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Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is an enemy Servant in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War in Fate/Extra CCC. She is unique in that she switches between four different Masters (Rin TohsakaRani VIII,  Shinji Matou, and Hakuno Kishinami) as a Lancer-class Servant. She later acts as the Berserker-class Servant of Meltlilith.[11]

She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order under the Lancer, Saber and Caster classes.



Lancer's True Name is Elizabeth Báthory (エリザベート・バートリー, Erizabēto Bātorī?, lit. "Erzsébet Báthory"), the virginal fourteen year old aspect that had yet to become the monster Carmilla like her older aspect.[7][11][12][13] She is given the keyword "Dragon's Daughter" (竜の娘, Ryū no Musume?), related to her nickname "Countess Dracula".

A real person, born in 1560, died in 1614. She was born into the one of the noble families of Hungary, the Bathory family which uses the fang of a dragon as its crest.[9] One of the models for the vampire Carmilla.[9][7][13] A wicked woman who bathed in the living blood of more than 600 women in order to preserve her own beauty.[9]

The Bathory house was the family who held the majority of the influence within Eastern Europe, and she increased that, possessing the blood of the house of Habsburg which made for a lineage that would make her a purebred noble. However, whether it is do to the consanguineous marriages within the Bathory line or the effect of their luxuriant living environment, the family contained many insane and cruel individuals. Among her close relatives were a homosexual and a pedophile; a Satanist is hardly worth mentioning.[9]

Elizabeth is not an exception and became quite infamous. In what is now present-day Slovakia, in Čachtice Castle, which resided within her own dominion, she killed more than 600 women and, in order to preserve her beauty, bathed in the blood she wrung from them... She loved those repulsive blood baths. This woman who killed many members of her fiefdom, even at the very end of her life, did not consider this a crime. In those days, there was a trend among the nobility of Hungary to not even consider humans who weren't nobles as "humans" so there were no problems with her murders.[9]

One day she let a maidservant comb the hair she was so proud of. But the comb became caught in her hair, and in a vehement rage, she stabbed the maidservant with a hairpin. The maidservant's blood happened to fall upon the back of her hand, and she noticed that the skin that blood touched was smoother than usual. From now on, to preserve my beauty, I will bathe in the lifeblood of women, she thought—and did so.[9]

Collecting blood became part of her daily routine, and after she changed residences to Čachtice Castle, it reached the point where young women of marriage age were disappearing from the rural villages within her dominion. (Or maybe, everyone came to know what was going on and were sneaking the women out in secret.) She became distressed since she was no longer able to collect blood from the rural villages and so collected the daughters of minor nobles under the pretense of teaching them proper manners or inviting them to banquets. And those daughters, coming together for the banquet, dressed in fancy dresses, completely unaware of what would happen, were struck on the head.[9]

In addition to having their blood drawn, they would have hot irons thrust into their mouths, their entire bodies stabbed with pins, and other kinds of tortures. She would make her servants rip off the skin of their own daughters so she could enjoy the anguished faces of both the parent and the child. On the other hand, in regards to torturing men, tales of her enjoying killing them would not be surprising.[9]

To Elizabeth, killing the common people in droves was a daily life "without any unusual events." If there is anything that could be considered her misfortune, it is that there were no people to rebuke her abnormality, to teach her that her deeds were atrocities. Several years after she started taking blood, her cruel acts came to extend even to the daughters of the aristocracy and she finally received the indictment that her character deserved. The year was 1611. At the trial conducted in the actual person's absence, she was given a guilty verdict and imprisoned within one of the rooms of Čachtice Castle.[10]

And the people completely sealed her, who was already feared as a demon, away. The people whisper. To see her figure is frightening. To hear her voice is frightening. Simply bringing to mind the memories which had lost her, the memories from which they had removed her, is frightening. The father who brought her into this world. Elizabeth's relatives. Her compatriots in aristocratic society, as if to hide their own feelings of guilt, concealed her prison with stone. The room that Elizabeth used in her final days... her prison in the basement of the castle contained nothing but a small slit to allow food to be passed to her. And, in that room without an exit or windows, that room which was plastered up from the outside, she continued to ask, "Why?" until her final moments.[10]

“Why? Why?" "I didn't do anything bad.”

—Elizabeth Báthory

They say that her voice could be heard through the stone that imprisoned her, but it's is also said that due to the soldiers finding it annoying, the transom was sealed, and she could no longer be heard. After that, there was no one who saw her firsthand while she was alive. August 21, 1614, the soldiers noticed the smell of rotting food, confirming that her life had ended.[10]

From thereon, she became the legend known as the Blood Countess.[10]


Wearing a cyber-goth-loli dress, she has immoral devil horns (actually dragon horns), and the protruding fangs of a little devil (actually dragon fangs), and a lance that can double as a microphone stand. Her design doesn't seem to reflect her as a proper Heroic Spirit.[11]

  • Suite Room Dream (スイートルーム・ドリーム, Suīto Rūmu Dorīmu?) - Elizabeth's swimsuit costume.
  • Cheeleader (ちありーだー, Chiarīdā?)


