Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust

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Noble Phantasm
Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust


Sandanzuki FGO

Japanese name: むみょうさんだんづき
Japanese title: 無明三段突き
Transliteration: Mumyō Sandan-dzuki
Owner: Sakura Saber
Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Sword
Rank: Skill (Koha-Ace)
— (Grand Order)
Range: 1
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

English | Japanese

“Receive the brilliance of my concealed sword!”
“One silent step... Two steps infinite... Three steps, a sword absolute!"
"Lightless, Three Stage Thrust!”

Sakura Saber

Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust (無明三段突きむみょうさんだんづき, Mumyō Sandan-dzuki?) is a technique utilized by the extraordinary genius swordsman Okita Souji. While not actually a Noble Phantasm, it is treated as such under the FATE system. Consisting of a First Thrust (壱の突き, Ichi no Tsuki?), Second Thrust (弐の突き, Ni no Tsuki?) and Third Thrust (参の突き, San no Tsuki?), it is a concealed sword that is produced by transcendent technique and speed, from the stance of Hira-Seigan (平晴眼, ? lit. "Turning the Edge Sideways and Aiming at the Eye").[1]

Rather than "almost simultaneously," the thrusts occur "all at the same time." For an instant, the unleashed First Thrust, Second Thrust and Third Thrust "exist at the same time" and at the "same position". Even if the First Thrust was blocked, the Second and Third Thrusts would be at the same position and break through. The contradiction this causes creates a localized breakdown in causality at the point of the sword, making it virtually impossible to protect against this technique. Because of the resulting collapse of causal relationships, it is a technique that surpasses the simple destruction of material things. Sasaki Kojirō's Tsubame-Gaeshi is a similar technique.[1]


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