Nasuverse character
Jinako Carigiri


Jinako back

Japanese name: ジナコ=カリギリ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Chibichuki!
Fate/Extra CCC / Foxtail
Japanese VA: Aoi Yūki
Character type: Human, Master
Command Spell: Jinako cs
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 3[1]
Height: 153 cm[1]
Weight: 82 kg[1]
Three sizes: B109/W87/H112
Blood type: B[1]
Place of Origin: Japan
Likes: Games, junk food[1]
Dislikes: Rear charge, blazing up[1]
Talents: Routine work[1]
Natural enemy: Karna, Rin, Andersen[1]
Image Color: Cocoa Brown[1]
Secret Garden:

Jinako Carigiri (ジナコ=カリギリ, Jinako Karigiri?) is the Master of Launcher in the Holy Grail War of the Moon Cell in Fate/Extra CCC.




Jinako and Karna

She was born to a German father and a Japanese mother and was raised in a wealthy environment. When she was 14, she lost her parents in a truck accident. She inherited all of family's fortune, which would last her for a lifetime. Since then, she withdrew herself from the world and didn't attend to her high school. As a result, she became addicted to the world of virtual gaming and eventually became the champ of Eurozone that even Shinji Matou was placed in second ranking. She has an IQ of 200.

At the age of 29, she heard a rumor about the Moon Cell Holy Grail War so she crept into the SE.RA.PH, hoping to seek life. She summons Karna as a Lancer class during the Holy Grail War on the Near Side, however she changes his class name to Launcher due to Brahmastra appearing similar to a beam attack. In the first week battle, her first opponent was Monji Gatou. Fearing of battle, she desperately looked for a safe place to hide and she discovered the janitor room by hacking which was no longer in use since it became the entrance to the coliseum.

She escaped from the monitoring of SE.RA.PH and hid in the janitor room. Though she was technically disqualified during the early rounds, Jinako stayed within the room and avoided deletion because the system would not delete participants in that location. She was still ultimately doomed once the Holy Grail War would be completed and everything besides the winner was to be deleted. However Karna secretly gave her his armor to prevent her death and deletion.


Fate/Extra CCCEdit


Jinako is one of the Masters who retained their servants when BB devoured everybody in the prologue. When Hakuno Kishinami tries to recruit Jinako, she refuse to cooperate with the student council to escape from the Far Side of the Moon.

Chapter 3 - Alter Ego / MEdit

Leonardo B. Harwey ordered Jinako to act as Hakuno's fake girlfriend and enter Sakura Labyrinth together. As Passionlip saw Jinako with Hakuno, she became jealous of her and chased after her on the 8th floor. After Hakuno defeated Passionlip, they found Jinako near the fragmented memory data. She recovered parts of her memories and remembers her defeat in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Shocked with this revelation, she fled deeper into the Sakura Labyrinth. Jinako becomes exhausted and stops as Karna appears. Jinako complains about his late arrival.


Julius B. Harwey found Jinako and Karna shortly after, and Jinako becomes distracted by Julius's presence. BB's shadow devoured Jinako, using her as the sentinel.

Chapter 4 - Sick, Home SinkEdit

  • Jinako's Secret Garden
  • Jinako's punishment

When Hakuno faced Jinako and Karna for the first time in the 10th floor, Karna easily overpowers them. Jinako then decided that her sevant was too powerful to be a regular Lancer thus dubbing him Launcher. After Hakuno collected Jinako's first SG, Karna teleported away.

Chapter 7 - I Love YouEdit

Before the school was deleted, Jinako was hiding in a room with Karna. Jinako screams as she thinks she is about to die again. Karna revealed to Jinako that she didn't die in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War and she was saved thanks to Karna's golden armour. Karna bids farewell to Jinako.


  • cheat_atk(); - A codecast skill that causes MP damage.
  • cheat_seal(); - A codecast skill that seal skills against GUARD.
  • cheat_boost(); - A codecast skill that raises Magical Energy.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

The inclusion of Jinako was a request to Kinoko Nasu from the Fate/Extra CCC staff. They had the illustration done and the idea of wanting a "NEET girl", so Nasu took it from there.[2]


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