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This is a list of minor characters appearing in the Fate series, including Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Fate/Zero, and other related stories.


Mr. A (A氏, ?) is the protagonist of a ghost story told by Ayako Mitsuduri. The Player of Fate/strange fake has several traits reminiscent of the story.




Amaterasu (天照, ?), Golden White Face (金色白面, Konjiki Hakumen?), is the deification of the sun. She is a Divine Spirit of great class, so the time axis has almost no bearing on her. She is the distantly ancient, but still existing source of Tamamo-no-Mae. While Tamamo has reduced her own power to manifest as a Servant in the Moon Cell, she would not become Amaterasu upon returning to her full power. Upon obtaining her Origin Form, Tamamo's mythological formal wear resembles her clothing. She meets Hakuno Kishinami during a dream, and while someone entering her mausoleum would normally be burnt to a cinder, they display their usual "reckless bravery" to converse with her.

She appears as a large, nine-tailed being similar to Tamamo, but those entering the mausoleum while not in a dream would only see a huge sun. She is very powerful being who could only be overcome through the strength of several Servants, and within Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC, Arcueid Brunestud is the about the only one alone capable of bringing her down "to circumstances where its possible to defeat her, however little the chances may be."[1][2] The original design for her was to be a "naked nine-tails spin on the naked apron", but was given formalwear to keep the "ethical barrier" from being breached.[3][4]




Agrippina (アグリッピナ, ?) is the mother of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, known for causing her daughter's mental instability by slowly poisoning her over her life. She is mentioned in Fate/Extra and appears in visions of Saber's life in the manga adaptation.


Auguste FateKaleid


Auguste is the personal butler of Luvia Edelfelt in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. He is very dutiful, undertaking a number of tasks, including less reputable responsibilities such as forging documentation for Miyu Edelfelt and Chloe von Einzbern. He is surprisingly well built for his apparent age and has multiple scars across his body. He also seems to possess an unusual interest in Shirou Emiya, likely in response to his employer's romantic interest in him.


Nasuverse character
Sir Bedivere
Normal | Normal (Rear)
Bedivere front
Japanese name: サー・ベディヴィエール
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Japanese VA: Mamiko Noto
English VA: Megan Hollingshead
Gender: Male

Sir Bedivere (サー・ベディヴィエール, Sā・Bedivuiēru?) is a member of the knights of the round table, and one of the few who remained loyal to his king until the end. He worked his way up to being an Imperial Guard who kept watch over Altria out pure admiration for his king, and he simply wished to be close to her and see her true expressions. He found that even as the one knight who spent the most time around her, he never saw her smile even once and he also never learned of her identity as a woman.[5] He attended to Altria at her death, and found himself unable to return Excalibur to the lady of the lake twice because that would signal the end of the king's life. Even though disobeying an order is the greatest sin for a knight, he did not feel proper about returning the sword. He felt anger that the king who worked so hard wasn't properly rewarded, but being unable to change her fate, he properly returned the sword the third time. After she passed away, he was happy to see that she was finally able to obtain a peaceful slumber that she had been unable to find in life.

Chishiki MabiEdit

  • Chishiki Mabi

Chishiki Mabi (間目智識, Mabi Chishiki?, localized as Sharon Tipps) is the Librarian NPC of the Moon Cell.

Class 2-C studentsEdit


Class 2-C students

Class 2-C is the classroom of Shirou Emiya. The Fate/stay night anime has designs for the other students in the class. Two include Dezaki and Fujimoto.

Claudia HortensiaEdit

Nasuverse character
Claudia Hortensia
Japanese name: クラウディア・オルテンシア
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/complete material II
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Bloodline: N/A

Claudia Hortensia (クラウディア・オルテンシア, Kuraudia Orutenshia?) is the deceased wife of Kirei Kotomine and mother of Caren Hortensia. She was a terminally ill woman with no future who fell in love with Kirei in his attempt to establish a normal life. While she loved him, his disposition could not allow him to truly care for her, as he derived pleasure from both her suffering and Caren's despair. She was able to see this, so she tried to cure him while only making him wish to see her grieve even more. When he reached the point where he could no longer go on living, he told her that the results of his "experiment" were "I could not love you."

