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King's Order: Twelve Glories (十二の栄光キングス・オーダー, Jūni no EikōKingusu Ōdā?) is the Noble Phantasm embodying "proof of crushing the Twelve Labors" performed by Heracles. Upon losing his Divinity and immortality when forced into the state of being Alcides, it manifested as a necessity of having proof of the accomplished labors. It is the embodiment of "having owned the Noble Phantasms in one's legend", allowing him to fully utilize all his tools he obtained in life. It "crushes a convention of the Holy Grail itself", so magical energy consumption is increased manifold as a result.[1]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Pelt of the Divine Beast (First Labor)Edit

A Noble Phantasm based on Heracles' First Labor where he exterminated the Nemean Lion for its pelt. According to Gilgamesh, the Nemean Lion is possibly a special demonic beast that rejects human civilization, granting its wielder and the pelt immunity to human-made weapons. It is hinted by Bazdilot to be the shroud worn over Alcides' face.

Stymphalian Bird (Sixth Labor)Edit

A Noble Phantasm based on Heracles' Sixth Labor where he exterminated the mysterious Stymphalian Birds. Alcides fires a bronze arrow that changes into the Stymphalian Bird, a gigantic bird wrapped with metallic wings and a beak and talons of bronze.[2]

Goddess of War (Ninth Labor)Edit

Main article: Goddess of War

Cerberus (Twelfth Labor)Edit

A Noble Phantasm based on Heracles' Twelfth Labor where he captured the "Watchdog of Hell Cerberus". Alcides can use this to summon the Cerberus, a three-headed dog with a size approximately that of an elephant beast. Because it does not have Hades' divine protection, its strength does not reach that of a Divine Beast.[2]


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