jekyll tells her and Ritsuka that a lethal fog has descended upon London for the past three nights. He continues to say that people die, depending on their predisposition, within an hour of inhaling the fog; estimating that several hundred thousand have died as a result. Jekyll further states several areas have become abandoned, stating that the east end is nearly gone. Calling the fog: "Demonic Fog", Jekyll also details about how for the past three days that automatas, homunculi, Helter Skelters, and Jack the Ripper have been roaming the streets comitting atrocities. Jeklyll then says that the "Demonic Fog" has isolated London from the rest of Britain, and once their food and water depletes, London dies. After he and Mordred agree to join Ritsuka and Mash, Jekyll sends them out to protect one of his collaborators, Victor Frankenstein.[3]

After defeating several monsters, the group eventually reach Victor's mansion. However, they encounter Mephistopheles, who Mordred suspects killed Victor. Admitting that he killed Victor for refusing to join his group's cause, Mephistopheles fights the group. After killing Mephistopheles, the group find a note in Victor's library that talks of a plot called "Project Demonic Fog". The project's leaders are "P", "B", and "M", who Victor suspected to be Heroic Spirits. Mordred then reveals Frankenstein, who she found in a coffin in the backroom, to the others. The group then decide to take Frankenstein to Jekyll. Arriving back at Jekyll's apartment, the group is told by Jekyll that a large book has been entering buildings and attacking civilians. Naming it: Magical Tome, Jekyll asks the group to deal with the Magical Tome currently terrorizing Soho.[3]

After destroying some dolls while traveling to Soho, Mordred attacks Ritsuka and Mash, deciding to train Mash. After their battle is finished, the group gets a transmission from Jekyll saying that victims of the Magical Tome are placed into an unending slumber. Jekyll then tells them that once they arrive in Soho to go to antique bookshop where they'll meet another of his informants. Arriving at the bookshop, the group meet with Jekyll's informant, Andersen. He details that nearly half of Soho's residents have been placed in unending slumber by the Magical Tome, and then reveals that the Magical Tome is currently inside the building. Deciding it to be too dangerous to fight indoors, the group brings the Magical Tome outside. However, their attacks are useless against the book, which Andersen (after introducing himself) attributes to its reality marble. After revealing the tome to be a stray Servant placing people into a dream in search of a Master from whose psyche it can took form from, Andersen names the tome: Nursery Rhyme. After materializing as "Alice", Nursery Rhyme is promptly defeated by the group. Now joined by Andersen, the group return to Jekyll's home.[3]

Back at Jekyll's apartment, the group are told by Jekyll that Jack has returned; this time attacking Scotland Yard. The group rush over to Scotland Yard, killing any monsters along the way, and eventually reach the police station. However, they arrive to see Jack and a Caster-Servant who reveals to be one of leaders of Project Demonic Fog: "P". Confirming Mordred's suspicions that Jack massacred the entire station, "P" reveals that he ordered Jack to do it so that he could receive a magically sealed item from the station. He then orders Jack to kill the group, prompting her by saying that one of them may be her mother. After Jack is killed, "P" teleports back to his compatriots before the group can interrogate him.[3]

Returning to Jekyll's apartment, the group learn from Andersen that Servants are materializing from the "Demonic Fog"; such Servants being Andersen, Nursery Rhyme, Mordred, Mephistopheles, and Jack. When Romani says that it's impossible for Servants to appear without the Holy Grail's influence, Andersen theorizes that the fog was created with the power of the Holy Grail. Mordred then decides to go for a late night patrol with Ritsuka and Mash following her. Defeating several enemy hordes as they patrol the streets, the group eventually come across Shakespeare, who has recently materialized from the fog. "P" then appears having planned to procure the newly materialized Servant from the fog for his group. Confirming Romani's suspicions, "P" reveals that he and his group have been procuring Servants that materialize from the fog, and then manipulated said Servants into expanding the fog. Deciding to procure Mordred, "P" reveals his name to be Paracelsus, and goes to fight the group. After Paracelsus is killed, the group return to Jekyll's apartment joined by Shakespeare.[3]

After an early morning patrol, the group report to Jekyll about the increased appearances of mechanical enemies, which he suspects to be "Project Demonic Fog" increasing their efforts to procure more Servants from the fog after the group killed Paracelsus. After Ritsuka tells Andersen about the singularities, Romani states that "Project Demonic Fog"'s awareness and influence only extends to the streets covered in the "Demonic Fog". Then after Mordred says that they need to disable the Helter Skelters, Andersen asks the group to get some data from the Clock Tower to prove his theory about the Holy Grail War. Agreeing with Andersen's request, the group, this time joined by Jekyll, Andersen, and Shakespeare, leave for the Clock Tower.[3]

Arriving at the British Museum (part of the Clock Tower), the group dig up the rubble of the destroyed museum to find the underground entrance to the Clock Tower. However, Romani senses magical energy from underground, which turn out to be magic tomes when they come out and attack the group. After destroying the books, Jekyll theorizes that they were once grimoires that were brought to life by the "Demonic Fog". The group then head underground using the entrance left by the magic tomes, eventually coming across a warded door to a library. Deciding to investigate inside with Jekyll, Andersen orders Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred to guard the door. However, the spells on the books prevent Jekyll and Andersen from taking them with them, so the others must defend until they've find the data Andersen is after. As the others continue to defend against hordes of enemies, Jekyll eventually decides to transform into Hyde to fight with them. After Andersen eventually finds the data he's looking for after the last of the enemies are defeated, the group head back to Jekyll's apartment.[3]

Back at the apartment, Andersen reveals to the group that the Servant summoning ritual used in the Holy Grail War is adapted from a ritual that summoned seven against one instead of seven against each other. While the Holy Grail War summoning ritual was used for selfish desires, the original's purpose was to summon seven of the strongest Heroic Spirits to defeat a powerful enemy. Andersen then suspects that someone predicted the group's coming, and placed the needed information about the ritual for them to find. Suddenly though, the apartment is approached by a group of "Helter Skelters". After the group drives off the robots, Romani tells them that the "Helter Skelters" are machines created magical energy, which Ritsuka believes to be a Noble Phantasm. Romani further reveals that all of the "Helter Skelters" are controlled remotely by the Servant that summoned them; meaning that if the Servant is killed, all of "Helter Skelters" disappear. As the group ponders about the Servant's location, Frankenstein reveals that she knows where the Servant that controls the "Helter Skelters" is located. Following Frankenstein's lead, the group go to the Houses of Parliament is Westminister. However, before they're able to go, a large "Helter Skelter" attacks the group, but Ritsuka and Mash only fight since Mordred is busy protecting Frankenstein. With the destruction of the large "Helter Skelter", all other "Helter Skelters" suddenly shutdown. Mash then takes pictures of the large "Helter Skelter" as requested by Romani, and then she notices the manufacturer's name on it, which was absent from the others, that reads: "Charles Babbage, AD 1888". [3]