She was on her deathbed at the time, after only two years together, nothing more than skin and bone and unable to stand up on her own. In her last attempt to prove that he could love and deserved to live, she took her own life after responding with "No. You do love me." She smiled at him right before her death, believing that he was crying for her. That was only what she thought she saw, and in reality, she drove him away from the teachings of God. Her last attempt had brought about sadness, but only that of not being able to kill her himself. He still thinks of having wanted to kill her, but doesn't know if it is for his own pleasure or guilt for wanting to kill the one he loved with his own hands.

Claudia was an albino and immune deficient, making it so that she could die from even a tiny wound. Her body always appeared tattered as a result. Caren inherited the aspect of "prone to be plagued by illnesses."[6]

Fionn mac CumhaillEdit

Nasuverse character
Fionn mac Cumhaill
Normal | Concept art
Fionn shot
Japanese name: フィン・マックール
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Naomi Kusumi
English VA: Patrick Seitz
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown

Fionn mac Cumhaill (フィン・マックール, ?) is the leader of the Fianna knights of legend and lord of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. He was betrothed to Princess Grainne until one of his knights, Diarmuid, stole her. Enraged by jealousy, he sent many pursuers after them.

They were pursued relentlessly by Fionn, but after much blood was shed, he decided to acknowledge their marriage, granted Diarmuid a proper title and land, and welcomed them back as subjects.

Sometime later while hunting with Fionn, Diarmuid was fatally injured by a wild boar's fangs. Fionn, who had the ability to transform spring water in to a powerful healing agent was with him, so he had no fear of death. Fionn only needed to walk a few steps to the nearby spring, but with jealousy and hatred towards Diarmuid on his mind, he spilled the water twice. By the third time he went to scoop water, Diarmuid had already succumbed to his wound.

Gai GotouEdit

Nasuverse character
Gai Gotou
Japanese name: 後藤 劾以
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Japanese VA: Masanori Katsuragi
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond and Brown
Eye color: Brown

Gai Gotou (後藤 劾以, Gotō Gai?) is one of Shirou Emiya's classmates. He is described as someone who is influenced by the TV shows he watched the previous night, his favorite period drama was Abarenbo Shogun.[7] He shows up only once in the original Fate/stay night visual novel, and, even though a graphic for him was created, it was never used in-game. He was redesigned for the anime, which is his first visual appearance.


Gazamy the Evil Spook (, ?) is a Magus that is considered to be the greatest disaster of the Mage's Association. While he is not that dangerous as a person, he has a magic attribute that is more troublesome to magi than any other ever recorded. It is implied that even Caster, a magus from the Age of Gods, would be affected to some extent. He has been locked away in the bottom of London Tower due to this reason. While he has not appeared in any Type-Moon works, Fate/complete material III suggests he will have a role eventually.[8]

Gil BrigadeEdit

The Gil Brigade are a group of children who follow the child version of Gilgamesh in Hollow Ataraxia. They consist of Jirou, the "Bland kid", Mimi, the one girl of the group who talks to Lancer while he is fishing, Imahisa, who makes fun of Lancer's cheap-looking fishing rod and for only being able to catch octopus, Kouta, who wants to toss Lancer some fish, and Kanta, who was unable to read Gilgamesh's manga because he wasn't done with it.

Glen and Martha MackenzieEdit


The Mackenzies

Glen Mackenzie (グレン・マッケンジー, ?) and Martha Mackenzie (マーサ・マッケンジー, ?) are an elderly Canadian couple who live in Japan. Glen is a 72 year old man, originally from Australia. Their son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were unable to adapt to Japan and have returned to Canada.[9]

They provide lodgings for Waver Velvet (who has made them believe he is their grandson) and Rider.

Though near the end, despite Waver's spell being under his effect, Glen was able to figure out that Waver was not his grandson, by asking him a question that contradicted with the memories he had of his actual grandson, but was still happy to have him around and didn't mind if Waver continued to do so. After the Fourth Heaven's Feel , Glen and Martha gave Waver permission to stay in Japan with them for a while, it is implied that Glen is aware of Rider's death since Waver mentioned how both he and Rider were involved with a life threatening situation when both Glen and Waver were alone on the roof.

Golden Fuyuki-kunEdit

  • Golden Fuyuki-kun
  • Golden Fuyuki-kun scaring children

Golden Fuyuki-kun (ごーるでん冬木くん, ?) is a parody version of Gilgamesh featured in the TMitter 2010 April Fools' Day joke. He is a mascot character that scares children.




