Lev Lainur Flauros (レフ・ライノール・フラウロス, Refu Rainōru Furaurosu?, Localised as Leff Lynor Flauros), also known as Professor Lev (レフ教授, Refu-kyōju?), is the antagonist involved in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order and the key character of Clock Tower 2015.



Lev was born from an old magus' family line that continues before the Christian era. When Solomon died, the King of Magic made a rule, the Grand Order and their primary directive passed down through a magus' family line. In reality, Goetia arranged the Demon God to be placed in the lines of mages 3000 years ago. The magi born from mankind will pass on their myriad beliefs and theories to their descendants, but those magi who separated from the "King of Magic" have survived through the ages for the sake of this point in time. Lev was born from that line and his genes were engraved with a curse which will allow possession by the Demon God Flauros, to persist and survive until the era they are responsible, Flauros was assigned to be the one responsible for the year 2016.[1] Flauros would be awaken in 2015, as the final supervisor and to deal with humanity.[1][2]

Lev Uvall was a prodigy who drew attention by attaining the Fourth Rank (read as: Fes) in the Clock Tower at the young age of 20.[3]

Mr. Flauros was the director of a small research building in the Eleventh Archaeology Faculty (Rocks Road).[4]


Lev Uvall is a 40 year old German male of Aryan descent.[3]


Lev Lainur was described as an "approachable young man", he has dedicated his life to protecting humanity.[5] However this was all a guise, a deception to fool his allies in Chaldea. His true nature is a very malicious sadist. He has decided that humanity has no future, and his goal is the incineration of human history after 2016.

Lev possesses three personalities, Lev Uvall (レフ・ウヴァル, Refu Uvaru?), Lainur Gusion (ライノール・グシオン, Rainōru Gushion?), and Mr. Flauros (ミスター・フラウロス, Misutā Furaurosu?), the current personality displayed in Clock Tower 2015.

Lev UvallEdit

Lev is a man who values the "past". Lev was a pure academic magus. All his efforts were poured solely into his theory and magecraft. He cared naught of any other responsibilities, the application of his magecraft, his lineage, or building his faction. From Lev's perspective, those magi were the same as the plebians that were "normal people". Due to this, Lev was often mocked as "research fanatic" or "the indoor chairman".[3]

Lev was a close friend with Touko Aozaki in his student days. Lev had no experience to comprehend luxuries such as love.[3]


Clock Tower 2015Edit

He has passed away in the winter. The cause of death was said to be hypovolemic shock secondary to dismemberment. Even though the crime scene suggested murder, no one visited the site since the week prior. His death was thus deemed suicide, because there was no suspect. The incident was incomprehensible, but as a magus, meeting such an end was not surprising. Murder that looked like suicide, or suicide that looked like murder; such was the norm in the world of magi. The mourners had no questions regarding the death, but everyone was puzzled when the deceased was buried. On the tombstone prepared by the deceased before his death, there were three names.[4]

Aoko Aozaki travels to the Clock Tower and went to visit Lev Uvall's Archaeology department in the eleventh district. Lev's job in this residence was a researcher. Aoko refers herself as Miss Aozaki to Ms.Norwich. When Ms.Norwich informs Lev about his guest. He was happy purely because a friend with similar thoughts, skills was visiting and he had not heard about her in years. Lev thought he would never see her again. He was restless because he was looking forward to discussing magecraft with her in great length and details. When he meets Miss Aozaki, it turns out it was Aoko and Aoko asked Lev to lend her money.[3]

Flauros, kills himself in order to prevent his transformation into the final Demon God Flauros, and his remaining two personalities fight over control of the body until they eventually destroy themselves. As a result, Goetia's 3,000-year-old plan to destroy mankind is foiled.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Professor Lev joins the Chaldea Security Organization in 1999 and the created "SHEBA"; the Near-Future Observation Lens.[6] Lev and Romani Archaman has been school friends who had studied sorcery together.[2] Since he didn't commit suicide in Clock Tower 2015, Flauros role would be active in 2015.[7] It was suggested that he might had murdered Marisbury Animusphere, the previous Chaldea president and made it look like suicide.[6] He earned the current president Olgamally Animusphere trust, to easily destroy Chaldea along with humanity.[1]