The next morning, Jekyll tells the group that Charles Babbage is alive despite Chaldea's historical records saying he should be dead now. Romani attributes this to the distortions created by the Singularities that resulted in events changes, and thus the dead still live and don't exist as Heroic Spirits. However, Jekyll then reveals that the "Helter Skelters" that were completely shut downed, have all been reactivated. Going outside to destroy the remote controller of the "Helter Skelters", the group follow Frankenstein as she once again leads them to the remote controller. But, the group suspect that Frankenstein is misleading them this time, which she reveals is due to her belief that Babbage wouldn't build the "Helter Skelters" to hurt others. However, Mordred manages to convince her to lead them to Babbage, saying that his actions now contradict her belief in his good nature. Following Frankenstein, the group soon encounter Babbage, who reveals himself to be "B" of the "Project Demonic Fog" masterminds; continuing to reveal that he is a Heroic Spirit that emerged from the "Demonic Fog". When Babbage shows lamentation for the incineration of humanity, Frankenstein speaks to him, which causes Babbage to begin to surrender. However, he suddenly goes out of control due to "M" using the Holy Grail, and attacks the group. After he is defeated, Babbage tells the group to head deep into the city's underground, where they'll find the source of "Demonic Fog": his Massive Steam Engine, "Angrboda", powered by the Holy Grail. After Babbage disappears, the group decide to return Frankenstein to Jekyll's apartment before they head underground.[3]

Traveling deep underground, the group eventually reach the chamber that holds "Angrboda". There, they encounter Makiri Zolgen, the first leader of "Project Demonic Fog". Makiri reveals that the "Demonic Fog" was created to destroy not just London, but all of England, as commanded by his king. Makiri then announces that a Heroic Spirit that will fully activate the "Demonic Fog" will soon materialize as "Angrboda" shifts to overload mode. After proclaiming the wish of his king to remove world's ugliness, Makiri incarnates himself into Barbatos, and attacks the group. After Barbatos is defeated, Makiri attempts to summon a Servant, but Mordred killed him before he could finish the incantation. However, massive magical energy bursts from "Angrboda", which manages to summon Nikola Tesla, who begins to head towards the surface, and knocking everyone out for a few minutes. After the group wakes up, Romani explains to the group that Tesla has gone to the surface to fully activate the "Demonic Fog", and that Makiri's extra incantation for Madness Enhancement during the ritual has made Tesla automatically perform the task he was summoned for. But, before the group can head back to the surface to stop Tesla, they're attacked by several homunculi. After defeating the homuncli, the group encounter Tesla (still walking towards the surface), who reveals that the activated "Demonic Fog" absorbs magical energy without limit. Due to the nature of the activated fog, the group unable to get near Tesla, but the fog disperses when it absorbs the energy from Mordred's Clarent Blood Arthur. Using this moment of opportunity, the group battle Tesla, but the fog soon returns. Before he continues towards the surface though, Tesla tells the group that he'll head towards where the fog is thickest, which he suspects to be the skies above Buckingham Palace. After stating lightning strike from him will fully activate the "Demonic Fog" to destroy the era, Tesla implores the group to kill him before he does so. Tesla then soon arrives at the surface to activate the fog, but just as he creates a stairway to sky for himself, he encounters Kintoki and Tamamo-no-Mae.[3]

Meanwhile underground, the group rush back towards the surface, and eventually reach the surface to see Kintoki and Tamamo having recently fought Tesla. After Kintoki tells them that he dispersed the fog, the group run up Tesla's stairway to finally kill him. After killing Tesla, the group begin to go back underground to remove the Grail from "Angrboda", but they're interrupted when Artoria Alter suddenly materializes from the "Demonic Fog", which she's absorbing as she materializes. After the group kills Artoria Alter, they return to "Angrboda"'s chamber to remove the Grail from the engine. However, Solomon appears; revealing that he is behind the incineration of humanity, and to be one of the Grand Servants. He then reveals that the ring of light that Ritsuka and Mash have seen in the skies of the Singularites is his third Noble Phantasm, Ars Almadel Salomonis. Out of his interest in Mash, Solomon decides to summon only four of the Demon Gods and attacks the group. However, after the group only manage to kill one of the Demon Gods, Solomon kills Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo. Mash then tells Romani to rayshift them back, but he tells her that Solomon's presence makes that impossible. After Solomon states to Mordred that he outranks all Servants regardless of their ranks as a Heroic Spirit, he tries to kill her, but his attack is blocked by Andersen. Then, Andersen explains that Heroic Spirit summoning belongs to the Counter Force, which are summoned as the Grand Servants to protect humanity from a threat born from humanity to destroy it. Confirming Andersen's findings, Solomon reveals that the summoning system used for the Holy Grail War is a degraded version of the one used by the Counter Force to protect humanity. Declaring himself to be the Grand Caster, Solomon kills Andersen, and explains that he only came to the Singularity on a whim. Before he leaves though, Solomon proclaims that Chaldea isn't a threat to him until they destroy seven Singularities, and calls humans worthless for continuing to live despite their inevitable deaths. Afterwards, the group retrieve the Grail, and return back to the surface. After Mordred says goodbye to them, Ritsuka and Mash rayshift back to Chaldea.[3]


Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber Mordred Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin (Living Hero) Henry Jekyll & Hyde Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Jack the Ripper Project Demonic Fog
Berserker (Living Hero) Frankenstein Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Nursery Rhyme None
Caster Mephistopheles Project Demonic Fog
Caster Paracelsus Project Demonic Fog
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Willam Shakespeare Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Charles Babbage Project Demonic Fog
Archer Nikola Tesla Makiri Zolgen
Berserker Sakata Kintoki None
Caster Tamamo no Mae None
Lancer King Arthur (Alter) None
Grand Caster Solomon None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Magus Makiri Zolgen Project Demonic Fog
Demon God Barbatos Solomon

E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North AmericaEdit

E Pluribus Unum: The Great North American War of the Myths (北米神話大戦, Hokubei Shinwa Taisen?), alternatively The White Cloth of Steel (鋼鉄の白衣, Kōtetsu no Hakui?), was the fifth of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in North America, A.D. 1873, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A+.


FGO America
The Singularity was located in North America in year 1873 A.D. Using the power of the Holy Grail, Medb summoned a twisted version of Cù Chulainn as her wish for him to rule alongside her as her king. Leading an army of warriors that she can endlessly produce, Medb and her servants began to conquer America to create a new Celtic nation; killing everyone who isn't Celtic. The Americans attempted to repel the Celts, but they were easily overwhelmed by the Celts.[18]

Edison took control of the broken American armies, becoming their President-King. With the aid of Edison's robots, the Americans were able to hold their ground against the Celts, yet they were still unable to completely defeat them. However, Edison, his mind affected by the ambitions of the past presidents, soon became so obsessed with winning the war that he turned into a despot; conscripting civilians to work in his robot factories.[18]

Due to the actions of both the Celts and Edison, Geronimo formed a resistance against both of them. His resistance eventually got into a skirmish with Cù Chulainn, who easily wiped out the resistance soldiers and gravely injured Rama (a member of the Geronimo's resistance) with Gaé Bolg. By the time Chaldea arrives, the Celts have conquered the eastern half of America while the Americans remain in control the western half.[18]


Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the era during a battle between Celtic warriors and American soldiers with robots that resemble those of Babbage. One of the robots then attacks Ritsuka and Mash, believing them to Celtic reinforcements. After defeating the robots, Ritsuka and Mash are attacked by the Celts after the Americans retreat. Though they're able to defeat the Celts, Ritsuka is suddenly knocked unconscious by a stray bullet. Ritsuka later wakes up in an American resistance camp, much to their surprise, being treated by Nightingale, who is preparing to operate on them without their consent. After Mash convinces Nightningale to stop, she uses a magic scroll to heal Ritsuka's wounds. Nightingale then goes off to tend to the wounded, who are the reason she can't join Ritsuka and Mash. However, Ritsuka is able to convince her to join by saying that destroying the singularity will remove everyone's wounds. Celtics warriors then suddenly attack the camp, with Nightingale joining the pair to repel the attack. After the warriors are defeated, Fionn and Diarmuid arrive, and Diarmuid attacks the group.They defeat Diarmuid, but he is healed by Fionn, who joins his subordinate in his fight. After the group defeats them, Geronimo arrives with reinforcements, forcing the Celtic forces to retreat. Afterwards, Helena appears to reprimand Nightingale for leaving her post against their king's approval, which almost results in a fight when Mash intervenes. Mash then tries to convince Helena to join them in destroying the singularity, but Helena instead tries to convince Ritsuka and Mash to join her king's army, with the implication that his goal is world domination. Refusing to join, Ritsuka and Mash prepare to leave, but Helena sends robots to forcefully conscript them. The group defeat the robots, but Helena calls Karna, who uses Brahmastra, which knocks out everyone when Mash blocks it.[18]

The group later wake up being transported by Helena to her king's castle, which was built when the White House was lost. Arriving at the castle, the group meet Helena's king, Thomas Edison, President-King of the United States. Edison reveals that he took control of the remnants of the American army, and was able even the battle with the Celts with his robots; though he states that lacks enough Servants to combat the Celtic Servants. However, Edison tells the group that he doesn't intend to fix the era, instead he'll use the Holy Grail to speed the development of the era and progress into a new future regardless of the damage to the original timeline. He gives the group three minutes to choose whether to join him or oppose, but Celts suddenly attack the castle. After dealing with the Celts, the group decide to oppose Edison, who sends his robots against them. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of robots, the group later wake up in prison, but they're unable to escape due to Helena neutralizing the link between them. After Helena leaves after getting her answer from Ritsuka about why they didn't join Edison, Geronimo appears, who reveals he is part of a resistance against the Celts and Edison. As the group escapes the prison after Geronimo busts them out of their cells, they eventually encounters Karna, but the group is defeat him and flee before he can recover.[18]

Arriving in a deserted village serving as his resistance's hideout, Geronimo asks Nightingale if she can heal Rama, who was gravely injured in a fight with Cú Chulainn Alter. After repelling a Celtic scouting party, the group are told by Romani that Rama cannot healed until the curse from Gáe Bolg is removed. However since fighting Cú Chulainn to destroy his spear is too dangerous a method to remove the curse, the group decide to find Rama's wife, Sita (after Rama suggested it), to exorcise the curse. During their journey, the group decide that due to the nearly endless armies of both the Celts and the Americans, they need assassinate the leaders to eliminate both groups. Then, as Geronimo is talking about his new recruits, the Celts, and Edison's tyranny, the group is attacked by Celtic scouts. After defeating the scouts, the group arrive in a besieged town, currently being defended by Billy the Kid and Robin Hood, who are Geronimo's new recruits. After repelling the attack, Billy and Robin join in the group's assassination plan, but Geronimo suggests they need more Servants, preferably Lancer and Saber class. Robin then reveals that he encountered a couple of problematic Servants that fit into those classes earlier. The group eventually arrive in a town where, after defeating some Celts, meet and recruit Elizabeth. Next, the group encounter Nero in a deserted town, but Fergus arrives to kill her. But, the group ambush and defeat Fergus, who reveals that Sita is Alcatraz. After recruiting Nero, the group set up camp to rest, but the camp is later attacked by monsters. After the group kill the monsters, Geronimo discusses his plan to infiltrate Washington with Billy, Robin, and Nero to assassinated Medb while the others go rescue Sita from Alcatraz.[18]

Ritsuka's group eventually arrive at Alcatraz, but the prison warden, Beowulf, sends wyverns at them. After the group kills the wyverns, Beowulf comes out to confront them; sending a dragon at the group when Nightingale asks to see a prisoner to cure Rama. After the dragon is killed, Rama uses Brahmastra towards Beowulf, who allows Rama to go see his wife. After Mash tells Sita about Gae Bolg's curse on Rama, she and Nightingale cure Rama of his wounds. However, Gae Bolg's curse still persists, so Sita sacrifices herself to remove the curse from her husband. With Rama now cured, Ritsuka's group then depart for the east. Meanwhile, Robin, after scouting Washington, reports to Geronimo that the Celts are preparing a parade. The group plan to use No Face May King to sneak up to Medb, then isolate her in Aestus Domus Aurea to prevent her from calling reinforcements. Indentifying Medb as the Celtic leader, Nero and Robin go to execute the plan, but Medb calls for Cú Chulainn using the Grail inside the Golden Theater. Geronimo's group then fight Cú Chulainn, but Arjuna suddenly appears to aid him. Geronimo and Nero tell Robin to escape using his Noble Phantasm while they buy him some time to do so. Meanwhile, Ritsuka's group, after leave Alcatraz, encounter Fionn and Diarmuid, who are finally killed by the group. Afterwards, Robin calls the group saying that their assassination plan has failed. Geronimo and Nero meanwhile are still fighting Cù Chulainn and Arjuna, who kills Billy after repelling Geronimo's Noble Phantasm. Medb then orders Arjuna to chase after Robin before killing Geronimo in anger when he predicts that she'll die soon. Cù Chulainn then kills Nero after Domus Aurea disappears with her defeat. Ritsuka and the others eventually rendezvous with Robin, who relays the news of Geronimo, Nero, and Billy's deaths to group after defeating the Celts after him. Robin then reveals that Scàthach helped him escape. Scàthach joins the group, telling them that their best plan is to get the Grail from Medb, but she says she can't kill Medb without destroying the Grail; preventing the removal of the singularity. After defeating a Celtic party that appeared, Shadow Servant appear, but Li Shuwen suddenly appears and kills them. Li Shuwen wishes to fight Scàthach, but she tells him to fight Ritsuka and Mash first. After Mash fights Li Shuwen to a standstill, he tells the group that Edison seems to be possessed, and though he declines to join the group, they count him as an ally before leaving.[18]

Travelling to Denver to defeat Edison, the group come to a town being attacked by Celts, who Robin wishes to capture for interrogation. Later at Edison's Castle, Robin confronts a robot with a captured Celt then, pretending to a American Lieutenant, he convinces the robot to let him deliver his prisoner. Inside the castle, the group breaks through several groups of robots as they make their way towards Edison. The group then confront Karna, but he is called back by Edison to his throne room. Arriving in the throne room, the group fights and defeat Edison, but he refuses to surrender and tries to transform but Karna stops him. Nightingale convinces Edison to surrender, saying that Medb's soldiers are infinite while Edison's robots are not. It then revealed that Edison's tyranny resulted from his mind being affected by accumulated ambitious wills of past presidents. Convinced by Helena and Karna, Edison joins the group then holds a meeting on how to defeat the Celts. Eventually they decide with a two prong attack involving their Servants and robots attacking from both the north and the south to divert the Celt's attention, and whichever group breaks through first will rush for the capital while other keeps the Celts occupied. The next day, Ritsuka tells the group that the north army will be led by Robin, Edison, Blavatsky and Elizabeth while they go south with Scathach, Rama, Karna, Nightingale and Mash. Ritsuka's plan is to have north group keep the Celts occupied, then have the south group use the opening made by the north group to get into Washington. Arriving on the battlefield, a scout reports that the Celtic army is being led by Arjuna; the two armies clash while Karna and Arjuna duel. However, Karna is stabbed from behind by Cù Chulainn, who says had killed Scáthach earlier. He then tries to kill Ritsuka, but Mash's shield is too strong for him, so he uses Gaè Bolg. Mash attempts to block the Noble Phantasm, but Merlin suddenly projects himself through Fou to stop the attack. Using the distraction to his advantage, Karna, with his last breath, uses Vasavi Shakti on Cù Chulainn, who retreats to heal his wounds from the attack. Ritsuka and the others try to move toward Washington, but Arjuna prevents them. After Arjuna is defeated, he leaves and the group move forward to Washington.[18]