Grail-kun (聖杯くん, Seihai-kun?) is a parody character in Carnival Phantasm. He is a mascot-styled version of the Great Grail and Avenger that is voiced by Noriko Shitaya, the voice actress of Sakura Matou. He was originally part of the TMitter April Fools' Day site where he was listed as (せいはいくん, ?). His segments in Carnival Phantasm follow characters seeking help with their problems, and Grail-kun giving them a tool like the "Friendmaker" and the "Hero Creation Kit" in a Doraemon-like manner. The tool is always just a simple kitchen knife, and he asserts that they use to solve their problems in violent manners like "show him who is boss" or "you'll become a hero after killing a million people." His last problem - solver was the "Servant Strengthening Kit", which he gave to Kotomine, and Kotomine used it to "strengthen" Lancer in the Hibi - Chika special.


Nasuverse character
Normal | Concept art
Grainne shot
Japanese name: グラニア
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Rie Nakagawa
English VA: Wendee Lee
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown

Gráinne (グラニア, ?) is a princess and the daughter of Cormac mac Airt. Grainne was arranged to be the bride of Fionn mac Cumhaill but Gráinne having fallen in love with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne at her wedding party, placed a geis upon him to run away with her. The tragic love story of Diarmuid and Grainne later became the story model of Guinevere and Lancelot.[10]


Guinevere (ギネヴィア, ?) is the wife of King Arthur and the lover of Lancelot. Though the King was secretly a woman, it was necessary that a noble and virtuous queen be beside the ideal king who would save their ravaged, war-torn country. The King needed a wife according the the ideals of the populace, and a single woman's life was insignificant compared to such a grandiose ideal. Though a marriage between two women could never be consummated, it was a necessary sacrifice to protect the country and the greater good.[11]

She attracted Lancelot's attention through her sorrow, having discarded everything and consigned herself to becoming not a "woman", or even a "human." She was nothing but a mechanical part called a "queen" that supported the king ruling the kingdom. Lancelot was granted his first audience with her in the court, and that was enough to make him swear in his heart to do anything for her, even give up his life. They became closer, and though she had finally discovered that it was his very thoughts that had been tormenting her, she was too late and had already fallen in love.

Love was the greatest taboo for someone who had given up her happiness as a woman, and that love was the root of their downfall. It was an impermissible romance, and although there should have been a path for them to continue to the end, their roles did not allow for it. The perfect knight served the perfect king in the utmost capacity, but there was still her, the tormented and ignored woman who could only weep every day. Their affair was eventually brought forth by people wishing to shatter the King's prestige, and she had been given the death sentence.

The events brought her great sorrow, becoming more ragged each day as she silently cried. She was ashamed beyond measure, blaming and questioning her own actions. She was assaulted by words like "unchaste wife" and "traitorous queen", holding herself as a sinner shouldering all the guilt and blame in the world. They did not know the truth about her marriage, so they simply surrounded her and reprimanded her all at once. Arthur never blamed her, as it was her fault for hiding her gender. Guinevere was the one who had to shoulder the burden, but it did not matter when faced publicly with the affair.

Lancelot was forced to betray his King to save her, causing her to fall into a deep self-deprecation for having misguided the "perfect knight." He acknowledges that the only thing he did for her was make her cry forevermore.

Ikuyo YuutouEdit


Ikuyo Yuutou

Ikuyo Yuutou (有稲幾夜, Yuutou Ikuyo?, localized as Arina Savant) is the Manager NPC of the Moon Cell.

Justeaze Lizrich von EinzbernEdit

Nasuverse character
Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern
Japanese name: ユスティーツァ・リズライヒ・フォン・アインツベルン
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Character type: Homunculus
Gender: Female
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Red
Bloodline: Einzbern

Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern (ユスティーツァ・リズライヒ・フォン・アインツベルン, Yusutītsa Rizuraihi fon Aintsuberun?).[12], known as the Saint of Winter, was a homunculus of the Einzbern family, who aided the Tohsaka and Makiri families in the creation of the Holy Grail War. Her family wished to have the Holy Grail after numerous failures, so they reluctantly agreed to work with the others under the guidance of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. Bestowed the title of archmagus, she was a powerful homunculus, who was essentially an enormous walking set of magic circuits and the designer of the Heaven's Feel system.

