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“True name, pseudonym registered. I can do this."
"Deploying Noble Phantasm!”


Lord Chaldeas: Virtual Noble Phantasm Pseudo-Deployment/Foundation of Anthropic Principle (仮想宝具 疑似展開/人理の礎ロード・カルデアス, Kasō Hōgu Giji-Tenkai/Jini no IshizueRōdo Karudeasu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Shielder. It is a variation of Lord Camelot deployed using Shielder's instincts without understanding the true name of Galahad, the Heroic Spirit possessing her. Crowned with the name of Chaldea, it is likely from her wish to "to see the future of mankind."[1] Despite its degradation in rank due to being invoked with a false name, the shield is still capable of blocking a direct blast from Excalibur Morgan.


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