On the northern front Robin and Elizabeth fight Beowulf while Helena and Edison fight the Celtic soldiers. But, Robin and Elizabeth are saved when Li Shuwen appears to fight Beowulf. Meanwhile, Ritsuka's group reach Washington and confront Medb and her monsters. After defeating her spriggan, the group chase after her into the White House. At the northern front, Li Shuwen is winning his fight with Beowulf, but an unknown presence suddenly emerges from the earth. Meanwhile, Ritsuka's group arrive in the White House and they fight Cù Chulainn and Medb. As she is dying, Medb uses the Grail to summon Clan Calatin to attack the northern army. After Medb dies, the group fight and defeat Cù Chulainn, but he attacks them again with Curruid Coinchenn. At the northern front, the group are struggling against Clan Calatin, but Nikola Telsa and Arjuna arrive to help. Arjuna then sacrifices himself to launch a restricted Pashupata to destroy Clan Calatin. Meanwhile, Cù Chulainn, refusing to be defeated by Ritsuka's group, uses the Grail to incarnate himself into Halphas and attacks the party. After defeating Halphas, the singularity begins collapsing and Ritsuka and Mash retrieve the Grail. After everyone say their goodbyes each other, Ritsuka and Mash rayshift back to Chaldea.[18]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Berserker Florence Nightingale Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Medb
Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill Medb
Lancer Karna Thomas Edison
Caster Helena Blavatsky Thomas Edison
Caster Geronimo Resistance
Archer Billy the Kid Resistance
Archer Robin Hood Resistance
Lancer Elizabeth Bathory Resistance
Saber Nero Claudius (Bride) Resistance
Saber Fergus Mac Roich Medb
Berserker Beowulf Medb
Saber Rama Resistance
Lancer Li Shuwen None
Caster Thomas Edison Americans
Lancer Scáthach Resistance
Berserker Cú Chulainn (Alter) Medb
Archer Arjuna Medb
Rider Medb Celts
Archer Nikola Tesla None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Halphas
Demon God Clan Calatin (28 Demon Pillars)

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm (神聖円卓領域, Shinsei Entaku Ryōiki?), alternatively The Shining Airgetlám (輝けるアガートラム, Kagayakeru Agātoramu?), was the sixth of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in the Holy Land, A.D. 1273, it's Humanity Foundation Value was EX.


FGO Camelot
The Singularity was located in A.D. 1273, in the Holy Land around Jerusalem. The roots of the Singularity lie in several events. Firstly, someone who should have died midway through the Ninth Crusade was given a Holy Grail, and using its power, the expeditionary force reached the Holy Land, burning the lands and slaughtering the people living there. However, in their greed, they summoned Ozymandias who subsequently confiscated the Grail and set about building his kingdom there. Having lost the Grail, the expeditionary force lost ground and were eventually cornered by the people of the Holy Land. When they were cornered, a Servant identifying himself as Richard the Lionheart, but displaying different behavior and appearance, appeared and summoned his own crusaders. The crusaders subsequently captured the expeditionary force and occupied the Holy Land.[19]

Secondly, Bedivere did not return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, Artoria Pendragon was unable to die when she was fated to after the Battle of Camlann, ending up becoming a wandering ghost.[20] With Rhongomyniad still in hand, she eventually turned into a Divine Spirit, who would come to be known as the Lion King. The Lion King was aware of the incineration of humanity and planned to store a selection of human souls into Rhongomyniad to preserve humanity in some form. After arriving in the Singularity, the Lion King summoned the Knights of the Round Table (with the exceptions of Bedivere and Galahad) and told them of her plan. Aware that some of them wouldn't follow her, she gave them until sunset to decide where they stood. In the subsequent battle, the Knights who decided to follow the Lion King slaughtered their fellow knights who chose to stand against her. The Lion King then bestowed Gifts on the surviving knights, with the exception of Agravain.[19]

The Knights of the Lion King exterminated the crusaders, with the expeditionary force being annihilated along with them. During the battle with the one claiming to be Richard the Lionheart, Gareth sacrificed herself to give the others an opportunity to kill him, unable to bear the guilt of killing her fellow knights any longer. Her brother Gawain was the one who struck them both down.[19] Afterwards, the Lion King and her knights established the Holy City of Camelot in the Holy Land. This occurred about half a year before Chaldea's arrival.[20]




Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Leonardo da Vinci Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Nitocris Ozymandias
Saber Bedivere Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Ozymandias None
Saber Gawain Lion King
Archer Arash
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Cursed Arm) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Mordred Lion King
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Hundred Face)
Caster Xuanzang Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Tawara Touda Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Serenity)
Archer Tristan Lion King
Saber Lancelot Lion King
N/A Agravain Lion King
N/A Hassan-i Sabbah (King Hassan)


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Amun-Ra Ozymandias
N/A King Arthur (Lion King) Camelot

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic BeastsEdit

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts (絶対魔獣戦線, Zettai Majūsensen?), alternatively The Chain of Heaven (天の鎖, Ten no Kusari?), was the last of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in Mesopotamia, B.C. 2655, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A++.


FGO Babylonia
The Singularity occurred in Mesopotamia in 2655 B.C. during the latter part of Gilgamesh's reign.




Designation Identity Affiliation
Archer Ishtar
Lancer Enkidu (Kingu)
Lancer Medusa (Child)
Caster Gilgamesh Uruk
Rider Ushiwakamaru Uruk
Lancer Musashibou Benkei Uruk
Lancer Leonidas Uruk
Caster Merlin
Berserker Ibaraki-douji Uruk (former, defected)
Avenger Medusa (Gorgon)
Lancer Jaguar Man
Rider Quetzalcoatl
Lancer Ereshkigal
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (King Hassan)


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Beast II Tiamat

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple (冠位時間神殿, Kan-i Jikan Shinden?) was the Final Singularity (終局特異点, Shūkyoku Tokui-ten?) of the Human Order Incineration Incident, occuring in A.D. 2016.


FGO Salomon
The Singularity occurred in the year 2016 within a reality marble based off Ars Paulina that Goetia created.


Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the singularity, and are met by Lev, who explains his connection to Solomon. He transforms into Flauros, but he is subsequently revived after his defeat. Meanwhile, Chaldea becomes under attack by eight Demon Gods. More Demon Gods rise from the ground of the Time Temple as Flaurous laughs at Chaldea's efforts so far. The Demon Gods attack but Ritsuka and Mash are saved by Jeanne, while simultaneously other Servants from the singularities arrive to fight the other Demon Gods. Ritsuka and Mash then make their way toward Solomon's throne with the aid of the Servants, who fend off the Demon Gods.[14]

Eventually Ritsuka and Mash arrive at the throne, accessed via a path of light that opened with the diminishment of Demon Gods. Solomon reveals that he is using his singularites to destroy humanity as a means to achieve his true goal. He then attacks Ritsuka in order to remove the Heroic Spirits, but Mashu is able to protect Ritsuka. However, after Mashu gets a strange reaction from Solomon, he decides to reveal his true identity as the original foundation of modern magecraft that lived in the the real Solomon's body during his reign. Revealing himself as the Beast Goetia, he reveals that his goal is to use the energy from humanity's destruction to travel back to Earth's genesis in order to recreate the planet. Goetia offers Mash a chance to join his world without death, but she rejects him clearly. Goetia then launches Ars Almadel Salomonis at them, but Mash sacrifices herself to defend Ritsuka with Lord Camelot. Ritsuka then attempts to attack Goetia, but Romani suddenly arrives and reveals his true identity of Solomon. He then sacrifices himself by using Ars Nova to remove Goetia's immortality.[14]

With the true Solomon's sacrifice, the Demon Gods are thrown into disarray to either self-destruct or be destroyed by the Heroic Spirits. Goetia then attempts to kill Ritsuka, but they use Mash's shield to protect themselves. Then, using a Command Spell to empower themselves, Ritsuka punches Goetia and seemingly kills him. Ritsuka then begins to escape as the Time Temple collapses with Goetia's apparent death. However, before they are able to escape, Ritsuka encounters Goetia, now in human form. Goetia once again tries to kill Ritsuka, but he is finally destroyed by them. Unfortunately, Ritsuka falls as the ground collapses beneath them before they're to reach the Rayshift point back to Chaldea. However, they are saved by Mash, who had been resurrected by Cath Palug. Ritsuka and Mash then return to Chaldea together.[14]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Saber Siegfried
Assassin Charles Henri Sanson
Rider Marie Antoinette
Assassin Carmilla
Lancer Elizabeth Bathory
Berserker Vlad III
Berserker Kiyohime
Ridef Saint George
Rider Saint Martha
Saber Chevalier d'Eon
Assassin Phantom of Opera
Saber Gilles de Raises
Saber Nero Claudius Caesar
Rider Boudica
Berserker Spartacus
Berserker Lu Bu Fengxian
Assassin Jing Ke
Berserker Caligula
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar
Lancer Romulus
Caster Zhuge Liang
Rider Alexander the Great (Child)
Archer Eurayle
Saber Attila
Rider Francis Drake
Rider Edward Teach
Rider Eric Bloodaxe
Archer Orion
Berserker Asterios
Assassin Stheno
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read
Archer David
Archer Atlanta
Caster Medea (Child)
N/A Jason
Lancer Hector
Caster Medea
Saber Mordred
Assassin Dr. Jekyll
Archer Nikola Tesla
Caster Charles Babbage
Berserker Sakata Kintoki
Caster William Shakespeare
Caster Hans Christian Andersen
Caster Tamamo-no-Mae
Rider Sakata Kintoki
Berserker Frankenstein
Assassin Jack the Ripper
Caster Paracelsus
Caster Nursery Rhyme
Caster Mephistopheles
Lancer King Arthur (Alter)
Berserker Florence Nightingale
Saber Rama
Rider Medb
Berserker Cú Chulainn
Lancer Scáthach
Lancer Li Shuwen
Saber Fergus mac Róich
Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Archer Robin Hood
Caster Geronimo
Caster Thomas Edison
Caster Helena Blavatsky
Archer Arjuna
Lancer Karna
Caster Xuanzang
Archer Tawara Touta
Rider Ozymandias
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Cursed Arm)
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Hundred Face)
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Serenity)
Saber Gawain
Archer Tristan
Saber Lancelot
Caster Nitocris
Saber Bedivere
Archer Ishtar
Lancer Enkidu
Avenger Medusa (Gorgon)
Lancer Medusa (Child)
Rider Quetzalcoatl
Lancer Jaguar Man
N/A Ereshkigal
Lancer Leonidas
Lancer Musashibou Benkei
Rider Ushiwakamaru
Avenger Edmond Dantès
Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Ruler Amakusa Shirō Tokisada
Lancer Brynhildr
Rider Alexander the Great
Berserker Minamoto no Yorimitsu
Assassin King Arthur (Mysterious Heroine X)
Saber Shiki Ryougi
Saber Okita Sōji
Archer Nobunaga Oda
Assassin Fuma Kotaro
Caster Illyasviel von Einzbern
Archer Chloe von Einzbern
Assassin Shuten-dōji
Berserker Ibaraki-dōji
Assassin EMIYA
Caster Irisviel von Einzbern
Assassin Cleopatra
Assassin Mata Hari
Archer Gilgamesh
Grand Caster Solomon
Caster Solomon


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
N/A King Arthur (Lion King) Protagonist
Beast I Goetia Control Center
Demon God Naberius Goetia Blast Furnace representative[21]
Demon God Flauros Goetia Intelligence Room representative [22]
Demon God Forneus Goetia Observatory representative [23]
Demon God Barbatos Goetia Control Tower representative [24]
Demon God Halphas Goetia Arsenal representative [25]
Demon God Aamon Goetia Spy Satellite representative [26]
Demon God Sabnock Goetia Health Office representative [27]
Demon God Andromalius Goetia Disposal Chute representative [28]

Shinjuku: Malignant Quarantined Demonic RealmEdit

Shinjuku: Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm (悪性隔絶魔境, Akusei Kakuzetsu Makyou?), alternatively the Shinjuku Phantom Incident (新宿幻霊事件, Shinjuku Genrei Jiken?) or Subspecies Singularity I (亜種特異点 I, Ashu Tokuiten I?), was the first of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It occurred in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, in A.D. 199X.


FGO Shinjuku
The Singularity occurred in Shinjuku in the year 1999 within a culled timeline.


Ritsuka arrives in the era falling from the sky, but there are no Servants with Ritsuka to save them. As well, the Singularity is preventing the Chaldea staff from rayshifting Ritsuka back. Fortunately, Moriarty arrives to save them, and after landing on the roof of a skyscraper, he shows Ritsuka that Shinjuku is filled with only villains. He then shows that the city is surrounded by a wall that prevents from communicating with the outside world. Ritsuka then notices a tower in the west, which Moriarty says is the headquarters of the enemies that Ritsuka will face. After he reveals that the tower isn't connected by any roads, Mash suggests jumping from rooftop to rooftop, but Moriarty says that they would be shot down by a Servant. Ritsuka and Moriarty then go down to streets, where they're attacked thugs that plan on selling their corpses to someone they call the Necromancer if their corpses are uncontaminated. After defeating the thugs, Moriarty explains that he has lost many of his memories, including why he is Shinjuku. He then the Chaldea group that he'll tell them that the truth of Shinjuku if Ritsuka is willing to trust them.[29] After hearing that Ritsuka's answer of wanting to trust him, Moriarty explains the dangers of Shinjuku, and explains that the city is filled with traps after Ritsuka fell for a crying baby doll that was actually a bomb. They then see a group of Coloratura, marionettes that have been massacring people whilst singing, attacking citizens. Moriarty tries to prevent Ritsuka from trying to save an injured thug from the Coloraturas, but he is unable to and they fight the marionettes. After defeating nine of the dolls, Moriarty decides they need to escape, asking Mash to give them the best escape route. Phantom of the Opera along with Christine, who wants to kill Ritsuka and Moriarty, then reveal themselves as Mash is still establishing an escape route. After Mash establishes an escape route, Moriarty destroys a nearby gas station to distract Phantom and Christine while he and Ritsuka can escape.[30]

After escaping to a highway, Moriarty reveals that all Servants who fallen to evil have separated the city into their own respective territories, which the highway happens to be one of them. Ritsuka and Moriarty are then chased after by Hessian Lobo, who Moriarty reveals to be a Phantom while carrying Ritsuka away. But, Hessian Lobo catches up and Ritsuka and Moriarty are forced to fight it. Afterwards, Moriarty tells Ritsuka to esape by car to Shinjuku Station while he buys them time to escape. But, Artoria Alter suddenly arrives by motorcycle, and helps Ritsuka help escape while Moriarty deals with Hessian Lobo.[31] After escaping, Artoria Alter brings Ritsuka to her hideout.