She was cold and aloof, and became the core of the Great Grail, in which she still lies. Successive models of homunculi descended from her, Illyasviel von Einzbern and her mother, Irisviel von Einzbern, each carry parts of her memories and personality, allowing them to access both when necessary. Ilya was able to access the record of the construction of the Greater Grail, and when speaking with Zouken Matou, who deeply loved Justeaze, Ilya takes on her personality.

Kaede MakideraEdit

Nasuverse character
Kaede Makidera
Japanese name: 蒔寺 楓
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Fate/school life
All Around Type-Moon
Japanese VA: Michiru Yuimoto
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Three sizes: B72/W56/H78
Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Dark

Kaede Makidera (蒔寺 楓, Makidera Kaede?)is a beautiful but loud and obnoxious sprinter. A member of Class 2-A's famed track girl trio. She is the track team's star sprinter, and she wishes people would call her the "Black Panther of Homura" while her actual nickname is just "Maki".

She is a friend of Rin Tohsaka and she's scheming at making her as her best friend, and she sees Ayako Mitsuduri as a rival. Her hobby is collecting wind chimes, and she loves working with glass. Perhaps because her tastes intersect with Rin's on that point, the two often go around visiting antique shops together on their days off and the two often go window-shopping together.[13]

She is energetic, likes competition, and tries to lead the members of their trio. She can't really stand failures. She is not academically brilliant and has poor marks at school. In the Fate/school life spinoff, she is depicted as receiving high marks only in History class.

Kane HimuroEdit

Nasuverse character
Kane Himuro
Japanese name: 氷室 鐘
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Fate/school life
All Around Type-Moon
Japanese VA: Rie Nakagawa
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Three sizes: B84/W56/H85
Hair color: Light Gray
Eye color: Dark

Kane Himuro (氷室 鐘, Himuro Kane?) is a student at Homurahara School. She is a friend of Yukika Saegusa and Kaede Makidera, they are known as Class 2-A's famed track girl trio and she generally plays the straight man of the group. She is the track team's high-jumping ace. If you're wondering whether or not she hates having such an old-fashioned name as "Kane", she's actually really fond of it. It seems she actually wants to paint pictures, but was strong-armed into joining the track team by Kaede.[14]

She is considerate and intelligent. She is the brains of the trio. She is quiet, reserved, and doesn't speak that much as well. She is Minori's best friend and has a passion for gossip, especially if it involves those around her. She stars in her own spin-off series, Fate/school life, which displays her in a much more comical light along with her friends.


Sir Kay (サー・ケー, Sā・Kē?) is Arturia's step brother, who she had thought was her real brother. They still loved each other as siblings even after finding out the truth. She would more or less act as his squire, doing chores and receiving training from him, but she was far better than him in swordsmanship. She never officially won a fight against him due to various petty excuses that always allowed him to win in their arguments, such as "You lose since you threw away your sheath!" or "I'm still alive so don't act like you won!" He knew of her true identity as a girl, but kept it a secret for life after being silenced by Merlin.

Once while attending to her while she was sick, she told him that she would like to have a dream of a lion running on a grass field. He fashioned a poorly carved wooden lion that looked like a combination between a dog and a cat, and left it by her bedside. When she thanked him and told him that she had a pleasant dream of a young lion, Kay was shocked as he intended to make a decrepit old lion that would have been unable to hurt a rat. He had been worried that the lion might pounce on her in her dreams.


Kobayashi (小林, ?), voiced by Sho Okumura, is a Third Class Lieutenant in the JSDF. His call sign is Diablo II, and he pilots a Mitsubishi F-15J. Along with Ougi, he is called back from border patrol for a requested disaster relief operation, and he is unnerved by the report of it being a monster. He requests permission to fight if the report is true, and is unnerved by Ougi's death flag remark. Upon reaching the monster, he makes a descent to better see it through the mist. With an opponent not of modern technology, he is unable to even gauge or react to its tentacles instantly reaching for him. He is only able to scream as he loses control and his jet is absorbed into the body of the creature.


Nasuverse character
Fate zero ep10 kotone
Japanese name: コトネ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Asami Seto
Character type: Human
Gender: Female

Kotone (コトネ, Kotone?) is a second grade female student that attends Yatsushirodai Elementary School (八代台小学校, Yatsushirodai Shougakkou?), just outside Fuyuki City. She is a close friend and classmate of Rin Tohsaka during Rin's stay with her maternal grandparents during the events of Fate/Zero. Rin feels very proud of the trust and respect Kotone has for her. She feels it is good opportunity to put her family creed into action by standing up for Kotone, such as when she is bullied by the boys of their class or when the librarian forces work onto her. Kotone eventually vanishes from school much like many other children of the area. She is taken by Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Caster for use in their various human projects and sacrifices. Rin realizes the disappearances are related to Holy Grail War in some way, and feels that she is the only one able to help her.

