Kazuradrop (カズラドロップ, Kazuradoroppu?) is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in CCC Incident Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail.



Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), whose True Name is Kazuradrop, is a High-Servant created by BB. She was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with Ego from inside of it. She reproduced their data, and Kazuradrop came to existence as a complex of goddesses.


Kazuradrop's appearance resembles Sakura but is younger in appearance, closely resembles the original Sakura Matou from Fate: Zero but with purple hair and bright green-yellow eyes. She wears a green kimono with yellow clothing underneath and white frilly collar. The sleeves and the back of her dress has slightly darker color. On the front of her dress are yellow ropes woven into her kimono that tied into two knots and with two tasers, similar to the one on Nameless's outfit. Two taser-like ornaments are attached to the bottom of her sleeves. Kazuradrop also wears a black short under her kimono and a pair of yellow shoes with white socks. Similar to the original Sakura, she has a yellow ribbon tied to the left side of her head.
In her guise as BB, Kazuradrop wears black gothic-themed outfit with large hat. Her appearance is mostly the same as BB but with red eyes instead of purple. In this form, she doesn't wear any shoes.


Kazuradrop is the Alter Ego of love, differing from the other Alter Egos in that she doesn't hate humans. In actuality, she holds some doubts over their existence due to how she views it as contradictory. She is quiet and caring in nature, and she holds no flaws as an AI, even wishing to go back to being complete. She is the most tidy and youngest of the Sakura Five due to being pictured as a nurse. She is a "big health nut" and loves injections. Rin mentions that her personality is extremely different from the other Alter Egos. She would become a rival to Caster."[1]



Kazuradrop unveils herself.

Fate/Extra CCC Fox TailEdit


Kazuradrop's combat ability is nonexistent, and she functions more as a virus detector. If the data retrieved from a bug does not resist, then she will clean it and can turn it into something harmless. Her id_eses are Repulsion For One's Kin (同族嫌悪, Dōzoku Ken'o?) and Insect Eater (インセクトイーター, Insekuto Ītā?). In Fate Extra CCC: Foxtail, it is mentioned that she stole most of the original BB's abilities and is capable of using them against Hakuno Kishinami and his servant as seen with her utilizing BB's signature Domina Cornam with ease.

  • Domina Cornam
  • Bug Space


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Kazuradrop: Welcome. This is a colony where the nonradical Sakuras come together.
Rin: Now this is ridiculous, this girl's personality is just way too different.
Kazuradrop: If you return the Sakura Drops that come from our source, we can supply you with items and recover your stamina. ♥”

Fate/EXTRA material

Kazuradrop was cut during the development period of Fate/Extra CCC along with Violet and Kingprotea and detailed in Fate/EXTRA material. She later appeared with them in Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail. Had she been used the game, she would have lived in the planned village for the Sakuras and given Hakuno Kishinami items in exchange for "Sakura Drops." Nasu cited her love of injections and similarity to Sakura's role as school nurse as a reason for not appearing.[2]


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