Nasuverse character
Jester Karture
Jester Karture
Japanese name: ジェスター・カルトゥーレ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/strange fake
Character type: Dead Apostle, Magus, Master
Command Spell: Jester Karture CS
Gender: Male or female depending on selected body

Jester Karture (ジェスター・カルトゥーレ, Jesutā Karutūre?) is the Master of False Assassin in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



Jester is a Dead Apostle known as the Six Hearted Revolver (六連男装, Rokuren Dansō?) who has taken interest in the Holy Grail to grant his wish. As it is his first time participating in such a battle, he researched the nature of the ritual thoroughly, and plans to summon a Servant of the Assassin class. He brought ten disciples with him to Snowfield, all of whom are loyal to the point where they will face certain death to avenge their supposedly dead master. They don't appear to know of his true nature because they are shocked at his supposed demise. His original form is that of a small girl.


“Since we are both heretics in this country, let’s be friends! Ha….Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!”
—Jester Karture

Jester is bored with the nature of the world, so he participates with the hope of waking the spider from its slumber with the power of the Holy Grail and to die with the rest of the world. While not according to his original plans, the mishap with Assassin revives a part of humanity he thought he had lost: "excitement." He gains knowledge from their connection, allowing him to grasp Assassin's convictions. He describes her with a variety of praises like lovely, trim, and perfect, but then decides that he does not have the appropriate adjective to characterize her.

He becomes enthralled with this new prospect, the ability to bestow upon her a name by tainting, molesting, demeaning, dominating, and befouling her beauty, soul, strength, and faith all for his own pleasure. His only goal is to make her submit, so that he can savor the expression she makes while he crushes her faith and drains her strength. The Holy Grail and end of the world may be beautiful, but they are worthless dust compared to her despair.



Assassin using Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat on Jester.

Jester gathers his disciples in the basement of a large villa in the Lake Region of Snowfield. He has prepared a Bounded Field to make ordinary people not "pay attention" even if they find it to be off in some way. As his disciples finish the Summoning Ritual, he prepares to answer the question asked by the Servant to complete their contract, but his plans go awry upon the Grail summoning a heretic Assassin. She is different than his expectations, and gives him a sense of unease. While she does ask the expected question, his answer immediately get him killed with Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat due to her unwillingness to participate in such an insult to her faith.

After he falls to the floor, his disciples attempt to avenge him, but they are all quickly slain. After Assassin leaves, planning to use any remaining energy into destroying the ritual, he begins to revive a few minutes later. With laughter like that of a child’s tinged with a hint of twistedness, it originates from pure joy at the depth of his heart. Having found a purpose in destroying Assassin's faith, he changes his form, devours the corpses of his disciples, and feels nor remorse for reducing them to bones. He begins thinking of Assassin's despair, and his dead eyes shimmer with life while reaching a frenzy imagining the taste of a Servant’s blood. Without even a formal contract between the two, they drench the Holy Grail War in black venom.

When Assassin fights Orlando's Clan Calatin force in the police headquarters Jester reveals himself and Assassin finally realizes he's still alive. Jester used one of his Command Spells to teleport her away. Assassin was forced to be sent to the woods.



Jester's second body.

Jester's nature as a Dead Apostle allows him to provide enough energy for Assassin to repeatedly use her Noble Phantasms when a normal magus would have been drained. The reason he is able to survive having his heart crushed is due to his unique body. Differing from the Command Spells on his right hand, he has tattoos laden with a sense of magic in a shape much like the cylinder of a revolver, six red crests arranged in a circular pattern, upon his chest. Each contains a conceptual core as a magus (魔術師としての概念核, majutsushi to shite no gainenkaku?) in the form of a heart that contains a "soul as a magus." They are shielded by several layers of magical defense, and he can revive easily even if one is destroyed. While the state of the destroyed body is definitely that of a corpse, he can move it around like a puppet.

The active core is placed upon his left thorax, and it will turn black if it is destroyed. He can switch it by inserting his hand into the crest, making it sink into himself rather than tearing through skin, and he stirs his insides nosily like the cylinder of a revolver. The black crest is moved to his left abdomen, and a new red crest takes its place on his left thorax. Changing it also allows him to change his appearances by morphing his shape, and using up all the faces will return him to his original form. He has also control over his shadow, turning it into an elongated red extension of the same color as the tattoo, and it can entangle targets, separate from the floor, swallow them in a red tide, reduce bodies into mere skeletons in just seconds, and return to him brighter than it was before. Jester also seems to posses at least a fair amount of skill in mage craft, forming a tornado coupled with flames in his clash with Hansa. Due to being a Dead Apostle, his physical abilities far surpass average humans and man made noble phantasms have little to no effect on him, dispatching most of Clan Calatin with ease. He carries a regenerative ability expected of a dead apostle however Hansa, an executioner feels there is something different about it.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Narita originally thought the idea behind the character was excessive, but Nasu encouraged the idea and thought of the nickname. They then both decided on making his true form that of a small girl because Nasu thought that he "couldn’t see Assassin giving up the Grail to any man, given how super-tough she is.”