Rin ventures into the city to search for her alone. It is implied that Kotone meets the same gruesome fate as most of Ryuunosuke and Caster's other victims during the novel. Rin begins to despair that the hope of finding her alive is slim, and eventually even thinks that she should have aimed to find her remains in the first place. She is never referenced again afterward. The anime version of the events play out differently, as Rin manages to follow Ryuunosuke to a old building where he is keeping a number of children. She finds Kotone among them, and she manages to save them all by shattering the magecraft that was holding them in a trance. Kotone returns to school afterward with the other victims. She was originally named Satsuki in the first draft until it was remembered that Satsuki Yumizuka has that name.[15]




Master (コペンハーゲンのマスター, Kopenhāgen no Masutā?) is the owner of the Copenhagen (コペンハーゲン, Kopenhāgen?), a liquor store and bar that has employed Shirou Emiya for five years. He is the father of Hotaruzuka Otoko, who is also employed there. He is very generous to Shirou when paying him, willingly paying him a weeks worth of pay for only three hours of work, and he was the only person to hire Shirou after Kiritsugu's death made him feel a responsibility to pay for his own expenses. He likes sweet foods while his daughter likes spicy food, making Shirou see them as a well balanced family.



Merlin in the Fate/stay night manga.

Merlin (マーリン, Mārin?) is an incubus hybrid who serves as King Arthur's magus and magician.[16] Noted to be an elderly man with an awful, childlike personality, he is said to be a prankster and a womanizer. He is the cause of a number of problems, including stealing women's underwear, and the world would have been less chaotic had he not been so fond of pulling pranks. He was locked away because of his actions, but didn't regret it at all. Due to Altria having issues with disguising her gender and producing an heir, his magecraft was to solve it by making her a pseudo-male for an unknown duration of time, which allowed for the creation of Mordred from her sperm.[17] He is shown speaking with Altria during the "Last Episode" of Fate/stay night where he warns her of how she will suffer once pulling Caliburn from the stone. He is also shown telling her that in order for her to be reunited with Shirou Emiya that two miracles must be created, one of them must wait endlessly and one of them must pursue endlessly.

Morgan le FayEdit

Morgan le Fay, also called Morgana, is the sister of Altria, King Arthur, and the mother of Mordred. She was a plotting magus as powerful as Merlin who wished to bring down her sister on the throne. Though Altria is her sister, Merlin's magecraft temporarily made her into a pseudo-male, allowing Morgan to enchant Altria with a spell to obtain sperm from her. She developed it within her own ovary to give birth to Mordred. She plotted to have Mordred become part of the Round Table while hiding her identity in order to one day have her overthrow the king. She eventually told Mordred of her birth, leading to her rebellion and the destruction of the kingdom.

When presented with Semiramis, Mordred describes her to have the same "smell" as her mother.

Minori MitsuduriEdit

Nasuverse character
Minori Mitsuduri
Japanese name: 美綴 実典
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm[18]
Weight: 65kg[18]
Bloodline: N/A

Minori Mitsuduri (美綴実典, Mitsuduri Minori?) is the younger brother of Ayako Mitsuduri, and a Homurabara student in the same year as Sakura Matou. He has a crush on her, and perceives Shirou Emiya as his rival.

Minori is somehow shy, but he might be also a bit aggressive, especially with people he doesn't really like or trust (like Shirou for instance). He does not show any particular affection to his sister, although he greatly loves and respects her.

Nagato TohsakaEdit


Nagato (center) with Zoken and Justeaze

Nagato Tohsaka (遠坂永人, Tōsaka Nagato?) was the founder of Tohsaka family of magi that began two hundred years ago during the founding of the Holy Grail War.[19] He was considered to be a mage apprentice of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, but their overall relationship was odd. He was a hidden Christian despite it being banned in the Japan at that time, but was led astray by his master to become devoted to thaumaturgy.[20] He was a mediocre, cold, bipolar, and much like his descendant, Rin Tohsaka, a goof-up, who could even make Zelretch exclaim "Hey, are you crazy or something?", but he was fundamentally good at heart. Zelretch considered him to be a man "willing to sacrifice himself for a better future."