He encounters Ritsuka Fujimaru, when he was looking for Mash Kyrielight. He introduces himself as one of the technicians in Chaldea and welcomes Fujimaru to Chaldea. He questions Fujimaru experiences and came to conclusion that Fujimaru is a normal civilian. Lev questions about Mash's involvement with Fujimaru, she tells him how she found Fujimaru asleep on the floor. Lev understands Fujimaru is experiencing the side effects of the simulations. He informs Fujimaru about Olga's briefing in the control room. Lev ask why Mash is interested in Fujimaru, he agrees that a lot of people who come into Chaldea are pretty fishy and he thinks Fujmaru will get along well in Chaldea.[8]

Lev, Mash and Fujimaru attends Olga's briefing, however Mash suggest to take Fujimaru to the infirmary, Lev tells them to settle down.[8] When Olga found out that Fujimaru has no actual experience, she orders Lev to sort out Fujimaru because an amateur might cause problems for Chaldea.[9][10] Lev insist that Fujimaru is a Master candidate, to which she places Fujimaru in Romani Archaman care and orders him to take basic training.[9] Lev tells Mash to escort Fujimaru to his private room.[9][10]

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in FlamesEdit

Initially seeming to be an ally of Chaldea, he betrays Chaldea when they were to operate their first mission "Singularity F". Lev placed bombs in the Control Central room, and directly placed them under Olga. Even though her physical body was destroyed, her mind was saved and rayshifted to Fuyuki.[2] He orders Romani to attend the control room because Team B needs medical assistance, however he is hoping to kill him in the process as well.[2][8] His reasoning is that he finds Romani to be too suspicious and smart, and thus killing him will solve his uneasiness about him.[1][2] Only twenty Chaldea staff members are still alive and active, while the other 47 master candidates were in critical condition. He was presumed dead in the explosion.[11]

When he rayshifted to Fuyuki, he gave the Holy Grail to Saber. However she brought unnecessary trouble for Lev by trying to restart the Holy Grail War, as she tries to maintain this era. Lev was willing to spare Saber's life, if she obeyed quietly.[2]

With Saber defeated, Lev appears and was not pleased that his plan had failed. He underestimated Fujimaru, as he believed his mercy has foiled his own plan. Lev was disappointed that Romani didn't die in the explosion. Mash warns the others that Lev is dangerous. While Olga ignored Mash warning, Olga was rejoiced to see him alive and asks for his support. Lev reveals his betrayal to Olga, Mash and Fujimura. He hypothesizes Olga's condition, that she will die when she returns to Chaldea. Lev used the Holy Grail to connect space-time and he opens a portal to the control room in Chaldea. He sends Olga towards CHALDEAS, trapping her in a black hole where she was "to taste an eternal moment of death". He introduces his full name and his objective against humanity. Before departing, Lev bids farewell and causes the cave to collapse.[2]

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

By using the Holy Grail, he summons a large number of Roman Emperors and other Servants to incite Rome to destroy the human race and history.

Lev faces the Chaldea group and transforms into a Demon God Pillar. After being weakened, Lev summons Altera out of desperation. Although his Grail should ensure absolute obedience in Servants that he summons, Altera was completely uncontrollable and killed him.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

When Chaldea group arrives at the temple, Lev who was dead, greets Mash and Fujimaru. He reveals the truth about his affiliation with the King of Magic. Lev decided to stop the Chaldea group from entering the throne since his King is busy for the World's end. Lev announced that it would be a chance for him to redeem himself and fights the group in his demon god form. After dying from an attack, Flauros regenerates and summons more Demon God Pillars. Flauros mocks Fujimaru and attacks him until Jeanne saves him. The Servants from the Singularities assist Chaldea against Flauros and the other demon pillars.[1]



Lev shows the ability to become Demon God Pillar Flauros, one of Solomon's 72 demons.

As a Magus in Clock Tower 2015, he possesses the rare element alignment of Imaginary Numbers. With this ability, he is able to create a space of Imaginary Numbers, likened to a Pocket Dimension, as well as reach into and drop items into this dimensional crevice. Anything in this space is unaffected by time and space, which he uses as a time capsule.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Takashi Takeuchi is the character designer for Lev Lainur Flauros.


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