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Nasuverse character
Japanese name: ハッコー
Franchise: Canaan
Appears in: Canaan
Voice actor: Noto Mamiko
Emily Neves (anime series dub)
Character type: Human, Borner
Gender: Female

Hakkoh (ハッコー, ?) is a Borner with the ability to inflict brain damage with her voice (which can be fatal if wholly unleashed). Usually seen behaving childlike, she works as a cosplay waitress in Santana's bar as well as his assistant, having since developed feelings for him. Unfortunately, since she is unable to speak out without hurting him, he remains under the impression that Hakkoh has never forgiven him for his role in the destruction of her home village.At the end, she confesses her love to a dying Santana and remains with his corpse in the factory as it collapses.

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