He met with Zelretch while both were journeying, and as repayment for picking up the hotel bill, Zelretch taught him something in return. He can't truly be called an apprentice because Zelretch's role was more like that of a supervising teacher who is observing the students doing experiments from afar.[21] The level of their relationship was that of a follower whom Zelretch looked out for every now and then. Despite this, he did leave Nagato the plans for the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch over more promising students like the Einzberns and Makiris due to them being fundamentally evil. Nagato's good nature made Zelretch think "this House will probably never accomplish anything great, but at least they will never stray from the righteous path." He then gave the design to Nagato and told him "alright, it will be a struggle, but work towards this goal". Surprisingly to him, it only took six generations to make it.[22]

Nagato worked together with Makiri Zouken and Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern to found the tradition of Holy Grail Wars. The Tohsaka family was, at the time, a family of martial artists, and Nagato believed that attaining emptiness through perfection of body was a way of reaching The Root. He eventually gave up that idea and dreamt of attaining the Root through the Holy Grail. They performed the initial ceremony with Zelretch present. His family maintained good relations with the Church, and also received fine treatment from the Mage's Association. Ties with both organizations are what allowed them to start managing Fuyuki, the land used to run the Holy Grail Wars. It is noted that his daughter contributed more in the construction of the Great Grail.

Norikata EmiyaEdit

Nasuverse character
Norikata Emiya
Kiritsugu father's Norikata
Japanese name: 衛宮 矩賢
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Japanese VA: Isshin Chiba
Character type: Human, Magus
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Emiya

Norikata Emiya (衛宮 矩賢, Emiya Norikata?) is the father of Kiritsugu and fourth head of the Emiya family. He is a genius who rose to the rank of receiving a Sealing Designation even though he is only the fourth generation, a relatively shallow generation compared to more esteemed families. He managed to evade the enforcers for twenty years despite being actively hunted the entire duration of time, but his wife was slain by the enforcers shortly after Kiritsugu's birth. He eventually settled and hid on a small southern island, Alimango Island, with Kiritsugu while working on a potion to make the drinker into a Dead Apostle, so that he may continue his work for as long as he needs with the immortality. He had Shirley working as his assistant, and due to her overeagerness, she drank one of his experimental potions. After the outbreak of the Dead on the island, he is assassinated by his son before he can escape and resume his research elsewhere.

He researched Time Manipulation, manipulation inside the body or possibly small cause-and-effect, in his quest to reach the Root as had his ancestors. The Emiya's magecraft works by accelerating or slowing the flow of time inside a Reality Marble free from the world’s interference. Thorough investigation lead him to the realization that a Bounded Field that was minimized until resistance was almost zero could allow the the flow of time to be accelerated without limit. He believed that reaching the Root was possible, right before observing the universe's end. While the theory was promising, such an experiment would have required hundreds of years to finish, leading him to resolve the issue of life span by exploring methods to become a Dead Apostle.[23]

Odd BorzakEdit

Nasuverse character
Odd Borzak
Japanese name: オッド・ボルザーク
Also known as: Demonic Bee User
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Zero
Character type: Dead Apostle, Magus
Gender: Male

Odd Borzak (オッド・ボルザーク, also romanized as Odd Vorzak?), the Demonic Bee User, is a Dead Apostle and magus. He manipulates Demonic Bees (死徒蜂, Shitohachi?), familiars that use poisonous stingers to increase the number of Ghouls under his power. Considered to be very dangerous, he brings destruction where he travels, having wiped out a town once. He was once sought by Natalia Kaminski, but she failed to capture him. He later changed his name and face to conceal himself as an ordinary person without leaving an information trail. The Association later obtains information that he is taking Flight A300 from Paris to New York to meet with allies, and puts out a large bounty for him. Natalia and Kiritsugu Emiya accept it, with Kiritsugu traveling to New York to investigate his false identity and kill his allies.

Though his identity and face are unknown, Natalia accepts the task of finding him on with plane among 287 passengers. Natalia finds and neutralizes him from behind without issue, and manages to destroy the bees placed into his luggage. Her plan fails after it turns out that he had kept more bees inside his body, which proceed to turn the passengers into Ghouls. Though Natalia manages to survive and take control of the plane, it is shot down by Kiritsugu to remove any possibility of the bees escaping into New York.

