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Noble Phantasm
La Pucelle
Japanese name: ラ・ピュセル
Title: The Crimson Holy Virgin
Japanese title: 紅蓮の聖女
Transliteration: Guren no Seijo
Owner: Joan of Arc
Type: Suicide[1]
Rank: C (Before activation)[1]
EX (After activation)[1]
Range:  ???[1]
Maximum number of targets:  ???[1]

La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Virgin (紅蓮の聖女ラ・ピュセル, Guren no SeijoRa Pyuseru?) is a holy sword that manifests flames, invoked using a line from the final moments of Joan of Arc: "O Lord, I entrust this body to you---" It is a crystallized Conceptual Weapon that acts as an offensive interpretation of her burning at the stake, a subtype of Reality Marble that has the imagined landscape crystallized as a sword. It is the Heroic Spirit Joan of Arc herself, and after the battle in which the Noble Phantasm is manifested, she will be extinguished.[2] In the original imagining of Fate/Apocrypha as a game, each Holy Grail War cycle was to end with the activation of this Noble Phantasm that she was stubbornly withholding until the end.[3]

According to the Apocrypha OTHER DESIGNS guidebook (page 122), Jeanne activates La Pucelle by throwing the sword up and catching it by the end of the blade. The flower on its pommel blooms, and the flames surge out of that like a great flower.


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