The Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story (帝都聖杯奇譚, Teito Seihai Kitan?) is a divergent Grail War set during the time of the Third Holy Grail War. The Imperial Japanese Army won the war and created a new bomb that used the Holy Grail as its core. Called the "81st Holy Grail Bomb", it is a special weapon designed to protect Japan against its enemies near the end of World War II. With an enemy from the German Third Reich’s magi division, it has become a Holy Grail War hidden in history.[1]





[v]Series Servant Identity Master
Fate/KOHA-ACESaber Okita SoujiKohaku
Fate/KOHA-ACEArcher Oda Nobunaga Artoria
Fate/KOHA-ACELancerLi ShuwenCaren Kotomine
Fate/KOHA-ACERiderSakamoto RyomaNone (Counter Force)
Fate/KOHA-ACEBerserkerMori NagayoshiMajor Matou
Fate/KOHA-ACECasterMaxwell's DemonFuhrer
Fate/KOHA-ACEAssassinOkada IzouMajor Reiter
Fate/KOHA-ACECounter GuardianOkita Souji (Alter)None (Counter Force)
Fate/KOHA-ACEHeroic Spirit SoldiersN/AFuhrer
Koha-AceSaber Toyotomi HideyoshiNone
Koha-AceTokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa IeyasuNone
Koha-AceSun Wukong Sun WukongNone
Koha-AceDevil Saber Okita Souji/Oda NobunagaNone