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Nasuverse character
Issei Ryuudou
Japanese name: 柳洞 一成
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extra
Fate/Extra CCC
Character type: NPC

Issei Ryuudou (柳洞 一成, Ryuudou Issei?) is an NPC in Fate/Extra. He is based on Issei Ryuudou of Fate/stay night.



Issei is an NPC of the Moon Cell used to manage the Holy Grail War.


Issei is initially presented as the student council president and part of class 2-C. during the preliminaries. As part of the council's job of enforcing school rules, he is performing inspections on students as they enter. After it is over, he, along with the student council members, ensure the Holy Grail War runs smoothly.


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