Kingprotea (キングプロテア, Kingupurotea?) is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incident of Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail.



Alter Ego G (アルターエゴ G, Arutā Ego G?), whose True Name is Kingprotea, is a High-Servant created by BB.[2] With the G meaning "gigantism, growing, greed", She was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with Ego from inside of it. Unlike the others composed of several goddesses, she was created from the essence of the Earth Mother Goddess, common throughout all mythologies.[2] Her ranking amongst the Sakura Five is the lowest position, but her presence in SE.RA.PH is the strongest.[3] She was originally sealed by BB at the ends of the imaginary number space.


Kingprotea is a giantified version of Sakura covered in bandages and green mosses, possibly referring to her being created from Earth Mother Goddesses. She has pale purple eye and long hair that reaches down to the bottom. Like other members of Sakura Five, she has a ribbon tied on the left side of her head with the color being white.[3]


Kingprotea is the "Alter Ego of thirst of love."


Fate/Extra CCC Fox TailEdit

Kingprotea appears in the dream world of the trapped Hakuno Kishinami, BB orders Violet and Kingprotea to kill Hakuno. She tries to kill Hakuno by rampaging across Tsukumihara Academy. She ate Shinji Matou who she assumed was Hakuno. After Kingprotea fails to accomplish her task, Violet decides to finish him herself. Hakuno summons Caster and she frees Hakuno from the dream world by waking Hakuno with a punch.



Kingprotea next to Hakuno Kishinami.

Though she lacks a Noble Phantasm, her self can be treated as a Noble Phantasm, acting as a hazard that can only be overcome in battle through the combined strength of several servants much like Amaterasu. Her id_es skills are Huge Scale (ヒュージスケール, Hyūji Sukēru?) and Grow Up Grow (グロウアップグロウ, Gurou Appu Gurou?), cheat skills evolved from Self-Modification and Experience Point Bonus. Although already extremely large, Huge Scale makes it so that there is no limit to how large she can become, increasing the upper limit as the previous upper limit is reached. Repeating the process infinitely, it is "infinite growth of infinite growth." With the potential to become a "planet-destroying, universe-level disaster", the giant transformation makes her lose complex intelligence and function. As it cannot bear common sense, the user will completely self-destruct. Grow Up Grow cheats to modify "Experience Point Bonus", which allows the user to gain a bonus percentage of experience points after a battle, to "Always gaining Experience Points."

Her Self-Suggestion skill raises resistance against mental interference. While even A rank can make the "I do not age = Truly stops aging" level of assumption possible, her EX rank makes the happenings in her mental world outside of all understanding.[3]


Kingprotea was originally meant to be a character in Fate/Extra CCC before being cut in development. She was planned to cause chaos while Hakuno was traveling through Sakura Labyrinth for a long time; she would try and prevent Hakuno from passing onwards by breaking the passage.[3]


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