Legend of Dracula

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Noble Phantasm
Legend of Dracula
Japanese name: レジェンド・オブ・ドラキュリア
Title: The Succession of Blood
Japanese title: 鮮血の伝承
Owner: Lancer of Black
Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
Rank: A+
Range: -
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Legend of Dracula: The Succession of Blood (鮮血の伝承レジェンド・オブ・ドラキュリア, Rejendo obu Dorakyuria: Senketsu no Denshō?) is an ability Vlad III gained through the distortion of his heroic legend, allowing him to alter his aspect to become the vampire modeled after him. In exchange for the sealing of his normal skills and Noble Phantasms, all attributes are boosted, and he obtains the capacity to shape shift into mist and assorted animals. Being in nature similar to a Dead Apostle, he possesses the Curse of Restoration and the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment, as well as weaknesses against daylight and holy symbols.[1]


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