At her hideout, the basement of a burger shop, Artoria Alter reveals that she fought Moriarty before, but explains that he was completely different from when Ritsuka encountered him. After telling Ritsuka to be wary of Moriarty, Artoria Alter reveals that both Moriarty and Hessian Lobo are part of an alliance of four Servants that controls Shinjuku, Phantom Demon Alliance, who she believes to be the source of the Singularity. She continues that while investigating the alliance, she encountered Edmond Dantès, who told her to help Ritsuka. She also states Edmond is too weak at the moment to even explore Shinjuku on his own. Then after telling Ritsuka to be careful about the city, Artoria Alter says that she'll help them search for Moriarty at Shinjuku Station tomorrow.[32]

The next morning, Ritsuka and Artoria Alter head to Shinjuku Station, which had turned into a labyrinth. However, while going through the station, Artoria Alter becomes worried that the station no longer has any traces of thugs camping there. She then suspects that someone had cleaned up the scene to prevent anyone from discovering what happened to the thugs to prevent them running away. Ritsuka and Artoria Alter are then surrounded by Hornet soldiers, and after defeating them, they hear Moriarty fighting and asking for assistance. After Artoria Alter takes out the remaining Hornets, she starts demanding Moriarty to reveal who is and why he's helping Ritsuka. After Moriarty answers that he isn't entirely sure, Artoria Alter asks him what his connection to the Moriarty she fought earlier is. Moriarty then reveals that his True Name had been stolen, and he had most of his powers. After suspecting himself to his good self, Moriarty speculates that he banished his good self in order to be the perfect villain. Moriarty then decides to join Ritsuka and Artoria Alter to find his True Name, and then, after explaining his deduction of Artoria Alter's identity, he goes back with them to the hideout.[32]

The next morning at the hideout, the group suddenly gets a phone call. Answering the phone, Ritsuka is told Edmond that soldiers of the Phantom Demon Alliance lead by EMIYA Alter are heading towards Jeanne Alter's hideout. He continues that Jeanne Alter has remained neutral after being summoned, and kills all who trespass upon her territory. After hearing Ritsuka that they'll help her, Edmond tells them that Jeanne Alter is at Shinjuku Gyoen. After Ritsuka explains the situation, the group depart for Shinjuku Gyoen despite Moriarty's reservations about helping Jeanne Alter since she attacked him earlier for entering her territory. The group soon find Jeanne Alter, collapsed on the roadside after exerting herself fighting EMIYA Alter. After the group defeats some thugs, Jeanne Alter and Artoria Alter start arguing with each other about who'll recruit Mash. However, when Moriarty intervenes, Jeanne Alter recalls that he severely injured her earlier. Moriarty tries to her that Moriarty that attacked before was his evil self, but Jeanne Alter doesn't trust him.[33] However, after hearing Moriarty saved Ritsuka earlier, she decides to join the group. However, when Jeanne Alter goes to a nearby boutique that she found suspicious, the group after confronted by a group of thugs and their Super Chimera. However, the group struggle against the chimera, but unfortunately, Hessian Lobo arrives and easily kills the chimera. Hessian Lobo then prepares to attack Ritsuka, but Jeanne Alter launches her Noble Phantasm after being signaled by Moriarty. The flames prevent the group from the escaping, however they also prevent Hessian Lobo from escaping as well. However, Hessian Lobo runs away after being severely injured by Artoria Alter in its fight with the group. Afterwards, the group realize that the Headless Horseman isn't in control of Hessian Lobo, but instead its the wolf, Lobo, the King of Currumpaw. After Moriarty prevents Jeanne Alter and Artoria Alter from fighting each other by saying they need deal with Phantom, the group head back to the hideout.

Back at the hideout, Ritsuka retrieves another phone call from Edmond. After congratulating Ritsuka for recruiting Jeanne Alter, Edmond reveals that Moriarty is leader of the Phantom Demon Alliance, and that he plans to destroy the earth. He continues to say that the other members of alliance must be defeated before the group can challenge the tower that serves as the alliance's headquarters. After hearing Ritsuka's answering that they going after Phantom, Edmond tells them that Phantom is located in Kabukicho.[34] After Ritsuka relays the information to the others, Moriarty states that their current number is too few to handle the hundreds of Coloraturas in Kabukicho and patrolling Shinjuku ward. He continues to say that the Coloraturas listen to Christine sing as they patrol, applauding everytime she finishes, which repeats every twenty-four hours. He also states the Coloraturas always restore their numbers within thirty-six hours, and that they abduct people. After Moriarty states he is strong enough to kill Phantom from afar, Artoria Alter says she'll use Excalibur Morgan to destroy Kabukicho along with Phantom, Christine, and the Coloraturas. However, Moriarty says that the vast amounts of magical energy accumulating Kabukicho would be prevent that attack from succeeding. Moriarty then tells the group to get him an unscathed Coloratura, so that he may observe Kabukicho through the doll. Ritsuka, Artoria Alter, and Jeanne Alter then go out to retrieve a Coloratura while Moriarty searches for materials. After the group returns with the captured Coloratura, Moriarty examines the doll, revealing that all of the Coloraturas were once human. Moriarty then reveals that he'll rig the Coloratura with a bomb, which will be detonated in Kabukicho to create the opportunity to take out Phantom.[35] After Moriarty returns Coloratura to Kabukicho after reprogramming it, he detonates the bomb before Ritsuka could. After the explosion, Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter destroy several Coloraturas to open a path to The Phantom for Ritsuka and Moriarty. After destroying a few Coloraturas, the pair confront The Phantom and Christine, who revealed to be a Phantom sealed in a doll created by The Phantom. After Christine is defeated, The Phantom is killed by EMIYA Alter. Yet despite The Phantom and Christine's deaths, Coloraturas are still functioning; preventing Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter from aiding Ritsuka against EMIYA Alter. However, Cursed Arm Hassan arrives and makes EMIYA Alter retreat after stating that he'll be outmatched when Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter arrive. After Hassan joins the group, they head back to the hideout.[36]

Back at the hideout, Hassan reveals to the group that the Phantom Demon Alliance plans on destroying the planet, which Ritsuka withheld earlier when Edmond told them. After da Vinci states that destroying the planet is impossible even for anti-planet Noble Phantasms, Hassan claims to sense someone outside despite Mash's sensors saying otherwise. Hassan then takes Ritsuka with him alone outside, where soon himself to be Yan Qing, who disguised himself as Hassan with the power of Doppelganger. After revealing himself, Yan kidnaps Ritsuka, but he is quickly pursued by Artoria Alter on her motorcyle with Jeanne Alter. As Artoria Alter gets closer to Yan, he sends a group of Hornets after her, but she kills them. Yan then decides to call upon Shakespeare's monsters, and to his pleasant surprise, King Lear arrives to battle Artoria Alter. She is able to finish off King Lear with Excalibur Morgan after a long battle, however she overexerted herself, which gives Yan the opportunity to escape with Ritsuka.[37]

