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Noble Phantasm
La Black Luna
La Black Luna
Japanese name: ラ・ブラック・ルナ
Japanese title: 恐慌呼起こせし魔笛
Owner: Rider of Black
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: C
Range: 1-50
Maximum number of targets: 100 people

La Black Luna: (恐慌呼起こせし魔笛ラ・ブラック・ルナ, Ra Burakku Runa?), originally called La Black Luna (Lunatic Moon): The Magic Flute That Calls Panic (恐慌呼び起こせし魔笛(ラ・ブラック・ルナ狂える月), Ra Burakku Runa (Kurueru Tsuki): Kyōkō Yobiokoseshi Mateki?) in Fate/complete material IV, is a horn that strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear its sound, prompting instinctive escape. It does not affect Heroic Spirits with magical resistance, but normal mages are not immune to its influence. Normally a small horn that hangs from the Servant's belt, it increases in size when activated, becoming large enough to enclose the Servant. It was given to the Servant by the good witch Logestila of Avalon as a means to remove a large flock of harpies.[1] It has become more devastating in the novel, being able to release powerful sonic wave. Any enemies with HP lower than the damage will be disintegrated.


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