Otoko HotaruzukaEdit

Nasuverse character
Otoko Hotaruzuka
Japanese name: 蛍塚音子
Also known as: Neko (nickname)
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night,
Fate/hollow ataraxia,
Kara no Kyoukai
Japanese VA: Junko Noda (Fate/stay night)
Yuhko Kaida (Kara no Kyoukai)
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 171cm[18]
Weight: 56kg[18]
Hair color: brown

Otoko Hotaruzuka (蛍塚音子, Hotaruzuka Otoko?) is the daughter of the owner of a liquor store, The Copenhagen Bar. She dislikes her first name, which is phonically identical to the Japanese word for "male", preferring to be called "Neko" (ne being an alternative reading for oto). She feels attached to Shirou and always addresses him by a pet name, "Emi-yan". She has been friends with Taiga Fujimura since high school, and considers her to be a bad influence on her hard-working employee. Otoko is a serious minded person, although her behaviour might seem childish at times. She is always busy with her business and she really cares about it, but can be overly generous when money is involved. She is also over-protective of Shirou and she does not want him to follow wrong examples. She cannot really stand lazy people. In the Fourth Holy Grail War, Rider broke into her store and stole a barrel of wine.

In Kara no Kyoukai, the beautiful, mature female drug dealer who gives Mikiya Kokutou information about underground activities and the identity of dealer who produces Bloodchips is also named Otoko Hotaruzuka. Nasu and Takeuchi joked that Otoko had a fusion error, and she ended up combined with a cat as the ulimate lifeform.[24]


Ougi (仰木, ?), voiced by Go Inoue, is a First Class Lieutenant in the JSDF. His call sign is Diablo I, and he pilots a Mitsubishi F-15J. Along with Kobayashi, he is called back from border patrol for a requested disaster relief operation, and he is bewildered by the report of it being a monster. Having to follow orders no matter the validity, they head towards the operation, with Ougi saying “If this is a monster film, we are surely the roles which will be killed. The underdogs from Ultraman.” Upon seeing the monster and a strange UFO, he lacks the understanding to explain the situation.

With Kobayashi's jet being swallowed, he loses his mind, left "solely with a perception alien to common sense." Feeling the "eyes" of the monster upon him, he engages it to kill it before it can kill him. Having lost all sense of himself, he cuts off communication and prepares to become a "God of Death" to avenge Kobayashi and fire all of his weapons at the enemy. Before he can act, his battle instincts that are pushed to the limits tell him that there is something behind him, but that delivers the final blow to his shattered psyche in seeing Berserker's hatred filled gaze staring into the cockpit. He lets out a final scream that reaches no one as Berserker takes it over, and later dies during the intense force of Berserker battling the Vimana.

Raiga FujimuraEdit

Nasuverse character
Raiga Fujimura
Japanese name: 藤村雷画
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night (mentioned)
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Bloodline: N/A

Raiga Fujimura (藤村雷画, Fujimura Raiga?) is the boss of a yakuza group operating in Fuyuki City, and is the grandfather of Taiga Fujimura. He was an old friend of Kiritsugu Emiya, and as a favor, manages Kiritsugu's estate after his death in place of Shirou Emiya. He enjoys sumo wrestling and hunting, and he will often give Shirou spending money for accompanying him to such events.[25] Though Shirou sees his profession as a problem, he tends to simply ignore it. Though he has a energetic and scary personality, Shirou believes he is not a bad person, such as when he pays Shirou a large sum for tuning up his motorcycle.

Reikan RyuudouEdit

Nasuverse character
Reikan Ryuudou
Japanese name: 柳洞 零観
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Character type: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 189cm[18]
Weight: 90kg[18]
Bloodline: N/A

Reikan Ryuudou (柳洞 零観, Ryuudou Reikan?) is Issei's older brother and a judo specialist. His personality is similar to that of Fate/zero's Rider and he is more broadminded than his brother. There have been times when he's asked Taiga for a date and then ended up in the hospital thanks to her father's subordinates.

Reikan is a very responsible person. Issei tries to act in the same manner and follows him as a role model. Reikan is very fond of martial arts, training frequently with Souichirou, and takes his role and his duties very seriously. He dislikes having a woman, Caster, living in the temple, but he does not dislike her.