Ritsuka later wakes up in Barrel Tower, the headquarters of the Phantom Demon Alliance, having been taken there by Yan. There Ritsuka encounters Moriarty, the leader of the alliance, who reveals that he used the Holy Grail to remove himself of virtuous emotions thus separating himself into good and evil selves. He continues to say the death of the Phantom and the temporary incapacitation of Hessian Lobo will not effect his plan to destroy the planet. Deciding that killing Ritsuka will only cause Chaldea to continue interfering with his plan, Moriarty offers to let Ritsuka leave in exchange for Chaldea not interfering with his plan. Ritsuka refuses the offer, and in response Moriarty states that someone should've understood the true purpose of his plan to destroying the planet. After telling Ritsuka to think about it, Moriarty leaves the room deciding that it will be a waste to kill them right now. Yan then introduces Ritsuka to Shakespeare, who has imprisoned and tortured by Yan to create monsters based on Shakespeare's own literary works. After Yan leaves, Ritsuka asks Shakespeare if he had a way to escape the tower, but he states that it's impossible for him due to his chain. However, he continues that escaping for Ritsuka will be difficult due tower being patrolled by Hornets along with mass produced King Lears. Shakespeare then suspects that the good Moriarty had let Ritsuka get captured, having known Hassan was really Yan. He then asks if Moriarty had given Ritsuka anything before they were kidnapped, which turns out be a letter stating that Ritsuka won't be killed and that someone will save them who'll explain everything. Edmond then appears to rescue Ritsuka, but the tower's security becomes aware of his presence. After dealing with security and escaping to the streets, the pair encounter a King Lear, which they're able to defeat.

After taking Ritsuka to a nearby rooftop, Edmond tells Ritsuka not to contact Chaldea since their communications may be tracked. However, Ritsuka realizes that Edmond isn't who he claims to be, which causes Edmond to reveal himself to be Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock then reveals that he had been researching the probability of a resurgence of Singularities after the Human Order had been restored. He continues to reveal Tri-Hermes warned that certain powers would appear from the distorted history after the Human Order is restored, but they prevented from appearing by either the Counter Force or something else. However, he further continues to reveal that those powers were able to return while the Human Order was undergoing restortation, and that one of them will appear in Shinjuku according Tri-Hermes' calculations.

Changing the topic, Sherlock reveals that he disguised himself while searching for evidence to solve the mysteries of Shinjuku in order to avoid Moriarty, whom he reveals his identity to Ritsuka. Continuing the topic of Moriarty down on the street, Sherlock states that he and Moriarty should've perceived each other's presence when Sherlock entered Shinjuku. However, he believes that the "good" Moriarty's saint graph is too weak to sense his presence, but he also believes that the "good" Moriarty should've figured out Sherlock's presence if he guessed his own True Name. Stating he'll soon face the "evil" Moriarty with his disguise now removed, Sherlock reveals he arranged Watson's depiction of Moriarty in his writings in fear of how Moriarty's evil would impact the world. Afterwards, he says that "evil" Moriarty gained the True Name and power while the "good" Moriarty was banished in their separation. He continues to say that he had suspicions about "good" Moriarty, but after Moriarty protected Ritsuka regardless of his life, Sherlock came to believe that "good" Moriarty is truly good. However, Sherlock reveals that Moriarty let Ritsuka get kidnapped since they were bound to be kidnapped soon enough anyways, but also states that Moriarty calculated him rescuing Ritsuka. After saying "good" Moriarty should've deduce his identity, Sherlock says that he reveal the truth of the alliance's plan to destroy the plan when they rendezvous with Ritsuka's allies. However, they are stopped by a group of thugs, but Sherlock is able to defeat them in his Edmond disguise. Still in his disguise, Sherlock meets with a man named Kaburagi to procure twenty loads of an unknown item. Afterwards, the pair proceed to go to Artoria Alter's hideout.



Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber King Arthur (Alter)
Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Caster [38][39] Sherlock Holmes
Archer of Shinjuku James Moriarty Phantom Demon Alliance (true)
Avenger of Shinjuku Hessian Lobo Phantom Demon Alliance
Assassin of Shinjuku Yan Qing Phantom Demon Alliance
Berserker of Shinjuku Phantom of the Opera
Caster William Shakespeare
Avenger Edmond Dantés
Archer EMIYA (Alter)
Caster Hans Christian Andersen


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Phantom/Wraith Christine Daaé
Phantom King Lear
Phantom Romeo and Juliet
Phantom Macbeth
Phantom Great Detectives
Demon God Baal Phantom Demon Alliance

SE.RA.PH. - Deep-Sea Cyber-NirvanaEdit

SE.RA.PH. - Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana (深海電脳楽土 SE.RA.PH, Shinkai Den'nō Rakudo SE.RA.PH?) was a special Singularity which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. Originating on Chaldea's Seraphix facility in the North Sea, it occurred in the Mariana Trench, supposedly in 2030 A.D.[17]





Designation Identity Affiliation
Alter Ego Meltlilith Protagonist
Saber Gawain
Archer Tristan
Archer EMIYA (Alter)
Alter Ego P Passionlip
Saber Suzuka Gozen
Berserker Tamamo-no-mae (Cat)
MoonCancer BB
Saber Nero Cladius
Archer EMIYA
Caster Tamamo-no-mae


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Beast III/R Kiara Sessyoin
Demon God Zepar
Human Arnold Beckman Seraphix

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean Society, alternatively The Woman of Agartha (アガルタの女, Agaruta no Onna?) or Subspecies Singularity II (亜種特異点 II, Ashu Tokuiten II?), was the second of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It occurred in Central Asia in A.D. 2000.


FGO Agartha
Engineered by surviving Demon Pillar Phenex and Scheherazade,[40] the Agartha Singularity is situated in a vast underground space in Central Asia in 2000 AD.[41] Created through Scheherazade's story-based Noble Phantasm, Alf Layla wa-Layla, enhanced through Phenex's power, the Agartha Singularity is an invasion of fiction into reality.[40]




Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider Astolfo Protagonist
Saber Chevalier d'Eon Protagonist
N/A Fergus mac Róich (Child) Protagonist
Berserker of El-Dorado Penthesilea El Dorado
Rider of Resistance Christopher Columbus Resistance
Rider of Ys Dahut (modified Francis Drake) Ys
Assassin of the Nocturnal Castle Wu Zetian Nightless City
Caster of the Nocturnal Castle Scheherazade Nightless City

Phenex (true)

Berserker Megalos (modified Heracles)


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Phenex

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses, alternatively the Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroic Spirits (英霊剣豪七番勝負, Eirei Kengou Shichiban Shoubu?) or Subspecies Singularity III (亜種特異点 I, Ashu Tokuiten III?), was the third of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It occurred in the Shimosa province of Japan in A.D. 1630.


