Nasuverse character
Hansa Cervantes
Hansa Cervantes
Japanese name: ハンザ・セルバンテス
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Human
Affiliation: Church
Gender: Male

Hansa Cervantes (ハンザ・セルバンテス, Hanza Serubantesu?) is a character in Fate/strange fake.



Twenty years before the False Holy Grail War, Hansa was from a small village in the mountainous region of Spain, but his hometown was destroyed by Dead Apostle. It left the orphan boy surviving in the wilderness of the mountains. Hansa was eventually saved by Dilo and was later adopted by Dilo's acquaintance Delmio Cervantes. Delmio trained him with martial arts and Hansa decided to pursue the path of an Executor. He is a member of the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament. He was sent to Snowfield by the Holy Church as a moderator for the False Holy Grail War.


Hansa is a man of Spanish ethnicity and appears in his mid thirties. Hansa is an unusual looking man with shoulder length, wavy hair and a distinctive eyepatch over his right eye. While not obvious to look at, his body has been cybernetically enhanced.

Personality Edit

While Hansa has a sociable personality, he has a bad habit of being distracted when fiddling with his cell phone, especially during times of an important colloquy; this does not seem to hamper Hansa's physical capabilities as he easily blocked a sudden attack from a fellow priest.


Fate/strange fakeEdit


Hansa has incredible reflexes where he is capable of easily blocking a casino coin, going at the speed of a bullet, that was aimed on the back of his head. He is well versed in hand-to-hand combat to the point where, when coupled with his cybernetic improvements, Hansa can easily fight on the level of a Dead Apostle.

Being an executor, Hansa is skilled in the use of black keys either as slashing weapons or as projectiles. With his enhancements, Hansa was able to reduce the massive rubbles thrown at him by a Dead Apostle into dust by slashing them with the keys. Due to the cybernetic enhancements he's been noted to have many gadgets made for fighting a dead apostle, such as his forearm being able to protrude blades much like black keys when attempting to break out of Jester's grip. His speed and reflexes allowed him to avoid what would be a hail of bullets in his encounter with Jester, who used the firearms from the police station.


Creation and ConceptEdit