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Japanese name: ランサー
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Grand Order
Japanese VA: Miki Itō
Character type: Servant (Master: Protagonist)
Servant classes: FGO Lancer
Gender: Female[1]
Height: 165cm[1]
Weight:  ??kg[1]

Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?) is a Lancer-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Lancer's True Name is Jaguar Man (ジャガーマン, Jagā Man?), a Pseudo-Servant summoned into the body of Taiga Fujimura.

Jaguar Man is a Divine Spirit of old handed down on Central and South America. The jaguar is, namely, a symbol of “war” and “death”, an existence revered for a long time on the Central and South American civilizations of all periods, and it has been said that, in the past, it would reveal itself to the world from time to time. In the Olmec civilization of the Preclassic Period, the jaguar deity was a mixed-blood of human and jaguar. Deified in the shape of a jaguar-human (jaguarman/werejaguar) and the likes. In the mythologies of Central and South America, it is often described as an spiritual existence called nagual, a shadow and a supernatural Guardian Spirit. It has been said that Tezcatlipoca, one of the chief gods worshiped in the Aztec civilization, is also endowed with a nagual - a fearsome jaguar nagual. In this work, Jaguarman is syncretizing the aspects as a nagual of Tezcatlipoca, which draws from its own genealogy, while being endowed with the disposition as a divine spirit of old.[1]

The jaguar nagual has accomplished a manifestation as a bunrei by turning a specific human into its vessel. From time immemorial, it has been said that humans who acquired the jaguar nagual were endowed with supernatural powers. The nagual tales are told even in modern times. In addition, regarding the criteria for selecting the vessel, Taiga carried the most power of the wildness among all humans connected to the Holy Grail was elected. Because it belongs to the lower class among the divine spirit-type of Servants, its selling point is the fact it cost very little.[1]


Gender belongs to the possessed human.[1]


Alignment belongs to Jaguarman, not the possessed human. No matter how one looks at it, the personality of the possessed body is the main one, but one should not point that out.[1] She is seen to have a mischievous and fun time around Chaldea with Irisviel, and reveals herself to be a love interest for Kiritsugu.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

It is unknown why it attempted to manifest in this world. Maybe it came while being attracted by Quetzalcoatl, maybe it came as if coming out to play, maybe it came while stealing a march on Tezcatlipoca when it tried to come out, etc - truly intriguing.[1]

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic BeastsEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit


Her Noble Phantasm is Great Death Claw.

Jaguar Punch (ジャガー・パンチ, ?) is the informal skill name, it's formal name is Divine Protection of the Jaguar (ジャガーの加護, ?). Jaguar Punch is destructive power. A divine protection bestowed by the jaguar divine spirit. It does not feel fear or pain. A composite skill that comprises the effects of the skills Bravery and Instinct.[1]

Jaguar Kick (ジャガー・キック, ?) is the informal skill name, it's formal name is Monstrous Strength. Jaguar Kick is also destructive power. At any rate, I alone must survive no matter what. A skill that makes one sense such a strong will, and will.[1]

Jaguar Eye (ジャガー・アイ, ?) is the informal skill name, it's formal name is Jaw of the Dark Jungle (暗き密林の顎, ?). Jaguar Eye is beam power. In case she is on a “forest” field, plus effects are added to all sorts of checks and saving throws.[1]

Dancer in the Dark: A second Noble Phantasm that allows Taiga to become an invisible shadow. Along with applying the same effect that allies within range, it was described as a type of Presence Concealment. It left them mostly undetected as Taiga, Irisviel and Master stalked Kiritsugu. Taiga said that using this for allies is difficult during intense battles but easy during regular battles.


Takao Aotsuki is the character designer for Lancer.


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