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The Knights of the Round Table (円卓の騎士, Entaku no Kishi?) are the protectors of Camelot under King Arthur. Called such for having gathered around the Round Table as equals with each other and their King, they were admired throughout the country. Their overall numbers vary depending upon the story, but the world of Fate/stay night accepts the standard pattern of thirteen knights.[1] The world of Fate/Prototype has a different King Arthur and thirteen knights as well.


Each member had a number attributed to them.

  • Sir Bors (サー・ボールス, Sā Bōrusu?) - Next in line to be the eleventh
  • King Pellinore (, ?) - Supervisor
  • Sir Pelleas (サー・ペレアス, Sā Pereasu?) - Pelleas was a stray knight not counted as part of the Round Table. Richard the Lionheart describes him as someone who exchanged vows with a fairy of the lake and survived the Battle of Camlann, but one of his retinue describes Pelleas as someone who "just saw his chance and ran."

Fate/Prototype world


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