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Half-dead Blood Axe: Blood-sipping Bestial Axe (血啜の獣斧ハーフデッド・ブラッドアクス, Chisusu no Kemono OnoHāfudeddo Buraddo Akusu?) is the dark red axe of Eric Bloodaxe he always carries with him. It is the result of the processing of the remains of a demonic beast Eric had defeated into an axe. However, surprisingly, it seems that this demonic beast that has been turned into an axe still "lives". It requires blood as a nourishment, and by slurping blood, it continues living. If it is not given blood periodically, it would starve and die. Given in that case, as a weapon, it would become a shadow of itself, periodical supplies of blood are needed. It's true name has not yet been revealed.[2]


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