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Nasuverse character
Run Ru
Normal | Normal (Back) | Without makeup
Japanese name: ランルーくん
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Extra
Voice actor: Kobayashi Yuu
Character type: Human, Master
Command Spell: Ran ru cs
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 16[1]
Height: 185cm[1]
Weight: 44kg[1]
Blood type: O[1]
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Orange
Likes: Already lost[1]
Dislikes: Appetite[1]
Talents: Nothing in particular[1]
Natural enemy: Kiara Sessyoin[1]
Image Color: Brown[1]

Run Ru (ランルー, ?), nicknamed Lil' Ronnie (ランルーくん, Run Ru-kun?), is the Master of Lancer in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/Extra. She only appears in the Rin route.



Run Ru's appearance is of a crazed young woman with short curly orange hair, where her bangs cover her right eye, and orange eyes. Her face is covered with a white smiling clown mask with green eyeshadowing, a large red nose and large red lips.

Her body movements are bizarre, like a crippled ragdoll when she moves in cutscenes or in battle. Her physical frame is that of an extremely thin woman; it is suggested during week 4 on Rin's route that she is bulimic.

She wears a mascot costume of the popular hamburger shop called "LenLen Burger". Though she is a mascot of a popular hamburger chain, her extremely thin frame shows that she has an eating disorder.


Her characterization is twisted, to the point where her expressions of love are that of eating or food-related connotations of bizarre innocence. Before Hakuno's Elimination match with her, she confesses to have eaten her pet, her own parents and even her own child out of love (for it is wasteful if they are edible). She wants the Holy Grail to make all humanity like her, so that she won't be lonely anymore and will have more people to love and eat. Lancer claims she is his "wife", and states that her insanity and insatiable appreciation for food is what makes her beautiful as a human.

In the Japanese version, she largely used hiragana and katakana only in text and varies between a silly tone of voice and a low, ominous one when speaking; in English, the varied capital letters defy the laws of fundamental grammar "lIKe sO."



Lil's Ronne and Lancer
Run Ru and Lancer
YokushiAdded by Yokushi

She serves no other major role but as the Hakuno's opponent for the 4th week in the Holy Grail War of Fate/Extra, but both Monji Gatou and her serve to show world changing ideas from vastly askew standpoints. They both honestly believe their twisted logic would improve the world, unlike the more selfish beliefs of the Hakuno's previous opponents.

In one of the scenes where Hakuno interacts with Run Ru and her servant Lancer, Lancer deliberately suggests and remarks on Run Ru's bulimia. Her peculiar appreciation for food, where she will only eat something if she loves it dearly, presents an ominous intent for cannibalism on both her and her Servant's nature. During each interaction with Hakuno, she always states that Hakuno looks delicious and preaches about wanting eat Hakuno up.

Fate/Extra CCCEdit

Though she makes no appearance in Fate/Extra CCC, she was the original Master of Lancer before BB kills her.


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