A sweet-type Servant who calls herself an idol.[7] Noble, high-handed, cruel, merciless - she displays inhuman manners just like in legends.[7][11] Since she was raised as nobility, she has no such a thing like common morality. An anti-hero of evil, but she herself is a young girl that dreams of love. Her timid nature is her own ruin: as a consequence of it, she helps her comrades and overlooks her enemies, and thus ends up displaying human goodness that places her on the borderline of "well, you could even call her a Heroic Spirit". "Could it be that you're actually a good person?" - she herself hates to be referred in such a manner. Also, due to the Skill "Mental Disorder", Elizabeth could not recognize others as human beings, but it seems she somewhat reformed herself - or maybe just matured - and became a more understanding anti-hero in this work.[7] She may seem sadistic, but to her harming and causing pain to others is no different from breathing. To Elizabeth, inducing the suffering of humans (who are all lower level creatures than herself) is her duty. She is an incarnation of nobility, and seriously carries out her responsibility to rule and manage the masses. From this perspective she is very diligent and responsible towards her work. The problem is that to her, ruling and managing the masses means nothing more than their torture.[11]

Her personality is considered to be similar to Luviagelita Edelfelt.[14] She self proclaims herself as an idol and her demonic singing makes her both a rival for Saber in both name and reality. Elizabeth makes a habit of referring to Hakuno, depending on their gender, as either a "little squirrel" if they are female or as a "pig" if they are male when speaking to them.[11]

Caster describes her as personification of narcissism and an unsightly woman with an unsightly appearance, upbringing, ideology, disposition, and senses. Though she appears prideful, it is not directed towards anyone. Others do not see the truth behind it, but she is a "laughingstock" who, in treating humans as pigs, is doing nothing but holding her head high in front of a bunch of pigs. She does not understand love, so she is the "most unmanageable monster of this world", and although she takes pride in her beauty, she can be called rotten like trash within.[15]

Prior to her imprisonment in the ice capsule program constructed by Rin and Rani, Lancer displayed her immense claustrophobia and autophobia due to the traumas of her past punishment for her crimes, being locked away all alone in small chambers. She screams for Hakuno to slay her as she would rather die them be imprison in isolation again.


Vlad III


Fate/Extra CCCEdit

  • Lancer's Secret Garden
  • Lancer's punishment

The Master who summons her is Run Ru. It's not clear if she is Run Ru's original Servant, or if she took the place of Black Lancer through the events of CCC but in the time line where BB exists, Run Ru's Servant is not Vlad III, but rather this young girl.[11] After BB assassinated Run Ru, Lancer willingly collaborate with BB.

Lancer first appears as Rin's Servant however after their defeat Lancer abandons Rin.[16]

Lancer becomes Rani's Servant, only to be defeated again and is seemingly deleted.[17]

Elizabeth returns alive as the next sentinel however she changed class into Berserker with Shinji as her new master. When Shinji was attacked by Meltlilith, Meltilith becomes Berserker's new master. After Hakuno defeated her, she is sealed away by Rin and Rani. Lancer screams for Hakuno to kill her as she could not bear the thought of being locked away again.[18]

Elizabeth becomes Lancer again and makes her final appearance when she becomes Hakuno's temporary Servant to help them fight their Servant's zero model. Afterwards, she leaves Hakuno to become an idol.[19]


She returns, but this time as a selectable playable character for Hakuno Kishinami in Side Story. She is initially presented as part of Tamamo no Mae's party along with Tamamo no Mae, Karna, Medusa and Lü Bu Fèngxiān. Later in the game, it is revealed that she was corrupted by Archimedes and turned into a Servant of Velber prior to the events of the game and sent into Tamamo's faction as a spy, though she repeatedly plots against Archimedes and attempts to claim the power of the Regalia for herself.

Due to her increased Velber corruption throughout the game, she has two additional forms: Dark Eliza and Corroded Elizabeth.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Year WarEdit

Elizabeth appears along with Kiyohime, who she is fighting with. Their battle is stopped by the Ritsuka Fujimaru's party arrive to the scene. Elizabeth helps the Ritsuka's party in the final battle against Jeanne Alter, where she defeats her older version, Carmilla, with the Ritsuka's help. She, however, is disliked by the other Servants, due to the amount of noise made by her Noble Phantasm.[20]

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

Elizabeth is present on the island with Tamamo Cat, accompanying Stheno. She is met on the island by the Protagonist, Mash Kyrielight and Nero, who arrive after hearing about a goddess being on the island.

Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~Edit

E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North AmericaEdit

Elizabeth appears again in the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity. She meets Ritsuka's party in a town and joins the Resistance against both the American and Celtic forces. She is later made one of the leaders of the northern United American and Resistance army.

Halloween Comeback! Super Ultra ☆ Giant Pumpkin Village ~To Adventure We Go…~Edit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Elizabeth is one of the "Orleans" Singularity Servants to assist the Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[21]

Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber : Great Decisive Battle at Himeji CastleEdit


In her interlude The New Eliza (エリザ・新生, Eriza Shinsei?), Elizabeth sends Ritsuka an announcement letter for her live performance, which she claims already has participants lining from the night before. However, She is disappointed when no one shows, but the group quickly is attacked by enemies who want to stop Elizabeth's singing. After defeating all of them, Elizabeth is disappointed that her concert is ruined, but she takes interest in turning her and Mash into idol duo.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Lancer in Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
  • CCC48 Red Lancer

She is featured in Fate/EXTRA Gone Wild! Casko!? where she is seen without horns and is wearing the female Tsukumihara Academy uniform.

In Back Alley Satsuki, she is a gold heroine of dragon to protect the fifth temple and she is known as the CCC48 Red Lancer (CCC48 赤ランサー, CCC48 Aka Ransā?).

She is called Eli-chan (エリちゃん, Eri-chan?) in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order.


  • Lancer's lance

Lancer also has the capacity to be summoned under the Berserker class, and she switches to it during the events of the story. Her Mad Enhancement is very low, allowing her to retain her reason. There is not much benefit to the skill, turning her Strength and Endurance into a state that is more "don't care about pain" than anything else. She instead has Mental Disorder, a state of the mind falling ill and a mental "super armor" ability. Rather than the common madness added to a Berserker, she becomes incapable of feeling the pain of others and unable to sense the mood in the surroundings.[10]

She wields a Dragon Lance named Sarkany Csont Landzsa, though she uses it more as a microphone than as a spear.[22]


She displays two different Noble Phantasms, Kilenc Sárkány and Báthory Erzsébet. The first is utilized under the Lancer class, while the second is utilized under the Berserker class. She continues to utilize Bathory Erzsebet as the Protagonist's Servant. Her Territory Creation allows her to build up a prison-castle and that is mainly used in confining girls. According to the records, the master of the castle would capture five virgins a day, execute three for the sake of bathing in blood, and torture to death one as if a pet. She gave the last remaining the right of challenging various fates:

  • "As it is, I'll be killed"
  • "Plan a escape, but be killed after being betrayed by my comrades"
  • "Be caught by the palace guards and killed"
  • "Falling from the castle and having an accidental death"
  • "…barely escaping alive and prosecuting the demon".

Fate's odds of "successfully escaping" are 1/1000.

She displays excellent Torture Techniques, granted plus modifiers when using utensils of torture. She has a wide range of methods, including locking captured humans in an Iron Maiden and squeezing their blood, tormenting and driving them mad with finger-breakers or restraining devices. At times she will bite at fingers, arms, nape of necks or breasts and even go as far as biting them off. Her Charisma, the coercion as a member of the ruling class, is granted on rank up against women due to a special transmission aid. Though she loves to torture men through torture utensils, she displays an unusual fastidiousness towards men and rarely comes into contact with them directly.[9][10][7]

Mixed BloodEdit

Bathory's Wings

Berserker's Wings

Lancer has been demonized by the Innocent Monster (無辜の怪物, Muko no Kaibutsu?, localized as "Seraphic Monstrosity") skill that uses the image produced from one's deeds in life to distort their past and way of being, which ends up transforming their abilities and appearance. Her form is due to the deeds she practiced in life, unlike Vlad III, another who holds the same skill, being looked down upon as a monster after death due to the work of a novelist. Though she looks like a demon, her horns and tail are those of a dragon, and though her fangs look like those of a vampire, they are also those of a dragon.[9] Dragon Breath (竜の息吹, Ryū no Ibuki?) is a torrent of mana released by a dragon, the strongest Phantasm Species. Super-sonic dragon breath. Although she has turned into a dragon due the Skill Innocent Monster, as expected it is somewhat unreasonable so the power is low.[9][7] Her lungs have been turned into a spirit world, attaining tremendous lung capacity and a Dragon Breath attack through the means of ultrasonic waves. Despite being the ability of the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, she seems to be forcing herself because its power is low.[9]

