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Noble Phantasm
Mac an Luin

Mac an Luin

Japanese name: マク・ア・ルイン
Title: Undefeated Violet Flower
Japanese title: 無敗の紫靫草
Transliteration: Muhai no Murasaki Utsubogusa
Owner: Lancer
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A
A+ (F/GO rank-up)

Mac an Luin: Undefeated Violet Flower (無敗の紫靫草マク・ア・ルイン, Muhai no Murasaki UtsubogusaMaku a Ruin?) is the Noble Phantasm of Fionn mac Cumhaill.

A spear which can auto-attack and nullify mental disruption. Upon activation, it shoots a stream of water, an element Nuada controls, towards the enemies.

The name originated from Fionn's sword, but it is often seen as the same as his god-slaying spear. Thus, when materialized as Noble Phantasm, they are morphed together.


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