Reines El-Melloi ArchisorteEdit

Nasuverse character
Reines El-Melloi Archisorte
Achibald heir v2
Japanese name: ライネス・エルメロイ・アーチゾルテ
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/Apocrypha
Character type: Human, Magus
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Archibald

Reines El-Melloi Archisorte (ライネス・エルメロイ・アーチゾルテ, Rainesu Erumeroi Āchizorute?) is the current head of the Archibald family after the death of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. While it was on the brink of collapse, Waver Velvet's actions helped to revive the house, and he was then named as "Lord El-Melloi II" as a form of gratitude. At the bottom of the family's hierarchy at the time, she "blamed" him for causing the situation and claimed "you better serve me for your entire life," much to the former's chagrin.


Scathach (スカサハ, Sukasaha?) was the witch of the Land of Shadows, called a "scarier version of Tohsaka Rin", and Cu Chulainn's teacher. She was a person who became too close to the gods with a mortal body, and her existence began to be turned into a concept in the same way as Souren Araya. She was too skilled in the art of battle, too well versed in the arcane, and killed too many people, wraiths, and gods, which made her reach the point where even she could not take her own life. Her realm was essentially a land of the dead that is neither in the plane of the ethereal nor the plane of the living. She wished to die as a human being, and this situation is paralleled by Bazett's situation in the looped world. She is one of the ten Servants who can be summoned by the Player.




Seneca (セネカ, ?) was the tutor of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

Stray ServantEdit


Stray Servant

The Stray Servant (はぐれ サーヴァント, Hagure Sāvuanto?) was a heroine candidate during the development of Fate/stay night who went completely unused in the final version. She was considered along with Rider and Caster to be a possible heroine, but she was cut due to the plot beginning to stray so as to keep it manageable for the player. As Saber is a "Servant of the Sword", she was to be her rival as a "Servant of the Shield." She would have been an "abandoned puppy" type heroine who killed her Master during the Fourth Holy Grail War and went on a rampage, surviving into the Fifth Holy Grail War in a similar manner to Gilgamesh.[26]

Victor FrankensteinEdit

Victor Frankenstein (ヴィクター・フランケンシュタイン, ?) is the creator of Frankenstein. He was a student of the science of nature who was obsessed with the delusion of creating the "ideal human." He spent two years on a patchwork of lifeless flesh, seeking to give birth to a "wise and beautiful human being, perfect in every way." He succeed in giving life to the flesh, but found his result to be a repulsive monster. Hearing of this, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia cannot tell if he had a twisted sense of beauty or if she truly displayed an inconcealable foulness despite her external beauty. He disassembled her in terror and left it all behind, but she later repaired herself and pursued him to Geneva, Switzerland. She begged him for a mate like herself, but he refused.

Creating another like her was not a matter of can or can not for him, having placed his entire focus on creating her and witnessing the birth of the hideous creature before his eyes. Being unthinkable to even consider creating a second, he denied her again and again. After she decided that he must create another, she killed those acquainted with him, those who had no relation, and even his beloved fiancee in the end. Previously a young man overflowing with livelihood and brilliance, he continued to flee from her and deny her, dying in madness with the frailty of an old man bitterly regretting it all until his last breath. He was watched over by Walton in his final moments, and the monster, with no one left to hate, burned herself in a pyre.

Yukika SaegusaEdit

Nasuverse character
Yukika Saegusa
Japanese name: 三枝 由紀香
Franchise: Fate
Appears in: Fate/stay night
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Fate/school life
Japanese VA: Eri Nakao
Character type: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Three sizes: B75/W57/H78
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown

Yukika Saegusa (三枝 由紀香, Saegusa Yukika?) is the gentle manager of the Track Team, warmly loved by the majority of her class. She is a female student of Second year Class A in Homurahara Academy. She is the mascot girl of the Class 2-A's famed track girl trio. Originally she supposed to join the Cooking Club, but she became the manager of the Cross-country Club at Makidera's insistence. Just like her appearance, she is extremely bad at sports.

Yukika is a shy, patient, and mature girl. Although she lived in poverty, her heart shone brighter than the most lustrous silk. Consequently, her smile healed those around her. While she isn't a honor student, she respects and she looked up to her classmate Rin Tohsaka in awe. She had several younger brothers of various ages. She's very affectionate towards her younger brothers and she spends a lot of her free time looking after them.[27]

She is one of the few people able to see Assassin at the Ryudo Temple gate, and strikes up a conversation with him in Fate/hollow ataraxia.


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