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Noble Phantasm
Kilenc Sárkány
Japanese name: キレンツ・サカーニィ
Title: Dragon Cry Thundering Voice
Japanese title: 竜鳴雷声
Transliteration: Ryūna Raisei
Owner: Lancer
Type: Anti-Unit[1]
Rank: D[1]
Range: 3-30[1]
Maximum number of targets: 500 people[1]

Kilenc Sárkány: Dragon Cry Thundering Voice (竜鳴雷声キレンツ・サカーニィ, Ryūna RaiseiKirentsu Sakānyi?, lit. "Nine Dragons") is the Noble Phantasm utilized by Elizabeth Bathory while under the Lancer class, but she later utilizes Bathory Erzsebet in its place while acting as the Servant of Hakuno Kishinami. The ability is the majesty of a roaring dragon by the name of Sárkány converted into a Noble Phantasm by weather spirits according to ancient legends in Hungary. The ability works by amplifying sounds and vibrations to invoke wind and rain by means of that resonance.

It is said that it amplifies sound and vibration, using the resulting resonance to call forth wind and rain. It utilizes the charisma, soothing effects, and ability to fill others with dread that reside in the wielder's voice. It can also be said that it simply increases the voice's volume by eighty-one times. It is a demonic singing voice that destroys and tramples not only the body of any listener, but also their mind. Growing wings and standing atop her spear, she lets out a sound wave that assaults the opponent.[2]


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