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Nasuverse character
Julius B. Harwey
Normal | Normal (Back) | Ghost
Japanese name: ユリウス・ベルキスク・ハーウェイ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extra
Fate/Extra CCC
Voice actor: Hatano Wataru
Character type: Human, NPC, Master
Command Spell: Julius CS
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown[1]
Height: 162cm[1]
Weight: 59kg[1]
Blood type: A[1]
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Likes: Nothing in particular[1]
Dislikes: Nothing in particular[1]
Talents: Assassination[1]
Natural enemy: Hakuno Kishinami[1]
Image Color: Ultramarine[1]

Julius Belkisk Harwey is a cold blooded assassin, the Master of Assassin in Fate/Extra. He is also the older brother of Leonardo B. Harwey. He is a cold man, whose sole purpose in life is to protect Leonardo.



Julius is a tall man with short shoulder length, black hair with blank, cold black eyes. He wears black fur coat with blue gloves, light blue zipper pants, and blue shoes.

He reappears in the ULTM round on Day 1, with his hair seen to be slightly messy and combed to the back. He appears to have tired eyes, and his face seems is somewhat pale. This indicates the hardship he had to face when trying to escape his death during the previous round.


Julius appears to be a mature and cold person. He seems to be protective of his younger brother and has the duty to kill anyone who gets in his brother's way of winning the Holy Grail war. Being an assassin, he will use any methods to accomplish his mission, such as trying to kill off Hakuno Kishinami before. He has a dark and cold aura around him, but it slowly disappears as the game goes.

After he resisted deletion his personality completely changes. He starts to become insane, taking on an enraged and superior attitude when he faces Hakuno in the final week. After Hakuno defeats him, he is shown to actually have a soft side, before finally disappearing forever.

Julius seems to possess some affinity for film. Being the only Magus capable of accessing the multimedia room, he uses a projector to try and spy on the battles in the coliseum and later refers to poorly made films in his speech.



Julius and Assassin
Julius and Assassin
Mikiyo2Added by Mikiyo2

First presented as the teacher Souichirou Kuzuki, he is in fact Julius, the brother of Leonardo B. Harwey, hacking the profile of the original Kuzuki but using his own avatar.

In the real world, he is a cold-blooded assassin, and he came to protect his brother from the shadows by killing his opponents in any way.

Julius will be Hakuno's opponent in the fifth round, regardless which route the player chose to go through. Julius attempts to kill off Hakuno quickly by making an ambush in the Arena, though their servant intercepts the attack, becoming badly injured. Since Julius's servant is invisible, Hakuno seemingly has no chance to defeat them. With the help of Rin/Rani, Hakuno's servant recovers again, and reveals a hint at Assassin's true identity. Julius tries to kill Hakuno again in the school, but Kotomine stops them immediately.

However, during the final confrontation, Hakuno will be given the choice to talk to Julius, and the questions thrown at him will push him into revealing some of his true self.

When Julius is defeated, he resists deletion. Yet despite this, he lets out a scream and disappears from sight, which leads to the question whether he is dead or not.

During the first day of the ULTM battle, the arena is found covered with darkness and the 'feeling of hatred', which leads to the conclusion that it was set up by Julius. While finding an escape route in the arena, Hakuno is hit Julius's memories, though they are unclear. Reaching the exit, Julius does indeed returns with Assassin, who has now taken on traits of a Berserker through the use of a former Berserker Master's Command Seals, which Julius had stolen from another Master after his own command seals disappeared after Assassin's defeat. Julius explains that he was able to escape the Moon Cell's deletion and explains how he is unable to accept his defeat, as Hakuno is a not even really alive, revealing to them that they are only a ghost created by the Moon Cell based by someone who died twenty-years ago.

After defeating them, Berserker immediately disappears, though Julius remains. Julius appears to be more calm, and slowly collapses to the floor. Despite everything he has done to them, Hakuno shows sympathy to Julius.

He reveals that he was empty ever since he was born. He admits that no one can live without love, though only one person who ever loved him was his mother. Despite this, he was assigned to kill her and after he'd done so, Julius was left in despair. Thinking to himself he would never be loved again, he decided that his only purpose in life would to protect his brother, Leo, as was his mother's last wish.

Seeing the kindness displayed by Hakuno, Julius finds himself pleased to see someone else is crying for him or is willing to understand him. He either attempts to wipe away their tears, but is unable to, or takes hold of their hand. Even so, he finally disappears with a smile. It is said that he finally finds salvation, and is reunited with his mother again.

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

Julius works closely with Leo and Gawain in the student council.

When Jinako Karigiri went missing in the Sakura Labyrinth during in the 9th floor, Julius volunteers to search for her. When he found her, he worked along with BB to devour Jinako. After Leo and Gawain were defeated, BB revealed to Hakuno and the student council that Julius is a double agent.

When Hakuno was thrown away by BB to be deleted, BB prepared a shape shifter shadow to delete Hakuno. Julius then appears through a portal door to rescue Hakuno. BB questions his betrayal and Julius reveals that he came to help a friend. BB thought Julius would hate Hakuno after Hakuno defeated him in the 5th round, but she didn't know the details about his survival in the 7th round as a ghost and how he made peace thanks to Hakuno. He sacrifices himself to force Hakuno to escape to the world of logo where Hakuno's servant is sealed.


Julius is shown on many occasions to be a very capable and dangerous man. Using his hacking talents, he is first seen using the personal data of Souichirou Kuzuki to enter the war. His avatar is not that of a standard student or NPC and he managed to lock down the AV Room for his own personal use. He was shown to be capable of teleporting others into a space somewhere within the coliseum to allow his servant to dispose of them. Before the end of the preliminaries he is seen at one point surrounded by corpses with three more appearing in the hallway during the third round, implying Julius had disposed of them himself. Even outside of the Moon Cell it it is implied he was a competent and high ranking assassin within the Harwey Foundation's counter-terrorism unit.

After escaping deletion within the Moon Cell, Julius displays several unique, if highly frightening talents. He is shown to be capable at surgery through hacking, having grafted the arm from a Berserker's Master onto his own. He also altered the Arena of the Seventh Chimeric Lunar Sea into a reality marble, a space which Caster describes as a place built around targeting a single individual for revenge. In this space, not only has he sectioned off parts of the arena, preventing his target's freedom of movement, at several points, perhaps unintentionally, the space manifest spectral walls which allow access to fragments of Julius' memory.


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