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“All evil is here."
"The time for revenge has come!"
"This is the roar of my soul that was polished by hatred..."
"La Grondement Du Haine!”


La Grondement Du Haine (Roar of Hatred): Roar, O' Rage of Mine (吼え立てよ、我が憤怒ラ・グロンドメント・デュ・ヘイン, Hoetate yo, Waga Fun'nuRa Gurondomento Du Hein?) is the Noble Phantasm of Joan of Arc Alter. It is the cursed flag possessed by the Joan of Arc who "descended upon France as the Dragon Witch." Identical to the Saint Joan of Arc's Noble Phantasm, it stops the enemy's attack. But this Noble Phantasm also swells up said attack, before it reflects it back at them. Also, if she curses an ally and the like, its power will increase.[2]

Whether it is a slashing attack, a striking attack, or on top of that, a hit by means of a curse, all of it will in the same way be converted into Jeanne Alter's physical attack power when they are halted by the Noble Phantasm.[2]

The flag can release flames with performance resembling a first-rate Dragon's breath. It transforms grudges from Jeanne Alter and anyone around her into mana to burn the opponents' injustices, impurities and self-righteousness to the bone.[1] Furthermore, the stake was stuck into her image. Personally for her, "it was something jagged... and made of steel... that I was attached to, and a harsh impression of it remains with me!", and this impression surfaces to her mind whenever she uses those flames to burn her enemies, allowing her to create these stakes in her image for her use.[2]


The proper French grammar would be "Le Grondement de La Haine".


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