FGO Shimosa

Although initially designated as a Singularity and bearing considerable similarities to one, Shimosa is not a proper Singularity in the sense of the Human Order. Described as an otherworld (異界, Ikai?) and subsequently designated as a Subcategory Parallel World (亜種並行世界, Ashu Heikō Sekai?), it is a timeline which exists between dreams and reality, distinct enough that it should be designated for culling but hasn't been. Due to its isolated nature, the Counter Force is apparently somewhat weaker there, though as it is not within the standard Tree of Time (but at the same time, not within another universe), the events within should not be able to threaten the Tree.[8]

The interior is comprised of the Shimosa province of Japan in the year 1630 during the early part of the Edo period. Unlike the normal world, its capital city is built around the Castle of Toke and the Matsudaira clan resides in the castle.[8]

As opposed to entering via rayshifting, Ritsuka Fujimaru was transported inside via dreams.[8]




Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber Miyamoto Musashi Protagonist
Saber Sengo Muramasa
Lancer Purgatorio Inshun Hozoin
Caster Tamamo no Mae
Berserker Kiyohime
Assassin Fuma Kotaro
Archer Inferno Tomoe Gozen
Saber Empireo Yagyu Munenori
Assassin Paraiso Mochizuki Chiyome
Caster Limbo Ashiya Dōman
Assassin Katō Danzō
Kālasūtra Hell Rider Minamoto no Yorimitsu
Saṃghāta Hell Berserker Shuten-dōji
Avenger Amakusa Shirō Tokisada
Nameless Saber Sasaki Kojirō

Salem: Taboo Epiphany GardenEdit

Salem: Taboo Epiphany Garden (禁忌降臨庭園セイレム, Kinki Kōrin Teien Seiremu?), alternatively Salem of Heresy (異端なるセイレム, Itan-naru Seiramu?) or Subspecies Singularity IV (亜種特異点 IV, Ashu Tokuiten IV?), was the fourth of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. Engulfing present day Salem, Massachusetts, it recreated the events which occurred in the town in A.D. 1692.[42]


FGO Salem
The Singularity recreated Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692.[42]




Designation Identity Affiliation
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson
Lancer Nezha
Archer Robin Hood
Assassin Mata Hari
Caster Medea
Caster of Okeanos Circe
Caster of Midrash Queen of Sheba
Caster Mephistopheles
Foreigner Abigail Williams


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Human Lavinia Whateley
Human Randolph Carter
Human Absalom Whateley
Human Matthew Hopkins
Demon God Raum


During the interrogation of Chaldea's staff and the arrival of the new director Goldolf Musik, Chaldea was attacked by the Oprichnik and Anastasia, a Servant from the Lostbelts. Being weakened and with the betrayal of Koyanskaya‎ and Kirei Kotomine, the survivors were forced to flee the facility, fast being rendered inoperable and uninhabitable. Before Chaldeas was fully sealed, it was noted that no celestial bodies other than the Earth were visible.[10][11]

As the survivors escaped in the Shadow Border, meteor-like objects descended from the sky and the world was frozen over. A broadcast on frequencies normally used by Chaldea then began, from Kirschtaria Wodime, a member of Chaldea's A-Team. He declared a rebellion against the Greater History of Man, deeming that their growth was not correct, and that the World would be filled with mysteries beyond the reach of Man and be regressed into the Age of Gods. He further declared that gods would descend from distant skies for this purpose and through seven seeds, leaders would be selected to remake the planet, with those from the Greater History of Man not permitted to participate or observe, frozen and brought to an end as of 2017. Called himself the representative of the seven Crypters, he ended by announcing to the survivors of Chaldea that the history of the planet would be succeeded by them.[10][11]

Unable to rayshift with the loss of Chaldea, the survivors were forced to use an experimental method to navigate through imaginary number space and the Lostbelts, in order to resolve the incident connected to the Filtering Outsider Phenomenon (濾過異分子現象, Roka Ibunshi Genshō?).[10][11]

Lostbelt Time Crypter Lost Depth
Lostbelt No. 1

Princess of the Land of Beasts
Permafrost Empire Anastasia

1570? AD Kadoc Zemlupus D
Lostbelt No. 2

■■■ of the Unfading Flame
Eternal Flame Century Götterdämmerung

1000 BC Ophelia Phamrsolone B+
Lostbelt No. 3

Crimson Beauty Under the Moon
Land of Unified Knowledge ■■■

0210 BC Hinako Akuta E
Lostbelt No. 4

The Black Final God
Genesis Destruction Cycle ■■ ■■■■■■

11900 ?? Scandinavia Peperoncino A
Lostbelt No. 5

The Day God Is Shot Down
Interstellar City Mountains ■■■■■■

12000 BC Kirschtaria Wodime A+
Lostbelt No. 6

The Time the Star is Born
Round Table Territory ■■■■■■■■■

0500 AD Beryl Gut EX
Lostbelt No. 7

■■Forest ■■■■■■■■■■

???? BC Daybit Sem Void A++

Anastasia: Permafrost EmpireEdit

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire (永久凍土帝国, ?), alternatively Princess of the Land of Beasts (獣国の皇女, Jūkoku no Kōjo?) and Lostbelt No. 1 (ロストベルト No. 1, ?), is the first of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in Russia, 1570 A.D., it's Lost Depth is D and it's associated Crypter is Kadoc Zemlupus.[11]


Anastasia map

This Lostbelt diverged from that of Greater History of Man in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, 90% of their population perished and they were on the cusp of extinction. Ivan the Terrible and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating the Yaga, with Ivan himself becoming the first.[43]




Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Avicebron
Berserker Atalanta (Alter)
Archer Billy the Kid
Berserker Beowulf
Avenger Antonio Salieri
Saber Miyamoto Musashi
Caster Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
Rider Ivan the Terrible


Designation Identity Affiliation
Crypter Kadoc Zemlupus Crypters
Yaga Patxi
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Orochi


During the Human Order Incineration Incident and the events afterwards, Chaldea also tackled a number of distortions and incidents other than the designated Singularities and Lostbelts. These included space-time distortions which would have become fully fledged Singularities if left unchecked, certain events in alternative timelines, places visited through dreams and others.

Title(s) Type Location Time
Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Order

Ogawa Heim

Singularity candidate Ogawa Apartment Complex, Mifune City
Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of Glory Event recreation within the Greater Grail
Dream-based summoning
Trifas (recreation), Greater Grail, Reverse Side of the World

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of OrderEdit

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Order, also known as Ogawa Heim, refers to a an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Kara no Kyoukai, which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a distortion which would have become a Singularity if left unchecked, located in Mifune City, and based around the Ogawa Apartment Complex.[44]





Designation Identity Affiliation
Assassin Shiki Ryougi
Lancer Musashibou Benkei
Caster Mephistopheles
Berserker Henry Jekyll & Hyde
Berserker Elizabeth Báthory
Lancer King Arthur (Alter)
Berserker Lu Bu
Berserker Frankenstein
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read
Lancer Leonidas I
Lancer Scáthach
Caster Cú Chulainn
Archer Nobunaga Oda
Saber Shiki Ryougi
Archer EMIYA
Assassin Mysterious Heroine X
Caster Charles Babbage


Designation Identity Affiliation Role

Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of GloryEdit

Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of Glory, refers to a an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Apocrypha, which Ritsuka Fujimaru was involved in, having being summoned in a dream by Sieg. It involves a recreation of the Great Holy Grail War in Trifas, within the Greater Grail.[45]





Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Sieg
Archer Chiron
Rider Achilles
Assassin of Black Jack the Ripper
Caster of Black Avicebron
Caster William Shakespeare
Archer Atalanta
Berserker Frankenstein
Berserker Spartacus
Saber Mordred
Saber Siegfried
Rider Astolfo
Assassin Semiramis
Lancer Vlad III
Lancer Karna


Designation Identity Affiliation Role

Murder at the KogetsukanEdit

Main article: Murder at the Kogetsukan



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