The form is not a forgery caused solely through the means of Innocent Monster, but rather brought about from the dragon's blood mixed within her. The source is crest of the Báthory family, a shield coat of arms patterned after a red fang that represented the dragon's gallantry, vigorousness, and the brutality of never letting the enemy live.[7] It grants her Magic Resistance (対魔力, Tai Maryoku?, localized as "Anti-Magic") of the same grade as King Arthur, another with dragon blood. She has a reverse scale like that of a Chinese dragon around the area of her coccyx. After having it seen, she becomes red-faced due to embarrassment, has a panic attack, approaches the person who looked, and presents them with the two choices of "Will you be killed by me? or Will you marry me?"[10]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit


She was made to wear the Halloween-attribute by means of a Holy Grail that was found by chance. I don't understand anything anymore. An over the top Servant that, while still admiring the idol culture, had even the "princess who dreams inside a castle"-attribute added to her.[13]

Originally, the Halloween was a harvest festival from the Celts and had no relation to something so theme park-like, but Elizabeth has no care about such circumstances. Celebrating because it is remarkably overflowing with romance, launching fireworks because it is awfully dramatic and making pumpkin pies (strong poisons) due to believing the other party will be surely pleased[13]

She looks like a demon that would come out during Halloween, but those horns and tails are those of a dragon. Seems that those yaebas are not the fangs of a vampire, but the fangs of a dragon.[13]

Elizabeth completely cast away the piercing-torture, iron maiden anecdotes - while saying "those stories have nothing to do with me" - and changed her weapon from a spear to a fork. Since there is magical energy in excess, she can perform offensive magecraft even without having learned any magecraft in particular. She herself does not understand its reasoning at all. It is very much like Elizabeth to conceal excessive talent, yet not know how to use it.[13]

The ability to create a favorable location to oneself as a Magus. Although she obtained the power of a Holy Grail, the power to forcible redesign the Prison Castle Čachtice into a Pleasure Castle is worthy of praise.[12]

The power to create various tools by Thaumathurgy. Although she had Vlad III and Tamamo Cat's help, her ability to mass produce party goods is worthy of praise. Now if only her music sense as good...[12]

  • Innocent Monster

Someone who, regardless of their intentions or appearance, had the truth about them deeply twisted by rumors. After becoming the party's organizer thanks to the power of the Holy Grail, it's no exaggeration to say that Elizabeth has become Haloween itself. Probably.[12]

  • Prana Burst (Pumpkin)

The ability to store magical energy in a weapon or one's own body and release it instantaneously. Pumpkin spirits reside in Haloween Eliza's weapon and Thaumathurgy, and they can exert the same effect as a first class Prana Burst when in a place with the hustle and bustle of a festival. However, those pumpkin spirits can materialize on the first place thanks to Elizabeth's magical energy. Which came first, the pumpkins or Elizabeth?[12]

  • Performance Continuation

An alternate form of Battle Continuation. Since she returned as the main character, it can also produce Critical Stars. Why can't she use that Guts on someone else?[12]


The Halloween-celebrating Elizabeth (Caster) that became a Saber at the end of an unfortunate fate. With the power of dragon, power of music and a second Halloween on her side, it is not like there isn’t a feeling that nobody that can stop her anymore.[24]

With a pure white mantle, a crimson armor and a straightforward great sword that lacks in decorations for modern trends in hand, the Hero Elizabeth pushes on today as well. Her overall weight includes the weight of the armor.[24]

By being chosen as a Hero, her usual mood swings and wickedness have lessened, and Elizabeth acquired a bravery-like (albeit somewhat willful) personality that helps the weak and outwits the strong. That is because Elizabeth is mistaking her own position as a hero - maybe due perceiving that “Saber = an ally of justice” - and working hard to fulfill it; or so it seems. However, since she is sticking to an unfamiliar character of the side of justice, she is even more clumsy than usual.[24]

  • Double Class: E

A miraculous mutation born from a fusion between Lancer and Caster. That being said, there are no benefits in special.[24]

  • Prana Burst (Courage): D

Although it is Prana Burst, this is an extremely rare internal-type. Increases defenses. Strangely, she is not glad at all.[24]

  • Heroic Great Principle: EX
  1. a hero must be invincible;
  2. a hero must be enthusiastic;
  3. a hero can freely use most of the lost items;

...and so on; the saying goes that there are about ten general rules. As far as Skills go, this is like a lead up to the protagonist-reversal usually seen in action manga.[24]

  • Legend of the Crimson Hero: EX

A hero’s greatest secret art and super-privilege, said to be only usable in the movie-version. Consumes large amounts of hero power to achieve a super power-up. A super buff of the same type as Tamamo-chan Summer’s Goddess Metamorphosis. However, despite having such requirements, this is a gamble skill that has random factors in it. People can only think of her as a player.[24]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Elizabeth Bathory was written by Kinoko Nasu. Takashi Takeuchi was the character designer for her in Fate/Extra CCC. Arco Wada is the character illustrator for her.[6][12][23]


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